Low e2 - Lethargy, Lack of motivation and heartburn (acid reflux)

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My main symptom that I felt after starting TRT (second day) is crazy heartburn.

Some people mentioned my e2 is low some say the jump in T caused the release of stomach peptides that increase stomach acid production. Which it kind of makes sense since I experienced (still do) extreme hunger all the time. But the stomach holds acid all the time and it empties it upon digesting food into chyme so.. why would I be experiencing acid reflux?

These are my values after 4 weeks:

E2 - 13 ( range 15-30) pg/ml
Test - 822
Free Androgen Index - 75
SHBG - 38 nmoL/L

Is it my e2 or T?
I pin 2x a weel for a total of 100mg. Test C. No other medications.
5'10 - 160 lbs, I exercise every day.

What could it be, I'm desperate.
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Buy Lab Tests Online
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