HCG Use in Men on TRT or as Monotherapy: Over 200 Questions and Answers

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Nelson Vergel

Founder, ExcelMale.com
I collected questions and answers posted on ExcelMale.com in the last 10 years about the use of human chorionic gonadotropin in men who want to prevent loss of testicular size and fertility while on testosterone replacement therapy or that want to use hCG alone as a way to boost their testosterone blood levels.

These are the top HCG related posts on ExcelMale.com that will be covered in the upcoming hCG Manual I am writing.

HCG-Is It Worth It ?

Testicle Size: Testosterone Injections vs hCG vs T gel

Dosing and freq of T and HCG

how to use hcg with T Gels

First blood work after adding testosterone to HCG solo treatment

How to mix my HCG?

HCG monotherapy: Good first option for a Secondary case?

Now on TRT plus HCG to preserve fertility

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, Pregnenolone and DHEA By Gene Devine

Why is it good to take HCG with testosterone replacement?

Dr. has no problems with me buying hcg from him but wont give me a handwritten prescription for it

HCG use in testosterone stimulation and restoration

Reputable Online supplier of HCG

Getting OFF testosterone questions

Prions in hcg

HCG How long until it starts to work

Testosterone and HGC

Converting HCG units - mcg to IU

How to travel with T and HCG?

HCG Injections: Morning or night. Does it matter?

struggling with hcg solo treatment, feel very sick, please help

hCG Expiration

Clomid vs hcg

Testosterone and hCG Mix

Sublingual HCG

Two Studies That Used HCG with Testosterone

Cost and availability of HCG

Good Online Source For HCG Inj

HCG Starting Dose

How to mix 11,000iu HCG vial?

HCG and Hematocrit

Testopel and HCG to Keep Testicle Size

HCG--Does it expire/lose potency if too old or not refrigerated?

Article: Why many doctors do not prescribe HCG or anastrozole

Can you inject HCG and hgh together?

Best days to use HCG, when inj. testosterone bi-weekly?

Cycling HCG

2 questions about hcg mono

Effects of Three Different Medications on Metabolic Parameters and Testicular Volume

HCG is not working anymore. Do I have antibodies to it?

Can HCG make your penis grow?

Types Of HCG

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Nelson Vergel

Founder, ExcelMale.com


Nelson Vergel

Founder, ExcelMale.com


Nelson Vergel

Founder, ExcelMale.com


Nelson Vergel

Founder, ExcelMale.com


Nelson Vergel

Founder, ExcelMale.com
Click on the book cover for a free download: Over 389 graphics and pictures about TRT, hCG, testosterone side effect management, treatment options, erectile dysfunction treatments, and much more.

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• Book Reviews
• Gadget and App Reviews
• Other Men's Health Product or Company Reviews
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Nelson Vergel

Founder, ExcelMale.com

Nelson Vergel

Founder, ExcelMale.com
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