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  1. J

    HCG & Gynecomastia

    QQ. If one’s E2 levels were within range is it safe to say you probably won’t get gyno while on TRT & HCG? Or is it when the HCG pushes your E2 above the normal threshold that you’re prone to getting gyno? And I’m mostly referring to pseudogynocastemia not the lump kind behind the nipple. Thanks...
  2. J

    HPTA Restart and Gyno

    When I plan on discontinuing TRT and restarting my HPTA so I can get fertile. Do I need to take anything to combat gyno. I plan on 3000mg HCG three times a week with 20mg Clomid daily. I want to make sure I don’t get gyno doing this. Can anyone recommend what I should I do?
  3. Maca

    Horrible Gyno with Low Estrogen / SHBG

    I've having extreme problems with Gyno that I just can't seem to control. It only happens on my right breast and I've got a lump under my chest that I've had for a long time but recently it has started to grow and a second lump has formed. I've used this does of testosterone for a long time...
  4. D

    Gyno, pseudogynecomastia, or just fat?

    Evening Gents, So pecs have been bothering me for a long time now. I feel like I look like I have breasts. Wanted to get opinions from you all to see what you thought it looked like? Obviously I need to goto the dr and have it checked out, but cosmetic will cost me a fortune I am sure. Do not...
  5. D

    Nandrolone (Deca Durabolin): Effect on Lab Tests

    PARTICIPATION NEEDED! Of those EM members that have taken nandrolone or are currently taking nandrolone alongside their TRT, we are conducting a small ExcelMale study to help determine the effect that nandrolone has on Total Testosterone, E2, Prolactin, SHBG, free T, and DHT while taking TRT...
  6. E

    Gyno, high e2?

    Lumps under nipples have grown and both nipples are itchy but zero high e2 symptoms like I've experienced in the past Could this be due to hormonal changes from starting TRT again? I'm doing compounded cream on scrotum 100mg a day
  7. Tremonti22

    How common is gynecomastia really?

    I hear it being talked about constantly, it’s like the boogeyman. How likely is it? I mean I know it varies, but anyone actually know anyone who ever got it or anyone had it? Seems like you’d have to be an excessive aromatizer to me.
  8. T

    gyno treatment with nolvadex

    what is a good gyno treatment plan with nolvadex? I'm not sure I have gyno or not I have 26% BF(now use to be higher prob 35% range) I would like to get down to 15% BF before I make a But a judgment of it. But will nolvadex reduce the size even if that is old? I never had these sensitive...
  9. E

    Clomid and Gyno

    I recently transitioned from taking Clomid to Testosterone. While on the Clomid I noticed increased nipple sensitivity and also tissue build up around my nipples. Does anyone know if this is common with Clomid and if so will it go away now that I have transitioned off? Thanks
  10. J

    Gyno Symptoms - Am I Just Being Paranoid?

    I started TRT for first time 3 days ago (Wednesday). Doc gave me .25 of an AI to take 1x per week starting three days after first injection which was today (Saturday). It has been on my mind that I need to take my AI ever since I got the injection. I awoke today with a sort of pulling feeling...
  11. O

    Possible Gyno on HCG monotherapy/arimidex

    Hey all, this is my first post. I'm sorry if this is not the right place for this but i was seeking some guidance since I'm sort of freaking out due to possible gyno symptoms on my HRT protocol. Im 27 years old, started taking HCG 1000IU 3x a week (Mon/Wed/Fri) mid December. I noticed my...
  12. T

    Is this Gynecomastia? Starting TRT, advice needed

    Hi Guys, I've had what I think is mild Gyno since 13yo. I've always been 'skinny fat' and have never gotten to a super low bodyfat level - so unsure what it would look like at a lower bf% I got down to 15%bf at 85kg working with a good physique coach last year pre TRT (I was at 28%bf before)...
  13. Z

    Some help with Blood test results and breast pain

    Hey everybody, I have been dealing with a small amount of pain in my nipples, it's not totally uncomfortable but I do notice it. I have a bit of pre-existing gyno as well. I am 27 years old, and have used PH's and one AAS cycle back when I was around the age of 21. I have not used PH's or AAS...
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