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  1. R

    Progesterone 280% higher, SHBG high, DHEA low, T normal -- should I start TRT?

    Hi. I would appreciate any analysis of my blood tests. Background: - 34yo male (5ft9 & 132lbs /180cm & 60kg) - never been a vegetarian. I eat mostly animal food, no sugar, no gluten. Severe chronic illness since 2013: - extreme tissue fatigue/weakness - super-easily injured - unable to heal...
  2. W

    Inverse Relationship between HGH and SHBG

    I have posted in the past about my severely low IGF-1 levels. Recently, I came across an interesting relationship in my own labs and out of interest, I found it backed up in medical literature. Wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience or knows anything that relates to this? I have...
  3. S

    Injecting Testosterone lowers SHBH even after stopping TRT?

    So here's the results before starting TRT in 2022. SHBG was pretty high, and the doctor said that my free T was low and I needed TRT. I was on 200mg a week for about 6 months and didn't feel much difference, so I stopped. My total T was around 1400 and everything else was the same. I just got...
  4. K

    Any new discoveries on Low SHBG curse ?

    I m just checking with the community to see if there is a new discovery with Low SHBG individuals ? Any new treatment ? Any new strategies to raise it ? It is a bad curse .
  5. C

    Healthy man...low tests and low shbg :(

    Hi, How come I have low shbg and low tests..I do long distance cycling, not overweight...healthy 40y man Free tests is 258 pmol/l [220-800] Shbg 18 nmol/l [18-54] S-testostrone 13.5 nmol/l [8-32] Is trt is the only way to go? Or do I have other options also?
  6. M

    Free T low, total t high.

    Free T... My total test came back at 900 on a scale of 250-850. But my free came back low, 11, on a scale of 9-22. shbg is 45, Inj frequency is 2x a week. (80 mg total for week) What else should I be looking at as to why my free T is lower?? THX
  7. W

    Effect of genetics on male secondary sex characteristics vs Low T

    Hi all, Wondering how much genetics plays a role in secondary sex characteristics vs total testosterone levels. I read a paper (attached) which shows that professional athletes have testosterone levels around 500-600ng/dl, which is around my levels but i have very poor secondary sex...
  8. G

    TRT labs

    Just got my labs back, and I'm surprised. I was expecting my numbers to be off. I have been feeling just off, not seeing any progress in my body, and I lift 3–5 times a week. Struggling with weight loss, and I inject only once a week because injecting more than once has always made me fatigue...
  9. A

    Started low dose accutane and my skin is clearer than ever/ I feel great. But my doctor wants to double my dose?…

    I'm 29 years old and 190 lbs and have dealt with cystic acne on my back for the past 10 years. Its hormonal acne from when I took pro hormones a decade ago and never recovered. I tried everything, and nothing has successfully cleared me up. I finally decided to pull the trigger and start...
  10. B

    Inj Frequency

    I know everyone is different, but I would like to hear what you have found best for inj frequency, My SHBG is mid range at 45, E2 runs a bit high at 60, HCT and HGB has been a problem for me, last blood work it was 57 and 19 so I did go donate, in the past I have had issues when i donated 3...
  11. Pnw0031

    Raising SHBG using raloxifene

    Curious if anyone has raised shbg using a SERM like raloxifene, a new blood test shown my shbg was even lower- 11! It’s likely my shbg was lowered via Proviron given to me by my endo (she is an idiot but that’s besides the point). I do have some raloxifene I’d like to use to raise my shbg to...
  12. R

    How can I raise my SHBG fast?

    I need help. I am on TRT for two years. Since last year my experience was being extreme bad. Anxious and started to have ED. My SHGB is 7 now. Yes, 7. I need to raise it really fast. I am not diabetic nor have metabolic sindrome. I am very atletic and slim. It because of TRT and for some reason...
  13. W

    Free testosterone 8.8ng/dl

    Hi all, I’ve recently decided to get some blood tests done to assess where my total and free testosterone levels are at as I’ve for a very long time been suffering with ED issues. I would say I also have a lack of energy and motivation to do anything. The first blood test I have my results...
  14. T

    low SHBG good for you?

    Lichten says that 6-15 SHBG are levels that are good recommend winstrol 25mg daily to keep it supressed. says high shbg is inflammatory and will prevent T to work properly and higher doses of T injection in those men don't result in improvement.... somewhere mid-way if you too lazy to listen to...
  15. C

    High SHBG - any way to lower?

    I recently was able to view lab results from 2018 to present day. Every time I have had lab work done (hormone panel) my SHBG is always higher than it should be. The higher than normal value presented even before I tried self prescribed TRT. 2018 (prior to testosterone) - Testosterone 26.9...
  16. K

    Toremifene Citrate

    I m in the process of restarting after TRT , but Clomid is a non-starter for me and Nolvadex also gave me libido issues . I want to choose Toremifene Citrate as the SERM post HCG but my doctor says it may not be available in pharmacies . Does anybody know if that is true ? Is there a pharmacy...
  17. F

    Erections gone, PDE5i's stopped working, E2 related?

    Greetings, I've been trying to sort this out on my own for a while, but I'm at my wits end. Really hoping someone can help me solve this dilemma. Over the past few months erectile function has gone from being able to get really hard with the help of 12.5-25mg viagra to completely dead dick...
  18. K

    D-chiro-inositol raises testosterone significantly

    This study confirms that D-chiro-inositol raises Testosterone significantly and lowers E2 and Estrone : Why is this not talked about anywhere ? Is there something wrong with the study ? Am I missing something ?
  19. D

    How Accurate Is The Online Tru-T Free Test. Calculator?

    After putting in my Total T(633 ng/dL measured at trough), SHBG(39.10 nmol/L), and Albumin(4.73 gr/dL) numbers from blood tests into the Tru-T Free Test Calculator, are my Free T numbers normal?: 0.93 nMol/L or, 26.95 ng/dL. I am currently dosing daily of 5mg test. Cyp. mixed with 4mg. test...
  20. T

    Fertility and low shbg protocols

    hello, I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, Could those guys who have successfully had children with low shbg please discuss their fertility protocols. HCG was a double edge knife, with a shbg of 7 Am considering enclo..
  21. B

    Iron on TRT? - No libido

    26m who has struggled on TRT for a long time. In summer 2021 was prescribed test cypionate which immediately causes complete loss of libido, which only returned about 6 weeks after cessation of treatment. Testosterone did not naturally recover (although libido did), and resumed treatment this...
  22. A

    Phone app to compute free T (Vermeulen, Mazer, Södergård) and immunoassay calibration

    Dear Excelmale members, Recently, I've been working with the help of a friend (actually he did most of the work) on an Android software that helps in the computation of free T (contains Vermeulen, Mazer, Södergård, ...) and that generates reports that link the values obtained to the current...
  23. S

    High SHBG, low free T. TRT?

    Testosterone Total - 1035 ng/dL (250-827) SHBG - 76 nmol/L (10-50) Free Testosterone = 13.2 ng/dl (9-29) Estradiol 26 (20-30) Everything else is normal. I've had all symptoms of low T for the last 4 years. I'm eating carbs and have tried everything to lower the SHBG and nothing...
  24. C

    TRT Dosage

    Hei guys I am new here and done my first labtest on 150mg Test propionat per week (42mg Test prop e2d) with hcg 500iu e3d. I think i will higher the dose to 210mg per week with daily administration. So i think my shbg will go up and free and total T also. Because of high aromatase activity i...
  25. N

    High shbg 55 and Low FT 0.16

    Hi . My shbg is high 57 nmol and my free T is low 0.16 nmol..I was pinning three times a week . 75mg a week as I'm a super responder. I've decided to try and increase it to 150mg a week .. if I pin twice a week could this bring down my shbg and may be increase my free T Also going to use...
  26. S

    Chronically high SHBG and low free test (not on trt yet )

    I am hoping someone can shed some light on my current situation: 40 year old male, 5'10, 180 lbs Symptoms: Low energy, zero libido, poor recovery from exercise, fatigue Lifestyle: Don't drink, don't smoke, eat 40% carbs, 30% fat and 30% protein and 3000-4000 calories a day depending on energy...
  27. R

    Does TRT reverse/improve sexual symptoms for most men with High Range SHBG / Lower Free T?

    The more I read about the situation of the healthy active person with normal labs and normal Total T, but higher range SHBG and lower Free T, it seems the only real solution that fixes the numbers is TRT. For all the other solutions that supposedly help (boron, nettle, more carbs, etc), the...
  28. R

    Is this doctor saying the opposite about SHBG, or is there something I'm not understanding?

    At 1:04 he says single-digit SHBG guys don't do well on daily micro-dosing.
  29. C

    Supraphysiological test levels after stopping TRT

    I am throwing this question to the vast amount of knowledge on this board. My last Test-Cyp injection was February 4th (75mg, shallow IM, which I had been injecting weekly for less than 2 months). I had started low dose clomid (25mg eod) but stopped that 4 weeks prior to scheduled blood work...
  30. W

    TRT lowers SHBG

    My TRT SHBG is 16 which is kinda low. I've read TRT lowers SHBG, but by how much? Is is possible my natural SHBG is around 16? I don't have bloodwork that measured SHBG pre TRT
  31. R

    Freeing Up Testosterone with Average T Levels and/or Higher SHBG

    For those of us with average T levels and/or higher SHBG, our bodies are producing enough T, they just aren't using what's there because it is being bound by SHBG and isn't bioavailable. Why hasn't the pharmaceutical industry focused on producing medications that control (increase/decrease)...
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