On TRT - HCG causing bloat/fat gain, even with normal E2 numbers?

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Has anyone else experienced this?

Originally I was taking 50 mg T e3d. My trough was around 800-850 and E2 between 24 and 26 on multiple tests. I don't use AIs.

I am now taking 250iu HCG every 3 days with a 40mg T shot. My T levels are about the same, and my E2 is consistently coming back between 28 and 31 at my trough on the sensitive test.

I always eat very clean. When I am on test only, I can easily maintain ~12% body fat and don't carry much water.

Since adding the HCG, I have noticeable mild water retention - but mainly significant fat gain around the love handles, stomach, and chest area, despite having almost exactly the same T and E2 numbers as when I was on test only. My appetite is actually lower and I am still gaining fat.

Is there any reason besides estrogen that could cause this? Is it the huge bump in progesterone?

I like to keep things simple. If I have to take some other medication to counteract the bloat/fat gain, I'd rather just not use the HCG at all.
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The more likely answer is Estrogen, could be Prog, could be anything. There are a number of us guys on this forum that don't tolerate HCG very well, for whatever reason.
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