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  1. R

    TRT - whats normal

    Tried multiple protocols and high libido only lasts a couple of weeks. Tried Nebido, gel and test e. Nebido and gel did not work well in regards to all symptoms and doctors will not prescibe test e, so I did it myself. Started 125mg test e EW 9 weeks ago. Felt normal by day 3 and libido was...
  2. O

    5 months post cold turkey bloodwork (lower total test numbers)

    Hi all, I have posted here before about my cold turkey journey after ~8 years of exogenous hormone use. I did my first set of blodwork after about 6 weeks of stopping. Just did another set of bloodwork after almost 5 months (143 days) and thought I would update. Unfortunately it looks like my...
  3. M

    Trt too high?

    Brief history. Been on trt for 7 years and have never felt what I would consider dialed in. Up until a year ago I did it myself but joined a clinic to better manage. I had to get off for about 3 weeks before getting labs at clinic. First labs with no trt was T 45 E 11. Started me on 100mg...
  4. D

    Where to get Testosterone prescriptions?

    Been on TRT for almost two years. It's been life changing. I take .9 to 1cc per week of Enanthate injected. Took a while to dial it in, but 800 to 1000 seems to be the sweet spot for me. Then primary care physician retired, new guy want's it to be below 750. "Don't care how you feel, it's too...
  5. C

    TRT newbie looking for advice!

    I started TRT at the end of January this year. 100mg Test Cyp E5D and 500iu HCG 3 times a week. Everything was fine then I started getting high Estrogen symptoms, some acne and losing my erection about 3 mins into sex. I could get it back after a minutes rest but very annoying for someone who is...
  6. H

    Fertility cycle.

    Okay guys. thought I’d run a journal to keep track of my fertility log. I have used AAS since 2010. Came off 2014 to get my wife pregnant and it was a success. Our girl is now 8 I went back on cycle and two years later my wife decided we try again. (2016) Unfortunately it was a struggle coming...
  7. B

    HELP - Doubts about TRT

    Hi guys, 33 year old male here, for the last 4 years I have tested my testosterone and it always comes back in the lower range (oscillating between 200s and 300s). At the end of last year, it tested even I the low 200s. I have depression and anxiety since a young age and a few years ago my...
  8. M

    The benefits of low dose T injections . . .

    I'm 68 and have chosen to pursue TRT primarily to treat fatigue, amongst other things. After a bad 3 1/2 month experience on gel (detailed elsewhere), I've finally convinced my endo to switch me to enanthate; my first injection was Saturday. Thanks to Madman for seeing me through that. The...
  9. C

    Got my blood work done after 6 months on trt

    I just got my blood work results and was a little surprised at the results. My glucose is off the charts now at 106 not sure why I don’t eat any sugar and keep carbs at around 120 gr at the most no rice or potatoes or bread. Also my BUN is high I’m guessing that’s because I’m eating to much...
  10. H

    Injection frequency and labs

    I am new to TRT and started 10 weeks ago. I’m 50 yrs old and my labs from last week are attached. I think I was dehydrated, or the blood hemolyzed, for the initial labs in January because I redid them at my primary doctor 10 days later and the markers were much improved. I go back to the TRT...
  11. R

    I’ve ran out of trt

    So I’m a daily trt user. 14 mg daily for the past year . My question is simple . How long or how many days will it take to feel like crap ? Anyone have any experience missing a shot or not being able to get the prescription . I have to wait 2-3 days . Thanks everyone
  12. S

    Low DHEA question

    I took trenbolone 20 years ago that left me with permanent damage to my adrenal glands. I don't require medication like hydrocortisone or cortef but it left me feeling weak ever since I was 22 (I'm now 41). It took me 2 decades to discover that DHEA was an important hormone and that the tren...
  13. B

    DHEA + AI instead of TRT / Marcus Gitterle

    Hello Guys. I have my own important reason to not get back on any exogenous T that will shut me down. Due a medicinal genetic condition, i must be able to hop off the extra T anytime, PCR meds are also rulled out. i hate to jump out cold. Did it once and it was not nice, even i got the levels...
  14. K

    Blood test results - TRT and Hypothyroidism

    Recently I have done my blood work and my doctor told me that everything is ok... However, after doing my own research on thyroid hormones, low t, prolactin etc I know that there is something wrong with my body. Now I know that I might have subclinical hypothyroidism and that may be the cause...
  15. K

    Blood Work Help

    Recently I have done my blood work and my doctor told me that everything is ok... However, after doing my own research on thyroid hormones, low t, prolactin etc I know that there is something wrong with my body. Now I know that I might have subclinical hypothyroidism and that may be the cause...
  16. K

    Blood Work - Please Help

    Recently I have done my blood work and my doctor told me that everything is ok... However, after doing my own research on thyroid hormones, low t, prolactin etc I know that there is something wrong with my body. Now I know that I might have subclinical hypothyroidism and that may be the cause...
  17. B

    Doctors in San Diego

    I had a great setup, a ND that was working under an MD that did billing to my insurance co. The company dissolved and everyone went cash pay. I have Blue Shield PPO and have been getting extensive labs and TRT covered for over 3 years. Just need to find a doc that bills insurance. I hear that...
  18. G

    Is your TRT Clinic a PILL MILL??

    while many folks enjoy pill mill attitude to essentially get legal steroids or "high end" T levels. I think ALOT of guys go to a TRT clinic thinking they are getting "healthy" and smart DRs... It seems to me many TRT if not most are simply pill mills, same as with opiate pill mills make people...
  19. T

    Alternatives, for those who can't tolerate TRT?

    I get severe, severe mood issues on even very low doses of test (20mg 2x per week), including irritability, scary intrusive thoughts, crying spells, throwing screaming fits etc. all of which are unlike me and go away within a week or two of discontinuing. Unfortunately, my natural levels have...
  20. A

    How to preserve medication coming in 1ml glass ampoule?

    Here we get TE 250 mg/ml in 1 ml glass ampoule. I am starting at a low dose, so that 250 mg will last around 3 weeks. My question is how to store the medication for 3 weeks? Any help will be appreciated, thanks.
  21. R

    Progesterone 280% higher, SHBG high, DHEA low, T normal -- should I start TRT?

    Hi. I would appreciate any analysis of my blood tests. Background: - 34yo male (5ft9 & 132lbs /180cm & 60kg) - never been a vegetarian. I eat mostly animal food, no sugar, no gluten. Severe chronic illness since 2013: - extreme tissue fatigue/weakness - super-easily injured - unable to heal...
  22. J

    Came off TRT 2 years ago: my balls are much smaller than before and decreased fertility, but hormone levels are good. How can I get back to normal?

    I was on a low dose of Tesy Cyp for years…about 110mg a week. I tried using HCG while I was on, but couldn’t ever get the E2 response controlled, and it also skyrocketed my T levels as well. So I just used test cyp on its own…nothing else. I eventually wanted to stop TRT. I took HCG at 500iu...
  23. S

    Want to come off arimidex after 7 years of use

    Hi everyone This is a follow up to my previous post of e2 being too high I’d like to figure this out and my doctor isn’t much help. We don’t have any good TRT docs in my area and my original TRT doc is no longer taking patients I’d like to come off arimidex after taking it consistently for 7...
  24. D

    Post Injection Anxiety and off Feeling.

    Hi Everyone: Hoping for some feedback here. I am on 150mg per week of testosterone cypionate, broken up into 2x per week injections. Has anyone has an issue with feeling like shit, with anxiety and just a general 'off' feeling, for 24 hours or so after each injection? I can't put my finger on...
  25. T

    low SHBG. Zero libido - help please

    Hi all, I am hoping for some guidance around libido and addressing low SHBG. I have struggled for years on TRT in terms of Libido - I have zero. I wake up with morning wood most days but when it comes to sex I get ED a lot because I’m never actually horny. I have really poor sensitivity as...
  26. J

    ED On TRT. Bloods good on paper

    Hey guys, I was hoping someone may be able to help me with my current ED situation. To provide additional context to my ongoing health journey, particularly concerning my struggles with erectile dysfunction (ED) while on TRT. Enclosed, Below is my most recent bloodwork, taken during my current...
  27. R

    11 years of EXTREME tissue weakness - I need advice please

    Hey, folks. In summary, I am 34yo (5ft9 & 132lbs /180cm & 60kg) and have been suffering for 11 years with extreme tissue weakness, super prone to injuries and no ability to heal. I am mostly house-bound. Years ago I tested low for DHEA, Progesterone, Estradiol, and high for SHBG. My total T was...
  28. W

    TRT used as birth control?

    Hi everyone, I was thinking...If TRT stops the production of sperm, is it possible to use TRT as birth control? I take 20mg, subq, six days a week, 120mg total a week) and I'm 51 years old. It's a crazy question, but something I was thinking about. Thank you all!!
  29. S

    Bi-Weekly Injection question

    Hello, I have been doing bi-weekly injections for years. The provider I go to says that it is not ideal to do every two weeks but as long as I am feeling ok they wont have an issue with it. He explained that basically at the 2 week level the TRT is no longer in my system. I do every two weeks...
  30. T

    15 nmol - not suitable for TRT

    Hi, I'm a 40 year old man, 178cm, 75kg. I do 4-5 sports a week. For the last 4-5 years my libido and interest in women has decreased, I have a problem to maintain muscle mass and I can't build new one. If I compare the libido 10 years ago, it's a drastic reduction. My energy intake is...
  31. Y

    Hcg and headaches

    Hey guys, Ive went on hcg with my trt. The hcg is from reliablerx and is the brand ‘zyhcg’. I started developing a regular/consistent headache and my doctor is stumped. My bloods are good but I still donated blood just in case red blood cell increase was the cause. I stopped taking all...
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