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  1. Fernando Almaguer

    New study Hematocrit relationship to MACE (major adverse cardiovasular events)

    I found this on the good doctor Rasamad's IG page and I was wondering if after 24 months of starting TTH if we are good with cardio risks.
  2. D

    Testosterone Use During Illness

    Recently, hit with bad virus, severe sore throat, no fever. Reading that T has something of immunosuppressive effects, so what is the consensus, continue regimen or stop until symptoms subside?
  3. Gianluca

    RBC won't lower, what else could it be?

    Last year my RBC started to go up for no apparent reason with no changes in TRT dose, I have seen it in December of 2022 at 5.9 with HGB at 18.7 At the beginning of this year I started to lower my Test dose from 180 to 140mg weekly. Again 3 months ago I went from 140 to 126mg weekly, along with...
  4. phalloguy100

    Are Clomid side effects worth it?

    Hey there! I've been on TRT for a while due to secondary hypogonadism. Due to moving / no job, I was off TRT for 2-3 years and my levels dropped to "normal" which for me is <200 total T. Started seeing a new PCP last year who ran 2 morning T tests, both came back low, so he started me on...
  5. Marchickney

    Dostinex - Cabergoline - Cardiac Risks

    Hi, Was researching Dostinex/Cabergoline as was considering it might be worth trying libido/refractory period wise and though I best check potential sides......Mmmm glad i did ! I would not recommend anyone takes this drug.......... According to the British National Institute for Health & care...
  6. J

    Flushing/palpitations/blurry vision/pass out

    I started TRT 28 days ago. My doctor had me at a crazy high dose and I went down to 150mg a week daily injections subq. Things have been 50/50 really motivated at work and at work outs. But as of the last few days i’ve been having a lot of heart palpitations and today my vision got a little...
  7. R

    How can I raise my SHBG fast?

    I need help. I am on TRT for two years. Since last year my experience was being extreme bad. Anxious and started to have ED. My SHGB is 7 now. Yes, 7. I need to raise it really fast. I am not diabetic nor have metabolic sindrome. I am very atletic and slim. It because of TRT and for some reason...
  8. T

    High iron, high % saturation, low ish ferritin. Feel shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing. Is it the iron overload?

    please see labs below. I feel fatigued and honestly kinda shitty. I’m a Defy patient and waiting to get scheduled with them. Is high iron likely to cause these symptoms? I was feeling well before this with high energy, banging libido, and productive energy. Over the last month, I’ve been...
  9. S

    Highs and low in between injections

    Hi. I'm new here. I inject 0.4 ml per week. I feel good for a day or two after injecting. Then I settle down. But by the day before I inject again I turn into the walking dead. I get weak and dizzy. I also get depression and big emotional swings. These are to the point where I plan my...
  10. C

    Is 160 mg test/week too high for me? (newb)

    Questions for the group: 1) After just one shot, could the type of oil be creating skin itchiness? If not, is it likely to be the Testosterone or something unrelated? 2) Switching my protocol from 160 mg/week test, 1,000 iu/week HCG, 5 mg/day DHEA to...60 mg/week test, no HCG or DHEA for now and...
  11. C

    Supraphysiological test levels after stopping TRT

    I am throwing this question to the vast amount of knowledge on this board. My last Test-Cyp injection was February 4th (75mg, shallow IM, which I had been injecting weekly for less than 2 months). I had started low dose clomid (25mg eod) but stopped that 4 weeks prior to scheduled blood work...
  12. T

    Penis shrinkage with cream

    I've definitely noticed a pattern after applying T cream, within an hour my penis turtle's up. Definitely a cause and effect relationship as I've tracked this for several weeks now. Any thoughts on the cause or reasoning?
  13. C

    Appropriate duration of Clomid use post self prescribed TRT

    Just throwing another question to the masses. I am currently into my third week of Clomid only, post a two month (or so) duration of self administered TRT (75mg weekly test-e). I started a week after my last injection with 12.5mg of Clomid daily (week 1) then upped it to 25mg daily from week 2...
  14. J

    Major reduction in semen volume since TRT. Is this normal? How can I get it back?

    Since starting TRT, my semen volume has decreased so much. I’m 38 years old. Is this normal? How can I get the volume back? My girlfriend doesn’t like it that I can’t produce much semen anymore.
  15. A

    Nasal Congestion and Restricted Airway while on TRT

    Hello, Excel Males. TRT has been a blessing. I tested at 65 total T before getting on TRT and the cognitive benefits since starting have been amazing. I had brain fog since I was a teenager and delayed body hair growth and low energy, and now I'm finally feeling a bit more like a normal man...
  16. S

    Experiencing Lightheadedness And Dizzy Spells The Last Few Days

    I had a consultation for hernia surgery on Friday February 18, 2022. The doctor confirmed that I had a hernia at the same spot that was operated on about 14.5 years ago. He said the Mesh Plug is coming undone and surgery is required again. While he was going over the steps for surgery I became...
  17. M

    Low e2 - Lethargy, Lack of motivation and heartburn (acid reflux)

    My main symptom that I felt after starting TRT (second day) is crazy heartburn. Some people mentioned my e2 is low some say the jump in T caused the release of stomach peptides that increase stomach acid production. Which it kind of makes sense since I experienced (still do) extreme hunger all...
  18. J

    Dandelion Tea for water retention

    Hi there, Is dandelion tea a good idea to reduce water retention while on TRT? Are there other natural supplements that may be more efficacious? I have read that it can be lower testosterone - not sure if it is true as I couldn’t find a conclusive answer. Any suggestions with regards to a...
  19. S

    Bloating with Test E and topical with high shbg and estrone

    I’ve been on trt for the last 4 years. I’m 5’8 workout daily, run and crossfit 5x a week. When I started I was 185 about 13% bf, now 205 at 19%. Holding a ton of body fat and water weight compared to where I was naturally - was just tired all the time and had 300-350 T. my largest issue is that...
  20. J

    High BP on new protocol. Any suggestions?

    I just restarted TRT after stopping for fertility reasons. My new protocol is: weekly, two 60ml subq shots of test enanthate. 2 shots of HCG at 250. DHEA 25 mg daily. I was feeling great on this protocol! However, my blood pressure seemed to be pretty high each time I checked it (150/100.)...
  21. DragonBits

    Covid-19 vaccine side effects

    Here is an interesting side effect I got after the Moderna covid vaccine. I post this because I can't see any reports of this side effect. I took a a finger stick lipid test 2 days after the shot, the results were very unusual. I have a 30 year history of cholesterol tests. My total...
  22. T

    SQ vs IM side effects...

    I switched to IM, a while back, just to see if anything positive was noted. I noticed my morning urine stream was very poor. Just the morning one...thinking prostate effect. I did not change anything else, other than where the shot was administered. Anyone else ever experience this?
  23. goldenleft

    Folliculitis while on daily injections & low doses

    Hi I'm experiencing some folliculitis (or at least that's what I think it is) but the weird part is that I've been on TRT for more than a year, I started with 200mg weekly in one day, then switched to 100mg twice per week and after reading all yours advice and comments I was lowering my dose...
  24. C


    Just curious, has anyone ever experienced what is called dermatographia while taking testosterone injections? I was injecting test-e subq (80-100mg weekly) for the last five months or so and have developed an interesting skin reaction. Basically I can take a retracted ball point pen and write my...
  25. D

    What would cause sore joints on TRT?

    Relative newbie getting this thing dialed in. I have worked through a number of issues with help of this board (much thanks!!!). I am stronger and more sexually active than I have ever been, enjoying life finally. My newest problem is sore joints. Specifically elbows and wrists. I have never...
  26. D

    Feel terrible after orgasm?

    Kind of weird question, I know. Since starting trt I feel awful after orgasm. Tired, brain fog, lethargic, etc. I never had this problem in the past. It will literally ruin the remaining day. What the heck!?
  27. A

    I feel my social anxiety has increased on TRT

    I've been on TRT for more than 2 years and when I think about it my social anxiety increased around the same time I went on TRT and basically stayed the same till this day. The level of anxiety in my life has not increased. This together with negligible libido are mysteries to me. Can it be...
  28. E

    Andro Block - 1

    Anyone have any experience using this? Would love to hear it’s effectiveness and any side effects.
  29. F

    Not tolerating Test Prop?

    I’ve been on Prop ED IM at 13-15mg / day for about 3-4 weeks, administered at night around 9pm give or take. Got labs pulled Tuesday and no results yet but I’ve been feeling pretty terrible thus far. I’m also on 350iu hcg injected Monday’s and Thursday’s zero libido Light headed on and off...
  30. T

    Oxandrolone via Troche to Bypass First Pass Metabolism. Effective?

    I’d be interested in hearing others experience using oxandrolone troches instead of oral delivery (capsules) to bypass first-pass metabolism and reduce liver toxicity and lower minimum effective dose. Since oxandrolone has excellent oral bioavailability (97-98%) and is actually metabolized...
  31. S

    Propionate side effect

    Recently started propionate and overall like the way I feel. I’m certain if I stay on it, that I’ll have to increase my dose due to it not being 3 weeks since last Cypionate dose. I’m having a weird side effect after each injection that seems to be getting worse each day. It’s causing carpal...
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