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Better Urine Stream: Optilume for the Treatment of BPH

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In this episode we discuss Optilume, a novel treatment for the urinary symptoms experienced by men due to an enlarged or obstructing prostate (BPH). In previous episodes, we have covered a variety of other BPH treatments ranging from the...
Is Vasectomy Reversal Right for You?
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Vasectomy reversal is one option for men to have children after a vasectomy. But what is it? How is it performed? And how successful is it?
TRT with Subcutaneous Testosterone Injections: A Safe, Practical and Reasonable Option
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Abstract Context: Injections with intramuscular testosterone esters have been available for almost 8 decades and not only result in predictable serum testosterone levels but are also the most inexpensive modality. However, they are difficult to...
Lipoprotein a: The Quiet Killer
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You are likely aware of the importance of monitoring low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels. However, there may be more to this topic than you initially thought. In this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of LDL, and specially...
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INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE Premature ejaculation(PE) is defined as concurrent brief ejaculatory time, loss of control, and related psychological distress to the patient and/or partner. While PE isone of the most prevalent male sexual...
Management of Erythrocytosis in Men Receiving TRT
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Management of Erythrocytosis in Men Receiving Testosterone Therapy: Clinical Consultation Guide (2022) Pranjal Agrawal, Sajya M. Singh, Taylor Kohn 1. Introduction Testosterone deficiency, previously known as male hypogonadism, affects...
Evaluation of the Infertile Male
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Understanding the Variations of LH, FSH, and Testosterone: Implications for Diagnostic Accuracy
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Understanding the Variations of Reproductive Hormones: Implications for Diagnostic Accuracy Reproductive hormones play a crucial role in the functioning of the human body, influencing various physiological processes and reproductive health...

TRT and Cardiovascular Disease

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Testosterone replacement therapy and cardiovascular disease (2022) Jeremy M. Auerbach and Mohit Khera The use of testosterone therapy has a complex history of apprehension and questions regarding its safety. Despite an eventual consensus that...

Where to get Testosterone prescriptions?

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Been on TRT for almost two years. It's been life changing. I take .9 to 1cc per week of Enanthate injected. Took a while to dial it in, but 800 to 1000 seems to be the sweet spot for me. Then primary care physician retired, new guy want's it to...

Cost, availability and expiration of HCG

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The HCG diet is apparently driving up costs and making HCG difficult to find. I live in northern California, 1hr north of SF, and the cheapest price found so far was 190.00 for 10,000 iu!! Compounding pharmacies are out here and Costco doesn't...
Grow Your Clinic with New Oral Testosterone Therapy (Kyzatrex)
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*120 USD (wholesale) Matt Coffy - CEO of PracticeBloom and Mitesh Patel of Marius Pharmaceuticals talk about Kyzatrex the new kid on the block for TRT. Introduction to Oral Testosterone Replacement Therapy In the evolving landscape of...
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