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  1. D

    T4 helps me sleep. Anyone else?

    Most nights I wake after a good nap. Last night about 2:30 woke right up. Maybe most people wake but return to sleep quickly perhaps. I was up until 4ish. Theanine wasn't enough to go back down. I decided to take T4(50ug) at that time. Takes about an hour I guess but woke sleeping like a baby...
  2. DragonBits

    Finally hacked my sleep! Now I have a question?

    My sleep was really getting bad, up every 90 min, virtually nothing worked. In desperation, I stopped all supplements. So in a month, I was sleeping better. Not perfect, but at least I don't get up all the time. Side effects: It appears I bleed more when cut or do an injection, I feel a...
  3. W

    Blood Glucose Spikes During The Night

    I've had terrible sleep for going on 6-7 years now. Waking up 2-3 times during the night would be a great nights sleep for me. For longer than I've been on TRT I've had a fasting AM glucose level that always is 110-130. I always chalked this up to the dawn phenomenon. Yesterday though I...
  4. F

    How Much Usable Energy Do you Have?

    For me, one of the biggest upsides to TRT has been better energy. However, I sometimes wonder if I should be content with the energy I have? I am currently 49. I get up pretty early - usually 5-6AM every day. I drink a decent amount of coffee, but am done by around 8AM. I use Natesto three...
  5. M

    New to trt. Sleep is awful . Thoughts on this protocol please.

    So my doc started me on 50 mg test c 3x week. 500 iu of hcg 2x week .125mg of arimidex 3x a week. Been on it for 4-5 weeks now. Strength is up , endurance is up . I can tell changes in body composition already starting but my sleep is god awful. I can’t even go to sleep without ambien. Im...
  6. C

    Recent Poor Sleep Quality

    hey guys, Just recently I have been having sleep disturbances where I have no problem falling asleep, but maintaining the sleep has become problematic. I will retire around 11pm and wake up around 2-3am, then fall back asleep and wake up around 5am. This is my only side effect I am...
  7. G

    Atypical Side Effects

    I've been experimenting with varying doses of 16-22mg EOD, after trying varying twice per week doses of 40mg-80mg. The things I've noticed with the lower doses (verified low-normal to mid range testosterone levels) are feeling more wound up (actually stimulated), OCD, health anxiety, extremely...
  8. A

    Why does TRT cause sleep apnea and/or snoring?

    Since starting TRT (7 months in) my partner says I have been snoring way more, regardless of the position I sleep in. Ive read that sleep apnea and snoring is common or men on TRT. what is the reason/physiology behind this?
  9. D

    T4 helps me sleep

    Anybody know really why an hour after I take my 50ug dose of T4 I sleep like a baby? I often wake at 2-5 and if I take it then, an hour later I sleep blissfully.
  10. DragonBits

    New thoughts on sleep

    I don't think this has ever been discussed, but it might be important for those of us that often wake up from sleep. Oral contraceptive contain estrogen and progestin, (progestin is an analog of progesterone) which have been shown to increase the elimination half life of caffeine from 5-6 hours...
  11. N

    Anyone have sleep issues while on Creams/gels?

    I was on injectables for almost 5 years and finally gave it up 14 months ago due to poor sleep that I could never correct. Since going off TRT my sleep has normalized, but I do miss the benefits I had while on TRT. Has anyone had any sleep issues while on creams/gels? I was thinking maybe...
  12. E

    Buying new bed - anyone have adjustable base?

    My sleep has been horrible lately and I don’t attribute it to my TRT or sleep apnea, but to my wretched bed! It’s sinking in too much and all my pressure points hurt. I’ve done a lot of research and looks like the Helix Plus mattress is going to be good for me since it’s built for heavier...
  13. T

    Waking up more often after starting cyp

    I've had this thing for a while where I wake up during the night. On my first 3 nights of cyp I find that I'm waking up more often. Has anybody experienced something similar? I'm not more tired, and I haven't given the levels a chance to stabilize of course. I will just continue on at this...
  14. D

    Does TRT raise or decrease cortisol?

    I have been a bad sleeper my entire life, but it has become a significant problem after a few months on TRT. I find myself exhausted all day then “wired but tired” at night. It takes me a few hrs to go to sleep. Once I am asleep I normally sleep ok, but wake way too early in the morn, after...
  15. C

    Any reason to use hgh as a under 30

    Hello Is there any reason to use growth hormone as under 30 years old? I would like to see what effect it have on my skin , sleep and wellness. Mainly my skin. I ve used pramipexole in a past for high prolactin and thats is known to increase hgh levels temporaly, i got awesome skin results from...
  16. V

    Early morning wake ups

    I have this issue that started shortly before TRT but TRT like exaggerated it. I tend to wake up very early like 5-6 AM, feeling hot and energized and many times cannot fully fall asleep after that. I suspect it is some issue regarding cortisol. My TRT regiment is 20mg sustanon daily and 100...
  17. E

    Sleep Apnea: Why Does Testosterone Make it Worse?

    As part of an unsuccessful recent experiment with my protocol (nandrolone added to testosterone), my sleep apnea appears to have gotten noticeably worse over a very short period of time. I haven't been treating my OSA since it's typically so mild if I sleep on my side. I'm wondering if anyone...
  18. DixieWrecked

    Amazing Product Recommendation: Pulse Oximeter

    Robot Check This product is amazing. I have no affiliation with the company other than I purchased this a few weeks ago and it is absolutely amazing. I have found it to be a mild remedy for mild sleep apnea because it vibrates if my O2 drops below whatever percentage I specify. The device...
  19. I

    New Vitamin/Supplement/Nootropic Suggestions

    I am looking for a couple of vitamins/supplements/nootropics to try. I am 44 male, 6'2", 215lbs, and in decent shape. I recently had a full battery of tests done and the the only significant finding was low ferritin (see test results in "Blood Test Discussion" section). Here is a list of what...
  20. I

    Vitamins/Supplements to Increase Sleep

    I am looking for vitamins/supplements to increase my quality of sleep. I basically have two issues: 1. Some night I have issues with cramping. My arms and legs will get sore/cramped and I will be forced to move, resulting in a lot of tossing and turning. 2. Frequent urination - I will wake...
  21. G

    Considering Pregnenolone

    I’m back to considering pregnenolone since my levels are way below bottom of the range and maybe that’s the source of my sleep issues. I already have low normal cortisol levels, and so my concern is if I respond poorly, could it shutdown natural production of cortisol enough to cause real...
  22. S

    Doxasozin and sleep

    Looking for feedback from guys taking doxasozin. I have been taking 1mg in the morning for a few weeks now to help combat ED. Mild improvements, especially when combined with a PDE5. My problem though is that ever since I started taking it, I sleep HARD. Like go into a coma for 7-9 hours, and...
  23. DragonBits

    Does anything lower testosterone when on TRT?

    Natural testosterone can be affected by many things, alcohol, lack of sleep, supplements, time of day you test, etc. BUT when you are on TRT, does anything work to lower your total testosterone? What I see addressed is what lowers natural production of testosterone, but does any of those...
  24. A

    Progesterone for sleep

    Did anyone used progesterone successfully for better sleep? Especially to stay asleep at night and to calm down the mind. I've been tested for progesterone and the level was 0.10 ng/mL (range 0.10 – 1.00 ng/mL). Several TRT doctors refuse to prescribe progesterone due to be highly inflammatory...
  25. C

    Nighttime hunger

    I have been on test for almost 4 years now with a small break in between to try a HPTA restart. Since the beginning, I am often always hungry when I wake up in the middle of the night. No matter how much I eat during the day I almost always wake up in the middle of the night feeling the need to...
  26. C

    Advice for high SHBG protocol

    I am high shbg, consistently over 55-65 (range 15-55) I am currently on 40 mg test 2x per week and 360 iu hcg 3x per week. I am getting very inconsistent sleep and feeling up/down throughout the week. I know high shbg typically go with larger, single injections but I’m worried that even more...
  27. C

    Need help with sleep management on TRT

    Hey there - been back on trt for about 3-4 months. Currently on the following protocol: 40 mg test-c 2x weekly 360 iu hcg 3x weekly .0625 anastrazole 2x weekly - I was on .125 anastrazole 2x weekly but my e2 was at 24.5 and I was still having joint pain so I decided to cut the dose in half to...
  28. B

    Sleep Issues with Protocol Change?

    A few things in my protocol changed recently: I switched from T cream (applied to the scrotum) to injections (200 mg), I added Danazol (25 mg EOD), and I added Metformin (500 mg AM & PM). Around the time of these changes, I started experiencing sleep issues: either waking up early in the morning...
  29. G

    Blue blocking glasses

    Has anyone tried using quality blue blocking glasses? If so, did you notice any positive benefits to using them? Just watched this episode of SuperHumanRadio, and I ended up buying a pair. The evidence seems pretty compelling.
  30. P

    TRT and sleep quality

    Started TRT about a month ago, and currently on the fourth week of my current protocol (120mg Test-P a week, 666ius HCG a week, and .3mg AI a week, all split into 2 shots every 3.5 days). I haven't noticed many significant changes (benefits or negative side effects), though I guess I could say...
  31. F

    Night Shift Has Decreased my Testosterone

    Hello everyone, I'm a 33 year old Male who has been working night shift as an RN for about 12 years now. My sleep schedule would usually be going to sleep at around noon and waking up at 8-10 pm. I've notice it starting to catch up with me over the last few years with noticeable mental and...
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