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While on TRT, does adding nandrolone increase or decrease TT?

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Nelson Vergel

This is from an IG post by Victor Black. Personally I don't worry about a 10 - 15% drop in HDL from either T or ND, but a 50%+ drop from an oral C-17, it matters over time. A 12 week course of 10 mg of OX once every 12 - 24 weeks, probably not clinically meaningful to someone with low LDL and no family history. Run it year round, that's a different story. IMO, if you want to lower E2, cut out some T and replace with either DHT or drostanolone (if you are in a country where it can be obtained legally). View attachment 17789
Thanks, @Wilson7 Can you forward us that link please?
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Ah so this explains my >1500 TT when bloods were drawn 5 days after 100mg test and 50mg deca (never been that high before on just that dose of T)

My e2 came back high too as Roche ECLIA, I know that trenbolone reads as e2 on the cheap test, was there a conclusion as to whether ECLIA E2 also is affected by deca?
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