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  1. G

    Is depression along tiredness normal for a clomid restart after Trt? Almost 6 weeks in i believe. Really hoping for another baby

    questions in bold below for those who want to skip... Reddit is of no use and ive read through some stuff here but any encouragement or advice would be huge. Me and my wife just turned 37 and im sad we waited so long to try for our second. On trt for 3 and a half years and hcg didnt work. On a...
  2. B

    Doctors in San Diego

    I had a great setup, a ND that was working under an MD that did billing to my insurance co. The company dissolved and everyone went cash pay. I have Blue Shield PPO and have been getting extensive labs and TRT covered for over 3 years. Just need to find a doc that bills insurance. I hear that...
  3. G

    Enclomiphene restart - how long?

    38M who has been on TRT + HCG for ~5 years or so. I wanted to see if I could restart production with the help of enclomiphene, as prior to TRT I had a great response to clomid but could not handle the estrogen related sides. I started 12.5mg ED about a month ago, and just got back labs from a...
  4. M


    Started on 12.5mg/day on July 26. Rx from Empower Pharmacy. Took my dose first thing in the morning with water only. After 27 days, no change at all in total (443), free or bioavailable T nor any change in E2, FSH/LH. I also expected to see a drop in IGF-1 since enclomiphene is supposed to...
  5. B

    How to dissolve Enclomiphene powder into liquid form for oral consumption.

    Hi all, I recently purchased 1000mg of raw powder enclomiphene as it was significantly cheaper than the liquid form. I'm having trouble finding anything online about a process for dissolving the powder in a solution for consumption. I saw a thread on reddit where someone used Everclear...
  6. F

    Cannot ejaculate on Enclomiphene & Cialis

    I've been taking enclomiphene for the past 2 weeks. The first week was at 25mg/day but I dropped the dose down to 25mg eod with 5mg/day cialis this past week because of ED during the first week. During this last week I've had no ED but cannot ejaculate. I'm not taking any other meds. I took...
  7. M

    Blood clots and Enclomiphene?

    https://support.maximustribe.com/en/articles/6325759-are-blood-clots-a-side-effect-of-enclomiphene-king-protocol Since it is the zuclomiphene isomer in clomid that accounts for many of the unwanted side effects, including blood clots (as detailed in this paper), why would there even be a...
  8. J

    Helpful to add Enclomiphene to TRT for Fertility?

    I'm on testosterone cypionate, hCG, and anastrozole. Would adding enclomiphene help with fertility? I wish I could add FSH but I can't find an affordable, non-sketch source. I understand there's a negative feedback loop with exogenous testosterone. But, wouldn't blocking the estrogen...
  9. U

    Low dose enclomiphene combined with Low dose TRT

    History.... never had great libido on injections. I've tried high doses, low doses. I've tried with and without an AI. I've tried one a week, twice a week, every day injections, etc. Nothing ever worked that great for libido to be honest. Everything else is amazing on TRT...just not the libido...
  10. A

    Shiny new guinea pig looking for concensus

    Hi! Shiny new guinea pig here! Just took my second shot yesterday. Very low T (176) 160 T cypionate weekly. 25 mg enclomiphene 2x / week. Also Anastrazole 1mg / week. Will someone in the know please take a look at my pre-T bloodwork and tell me of these prescriptions look acceptable...
  11. J

    Protocol change after one year - from Enclomiphene to Test

    Protocol change March 2023 My men’s health provider and I decided I had plateaued in the last quarter of last year and entered diminishing returns by January. If I had no other options, I could do okay on my present protocol, but why do that when other options exist? So, I’m going off my...
  12. C

    Low dose HCG + low dose Enclomphipene for sperm banking

    Hi all, Long time reader, first time poster. I am 27yo, been on replacement for about 2.5 yrs @ 120 mg/wk due to secondary hypo from pituitary damage (resulting from multiple concussions requiring hospitalization). As a natural, I could never produce more than 300ng/dl. Lowest test was 140 and...
  13. T

    Even good source enclomiphene can cause vision problems?

    Has anyone had a vision problem with enclomiphene from reliable source as RC? Is it dose dependent?
  14. D

    Taking enclomiphene. How will adding Anavar (oxandralone) affect my blood work? Should I modify enclomiphene dose?

    I've been on Enclomiphene (25 mg every other day) for a few months now, and it roughly doubled my total and free T. Total Testosterone 410 ng/dL --> 697 ng/dL Free Testosterone 64 pg/mL --> 112 pg/mL My MD said it takes about 6 months to see the total effect. He doubled my dose and now I'm...
  15. Z

    Will Enclomiphene or HCG work.

    I’ve read somewhere that if you levels of LH or FSH are off then HCG or enclomiphene wont work could you guys help me understand ? I’m currently awaiting my doctors appointment on Tuesday and would like some help understanding my levels thanks.
  16. T

    Fertility and low shbg protocols

    hello, I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, Could those guys who have successfully had children with low shbg please discuss their fertility protocols. HCG was a double edge knife, with a shbg of 7 Am considering enclo..
  17. F

    Why clinical trials for enclomiphene were aborted

    Does anyone know why the clinical trials for enclomiphene ended prematurely? Was it because of low participant satisfaction or some other reason?
  18. T

    Enclomiphene from Empower legit?

    Is this quality stuff? Apparently Defy can still order it. Debating Clomid vs Enclomiphene for fertility. Anyone have experience with empowers? Sometimes I wonder if it's just clomid packaged as Enclomiphene. Help appreciated thanks
  19. T

    Back to TRT

    After giving Enclomiphene a try for about a year a half (with decent results, at least from a numbers standpoint) and occasionally mixing in some testosterone nasal gel from Empower (can't stand the gel in my nose and running down my throat), I've been off everything since April. I knew that my...
  20. J

    What causes low prolactin and IGF-1 when all else looks great?

    I received my new labs after 8 weeks on my new protocol. I don't take T. I take HCG 250IU x4wk and 50mg enclomiphene x 4wk. TT is 956 ng/dL r264-916, FT 17.3 pg/dL r6.6-18.1, E 38.4 pg/dL r7.6-42.6, but prolactin is 3.6 ng/dL r4.0-15.2, and IGF-1 65 ng/mL r64-240. I'm concerned about the...
  21. L

    Enclomiphene in lieu of TRT: Realistic option or is it even available?

    I have reviewed the various posts here regarding employing enclomiphene as a "soft" alternative to going full-blown TRT. I am exploring beginning TRT and in light of my "normal" total T of 415 and marginally low free T of 6.1, I just am really hesitant to force shutdown when my nuts are making...
  22. R

    Enclomiphene - Dose / Frequency / Follow Up Labs?

    I am starting a trial of enclomiphene. 12.5mg twice a week. Sunday morning and Wednesday evening to evenly split up the dose. The reason I am trialing enclomiphene is to see if it will raise my Free T and whether this will result in an improvement of my symptoms. I am 43, fit, healthy, never...
  23. S

    Is enclomiphene being discontinued?

    I received an email from empower saying the FDA is cracking down on enclomiphene, anyone have additional information?
  24. R

    Enclomiphene Depression

    Been on Enclomiphene (12.5 ED) about two weeks in conjunction with anestrozole (.1 3 days/wk). In only a matter of days I fell into a serious depression that is very uncharacteristic of me. I stopped the AI thinking it might be that, but then noticed within one or two hours of taking the...
  25. RP McMurphy

    Online/telemedicine script for Natesto & Enclomiphene?

    Can anyone direct me to a site that can provide a script for Natesto and a script for enclomiphene? I'm trying to avoid the high consult costs of my current doc, but will go that route if needed,,,,thank you.
  26. J

    Oral Enclomiphene Citrate help

    So I’m confused about Oral Enclomiphene Citrate. My supplier sent me this instead of the regular HCG. And from what I’ve read, it seems like this might be a replacement for my testosterone shots rather then an add on. It’s 12.5 twice a week. plus my FH and LH have been low for awhile. But...
  27. S

    contraindications of meds

    Going to try and get off TRT. Just started protocol using HCG, Enclomiphene, and Anastrozole. I was just diagnosed this evening with rheumatoid arthritis and the doctor wants to start me on prednisone and methotrexate. Wondering if there are contraindications to using those drugs together...
  28. jacb

    Is “Enclomiphene Citrate” going to replace hCG in the USA?

    I stumbled across this VIDEO that says now that HCG has been banned by the FDA in the USA, Enclomiphene Citrate will be it’s logical replacement. If Enclomiphene Citrate is used, do you continue to supplement with Testosterone Cypionate (Sub-q or IM) as we did with HCG or does it simply depend...
  29. W

    enclomiphene or TRT?

    Are there any benefits of using enclomiphene (versus testosterone) if fertility is not a factor anymore? If I'm done having kids, should I just move on to TRT or are there other things to consider? Thanks!
  30. S

    Trial of trt plus enclomiphene

    I’m on 100 mg a week of test plus 300 units hcg every 3 days ... TT is around 700. Wanting to do an experiment to see if I can increase some natural test going and or increase my LH somewhat. I know it’s prob not going to happen but I want to try it. So I dropped my hcg and added in 25 mg...
  31. H

    Post-TRT restart not going well - how long to wait for fertility to recover before going back on T shots?

    I was diagnosed with secondary hypogonadism in my early 30s (I'm 40 now), and went on TRT around the age of 32. Pre-TRT T level was 220 (although I probably crashed it lower than it should have been by cutting all fat out my diet, but even at age 27 I think it was only 300 or so). After some...
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