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  1. T

    Unusual Test Cyp Viscosity

    Is this normal viscosity for Test Cyp? It feels thinner this time around. I ordered a test kit to see if it’s testosterone and also going to do blood work tomorrow to get a baseline. Thank you
  2. D

    Daily Cyp injections and Labs

    I've recently switched from a "T clinic" to a urologist. With this I've changed from weekly Cyp. injections to daily. He's pretty by the book and will be wanting my levels in the "normal" range. I like mine prob a little higher. Long story shorter, I'm curious how levels roll down after stopping...
  3. J

    Sunflower Lecithin Estradiol

    Has anyone taken Sunflower Lecithin and noticed a difference in your E2? Does it lower or increase? I am on a higher dose of TRT...200mg Cyp weekly split. I have heard this supplement can help with BPH. Should I be concerned about lowering DHT if I am on a higher TRT dose?
  4. C

    Dose increase?

    Has anyone ever noticed their T levels declining after a year on a certain dose, requiring a dose increase? Does gaining weight change dose requirement’s?
  5. JayD

    Add HCG or Testosterone

    If you add HCG to a protocol will it further lower ferritin and raise haemoglobin and RBC ? I have ordered some HCG from Radiance internationals in India, as not available in my country. Hopefully by adding this to my protocol I can raise my testosterone, but not all the other annoying stuff...
  6. R

    TRT allergy

    Hi All. I recently started TRT with a clinic after reviewing bloodwork. My protocol was 140 mgs test cyp and 1,000 hcg divided 2x a week. Well after 2 weeks and 5 injections, all my injections became sore, red and itchy. I tried my stomach and quad areas. Im using a 27 gauge 1/2" and doing sub...
  7. FlamingDragon

    Testosterone Cypionate vs Enanthate Ester break down

    I successfully switched over to Enanthate from Cypionate and I feel much better. I was wondering if the esters in these two Testosterones broke down the same. I guess what Im trying to say is, I know that the Cypionate has a longer chain ester than the Enanthate but when you body is breaking...
  8. D

    Happy on Cypionate but only Sustanon available in EU, dosage?

    So I've been cruising with no sides and no AI on 200 mg/mL test cyp at 40mg EOD for a few months now. Trouble is we've just moved overseas and the doc says in this country all they can get is Sustanon. He's prescribed me 250 mg, one injection per two weeks, old fashioned style, which I will not...
  9. A

    Cypionate dose protocol for a male.

    I completed several searches here and online but was unable to find the answer to this question. If an HRT male's testosterone levels are at 500 ng/dl what would be the weekly subcutaneous dose of cypionate at 200mg/ml to increase those base levels to 600 ng/dl?
  10. FlamingDragon

    Switching from Cypionate to Enanthate or cream?

    Looking for some advice on switching to Cream or to Enanthate? Been on HRT with Defy for about 8-9 years now. I just can't beat the anxiety that I get after my injection. It's not from the fear of the injection itself, it's the 12-24 hours after the injection. I get major anxiety and panic...
  11. aneuman

    My 6 weeks TRT Labs: advise welcome

    Hello guys, Many of you are aware of my journey, but for those who don't know, I started with HCG 2000 IU a week, felt like a greek God for two weeks, then back to basics, Enclomiphene, Great labs but no symptom relief, then Enclomiphene + HCG, some improvements, then TRT. I was prescribed 100...
  12. T

    Does air exposure weaken testosterone cypionate

    I understand that testosterone has a shelf life, I am trying to understand what would make it weaken (ie temperature, light etc). Would injecting air into a vial weaken it? I experimented with injecting air into the vial a few times (maybe 5) to see if it would react with extra components in it...
  13. T

    Issues with cypionate causing heart pounding

    I did a post a while back explaining that I get an excessively strong heartbeat that is very uncomfortable on TRT. This heart symptom is part of a bigger health issue that I have not been able to fix, sort of like a chronic bounding pulse. I've been on TRT for 1.5 years and suffered this most of...
  14. B

    Thinking about adding Deca for joint pain.

    I'm 58 years old and my joints continue to give me issues, on 80 mg a week of test cyp split x2, my dr gave me meloxicam and muscle relaxers for my joint pain, I have been thinking about adding a small dose of Deca instead of all of the nsaids, would like to hear from anyone who has used deca...
  15. B

    6 months into TRT - minimal effects - no libido - thinking of stopping?

    So I'm going to preface this. Now that I know what I know from researching myself rather than just listening to doctors- I don't think I should have ever been put on TRT. About 4 years ago I started having massive fatigue, loss of motivation, couldnt bring myself to the gym, couldnt lose...
  16. J

    Underdosed generic Perrigo Test Cyp?

    I was given Perrigo generic Test Cyp instead of Pfizer Test in error because my doctor forgot to put "no substitute" on the prescription and I didn't check right away after picking it up. I started feeling off about a week after switching (had no idea it wasn't Pfizer Test anymore so placebo is...
  17. C

    More focus when off TRT

    I seem to be able to focus more at work the further away I get from my last injection. If I stop injecting for 3 -4 weeks I seem to have much more focus at work while the day of and the next few days after my injection my mind seems to be all over the place and less able to focus. This is...
  18. T

    Day of injection feel like a million bucks but.....

    So as the title implies, i feel great at 80mg of test cyp the day of injection, The problem im having is i feel like utter shit the days I dont inject; zero energy/focus. Im roughly 2.5 weeks in and this whole thing is starting to drive me nuts. Is it possible that i need to inject everyday? I...
  19. Outcome

    Cypionate vs Propionate for daily injections

    If a person is going to inject daily in the 15-20 milligram range is Propionate better.? Or is Cypionate the better choice. Anyone done both and determined a clear winner? What about the Cyp/Prop blends? I’ve found that I have a steadier state with daily injections. And yes I know about the half...
  20. C

    Prefilled testosterone syringes: rubber plunger bloating!

    Hi everyone. Noticed on this forum some talk in the archives about prefilled syringes. Well, it has been something I have been doing for numerous years at times without realizing it was wrong. Below you can see a picture of a syringe filled with cypionate about two weeks ago, now showing great...
  21. W

    Can a reduction in Cypionate cause sleepiness?

    I went from 100 mg weekly to 80 mg and during this time I notice I am more sleepy lately. I've been on the 80 mg for 2 or 3 weeks.
  22. J

    Answering some questions, new to forum. Much appreciated!

    Hi, if anyone can help me out that would be great and much appreciated! I’ve been seeing a Dr. for about five years regarding my T levels and have been on the following regiment, I’m 39 yr old male. - 1x 1ml syringe of Testosterone Cypionate out of a (5ml) 200 mg/ml vial every Wednesday (once a...
  23. B

    3 week cycle on Testosterone Cypionate

    Does 1000mg test C have the same half-life as 250mg test C? Or does the amount injected change the half-life? If not, why can’t we just use Test C instead of Propionate for short cycles? If I want to do a 3 week cycle, I can front-load 1000mg test C the first day then nothing more, and have...
  24. S

    Metabolism and cypionate vs enanthate

    Historically, been on cypionate for years. New NP (who I recently decided to dump due to perceived incompetence and carelessness) just switched me to enanthate. The relevant info here is that I metabolize meds super fast. Doctors never believe me unless they see it (in hospital, surgical...
  25. S

    Cypionate & Rapid metabolism

    while im getting my doctor/labs/stuff sorted out, id like to hear from people with experiences on ,y same problem: I metabolize darn near anything much faster than normal. For cypionate, injecting 100mg SQ/IM once weekly (sunday night) was a moderate kick in the pants, which was petering out...
  26. R

    Could there be any way to eke some usefulness out of remaining cypionate without shutting down?

    I know the answer is NO, but feel free to humor me. Has anyone tried this, or does anyone have a hypothesis of how it might be able to be done? I'm off trt and producing. I have an open vial with 8mlx200mg left. Could there be a sweetspot where I might get some benefit taking a certain amount...
  27. G

    50 mg/per week protocol

    Has anyone experimented with 50mg per week cyp/eth? According to this article, shared on this forum, it may be worth a try:
  28. W

    Weekly shots

    Guys I have been on Cypionate 100mg on MWF for many months. I realize micro dosing can be better to avoid peaks and valleys but I feel most days worn out and can't sleep at night well. If I try the 100mg once a week instead could that maybe help me with energy levels and sleep?
  29. JayD

    Start up bad side effects... ?

    After having tried daily cypionate shots a year ago, I had to bail as the nausea, anxiousness, insomnia but mainly headaches were unbearable. This was on 6mg daily cypionate and I only made it 4 days in. Just a really intense all incomposing experience that was like a nightmare towards the end...
  30. M

    has anyone used pavillion pharmacy in ATL for a blend?

    I am switching from cream to injections. I have only ever used this doc for cream and for injections he uses pavillion pharmacy in ATL. They use a blend of cyp/prop mixed with mct oil. I have been on cyp for years prior to using cream but never a blend. Anyone have any experience with this?
  31. T

    How Much Cypionate should I take a week to get Cut?

    So, I've been on Nandralone and Cypionate for together for 10 weeks. I've been on cypionate alone for 12 months before adding Deca. My dosage was 200mgs (TRT) a week cypionate 150mgs a week of Deca. (TRT) I definitely got stronger and bigger with adding Deca, but would like to get leaner...
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