Taking enclomiphene. How will adding Anavar (oxandralone) affect my blood work? Should I modify enclomiphene dose?

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I've been on Enclomiphene (25 mg every other day) for a few months now, and it roughly doubled my total and free T.
Total Testosterone 410 ng/dL --> 697 ng/dL
Free Testosterone 64 pg/mL --> 112 pg/mL
My MD said it takes about 6 months to see the total effect. He doubled my dose and now I'm taking 25 mg every day; no updated blood work yet. Will test again in April.

I plan to do a beginner cycle of anavar (oxandralone). Something like 15 mg/day for 3 weeks and then 20 mg/day for another 3 weeks.

Two questions.
1. Should I modify my enclomiphene dose either during or after my anavar cycle?
2. How will the anavar affect my testosterone levels?
When I get blood work done in April (about 4 months from now), I'd like to make sure the anavar is no longer affecting my testosterone levels so that I can see what affect the new does of enclomiphene has.
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Anavar is almost useless without exogenous testosterone.

Most probably will shut down your own T, despite Enclomiphene blocking the estrogen negative feedback - it doesn't block the androgen negative feedback.
On top of that Anavar will probably wreck your HDL and liver enzymes.

All that with minimal "gains" that you can get from simply increasing protein intake and working out more intensely. Anavar will not make you lose significant amount of fat either.
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