HCG effects on TSH

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HCG and TSH have a similar structure. HCG can act as TSH and increase thyroid hormones. That happened to me. It is more common is very high dosages but might happen in smaller dosages. However I dont think it would increase TSH lab values.


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I use 200/250 daily and have for 7 month straight now.. I must also add if I use 400iu daily for say 3d I run around like a buzzy bee and then crash. I did this about 9days ago I guess I should of waiting a bit longer or even not pin any HCG for 4/45 days to see results.
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TRT and/or HCG can increase thyroid hormone uptake. Long-term users see a small increase in TSH.

Thank you kindly.. Using my last BT for base-line reading TT was 9.9 TSH 5.4 I just started 50mg X 2 weekly of Test Enth and 30IU X 2 of HCG will retest in 5 weeks and post
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