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  1. Nelson Vergel

    Oxandrolone: The Most Studied Oral Anabolic Agent in Wasting and Catabolic Conditions

    Oxandrolone is a man-made anabolic androgenic agent that has been studied by doctors for more than 30 years, mostly because it might help treat catabolic disorders and chronic wasting conditions like alcoholic hepatitis, severe burn injuries, trauma, neuromuscular disorders, and wasting caused...
  2. O

    Oxandrolone Kidney Damage?

    I took 24mg pharma Oxandrolone ED prescribed by my men's clinic for 83 days with my TRT which is Test C 50mg EOD and 250 HCG twice a week. I have been off the oxandrolone for a little over two weeks. Family doc pulled bloods for other symptoms, I would not have done them this soon. My eGFR...
  3. T

    FDA approved, discontinued androgens (FDA orange book)

    FDA has just approved norgestrel (progestin) for OTC but all Pharma versions of oxandrolone have been discontinued. https://www.fda.gov/drugs/postmarket-drug-safety-information-patients-and-providers/opill-0075mg-oral-norgestrel-tablet-information Ignorance sure must be bliss.
  4. J

    Oxandrolone Treatment

    My clinic will write me a prescription for oxandrolone but its too expensive. Its $8/50mg. Does anybody know of a legal, USA based pharmacy that would charge me less than that? That way i could have my prescription sent to that pharmacy instead of paying an arm and leg.
  5. A

    Hooked on Oxandrolone?

    Hi All. I was prescribed 25 mg of Oxandrolone, once per day. Doc suggested I take it Mon-Fri, then off on Saturday/Sunday. I did this with my 120mg/week T injections. The results were great - better mood, better gym performance, better recovery, better looking, never tired, lot's of energy...
  6. W

    Advice for short term Oxandrolone use

    Hi. It seems like this site is helpful and informative, so I'll give this a shot. First, my info: Part 1) I've never been a bodybuilder because I have no desire to be buffed. I have lifted weights for health reasons, but about 6 years ago I nearly destroyed my left elbow doing curls, and it was...
  7. J

    Debate - Androgens: Estrogen ratio vs Overall Hormone Levels.

    I searched here, but I couldn't find any in-depth discussions about this specific issue. If anyone has any literature they would mind sharing on this topic, I would be extremely interested to read it. A couple questions: 1) Will you suffer from having too high of hormones, generally...
  8. A

    Oxandrolone (Anavar) with TRT

    Anyone has experience taking Anavar with TRT? I am a 41 year old male started TRT 5 weeks ago. A TRT dose of 125 mg / week of Test Cyp. , injecting once per week, without the need of any AI. The blood results show that my test levels are still mediocre at 11.8 nmol/ L (Range: 8.64 -29) . I'm...
  9. D

    Oxandrolone and SHBG

    From what I understand about oxandrolone, part of it's muscle building effect is a result of lowering ones SHBG. Does that then mean that it would not be as effective on someone that has low SHBG (for example - under 15)?
  10. J

    Considering another TRT provider. Advice please!

    I'm working with a popular Tampa based TRT clinic. I've been with them for years, but have lost a little confidence and been disappointed of late. Like many men with low T (diagnosed at age 35 with total T of 181, but probably a lifelong issue), I'm hoping to finally get my body to look and...
  11. J

    Anabolic Steroids for Post-Recovery ICU Patients

    It's good to know some doctors are considering this, but I don't think they will make much haedway against the popular prejudice against steroids. The abstract says: "ICU survivors frequently suffer significant, prolonged physical disability. ‘ICU Survivorship’, or addressing quality-of-life...
  12. Nelson Vergel

    Clinical Uses of FDA-Approved Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids (AAS)

  13. S

    Oxandrolone with 10mg DHEA at the end: blood tests and my experience

    I am a 46 yo male, skinny-flabby, HIV positive (undetectable but with immune system that is still not recovered). I go to gym 4-5 days a week but often don't have the energy to finish the workout, muscles remain lame, strength does not increase, have no energy during the day and some fat in face...
  14. D

    Nandrolone (Deca Durabolin): Effect on Lab Tests

    PARTICIPATION NEEDED! Of those EM members that have taken nandrolone or are currently taking nandrolone alongside their TRT, we are conducting a small ExcelMale study to help determine the effect that nandrolone has on Total Testosterone, E2, Prolactin, SHBG, free T, and DHT while taking TRT...
  15. Sly

    Oxandrolone as part of TRT for joint pain

    I had elbow surgery 7 years ago to remove bone spurs and now have constant pain due to not having any cartilage left. I’m looking into adding Deca in my TRT to help with the joint pain, but am worried about the Deca raising my hct as it’s already high( I do give blood every 60 days to keep it...
  16. A

    Oxandrolone Decreasing Abdominal Fat in Obese, provider in florida?

    There are a few articles describing the benefits of Oxandrolone in decreasing abdominal fat in obese 40-60 year old men. Absolute Pharmacy stocks Oxandrolone Capsules. Would anyone know of a provider in Florida that would prescribe Oxandrolone from Absolute? Defy Medical does not use Absolute.
  17. T

    Oxandrolone via Troche to Bypass First Pass Metabolism. Effective?

    I’d be interested in hearing others experience using oxandrolone troches instead of oral delivery (capsules) to bypass first-pass metabolism and reduce liver toxicity and lower minimum effective dose. Since oxandrolone has excellent oral bioavailability (97-98%) and is actually metabolized...
  18. B

    Experiences with Oxandrolone & Danazol?

    Has anyone here (particularly high-SHBG guys) stuck with Oxandrolone or Danazol as part of his protocol? I've read promising things (and have used the search tool here), but neither seems to be too popular around EM -- wondering why, though I do recognize that the fewer medications one can take...
  19. M

    Nandrolone, oxandrolone effect on HPA

    Hey guys, I’m curious if anyone knows that anabolics such as oxandrolone and nandrolone effect on cortisol is? I know that oxandrolone disturbs signaling between AR and GR thus decreasing cortisol from binding to receptors but I wonder if it affects mostly muscle tissue uptake of cortisol...
  20. deejal01

    Oxandrolone, Ipamorelin, Clomid, Anastrozole, hcg

    Hello! I decided to post in this forum instead of peptides because the main focus is Oxandrolone. 45 years years old, did biohormone replacement testosterone pellets one year ago. After speaking with a doctor about my goals, he suggested Oxandrolone, Ipamorelin, Clomid, Anastrozole and HCG...
  21. Nelson Vergel

    Oxandrolone (Anavar) Medical Uses- Presentation Attached

    Here is a presentation for download only for registered members:
  22. Nelson Vergel

    Medical Applications of Anabolic Steroids and Performance Enhancing Drugs

    Androgenic anabolic steroids, growth hormone, insulin, diuretics, aromatase inhibitors, SERMs, CNS stimulants were all manufactured by chemists and physicians, in order to treat specific diseases in certain types of patients. It is obvious that athletes and coaches abuse them in multiplied...
  23. Nelson Vergel

    How Can I Fix Unintended Weight Loss?

    I am a sixty plus year old woman with HIV-1. I was diagnosed October 18,2001. Two years after starting my medication regime I was given Atripla and have been on it ever since. This year I began loosing weight intentionally but now over the last 4 to 5 months I have loss of appetite and have lost...
  24. Nelson Vergel

    Anavar (Oxandrolone) Blood Levels Increased by Caffeine

    Nelson Have you seen this article/research repost on caffine greatly increasing the bioavailabilty of oxandrolone? Can a few hundred mls of caffeine boost the anabolic effect of oxandrolone? Imagine: you're a careful user of anabolic steroids. You occasionally take a course of oxandrolone...
  25. Nelson Vergel

    Use of Testosterone and Anabolic Steroids in Patients Who Have HIV

    Introductory Article: Anabolic Steroids: A Practical Guide Use of Androgens in Patients Who Have HIV/AIDS: What We Know About the Effect of Androgens on Wasting and Lipodystrophy Permission by author: Donald Abrams, MD AIDS Read. 2001 Mar;11(3):149-56. Abstract Decreases in energy, sense...
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