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  1. A

    How to preserve medication coming in 1ml glass ampoule?

    Here we get TE 250 mg/ml in 1 ml glass ampoule. I am starting at a low dose, so that 250 mg will last around 3 weeks. My question is how to store the medication for 3 weeks? Any help will be appreciated, thanks.
  2. Z

    Going from Sustanon to Enanthate

    Hi All, I'm in the UK and I've been using Sustanon 250 for many years, I split each 1ml/250mg Amp into 2 injections and take them once per week, (0.5ml/125mg) sub-q in the glute using an insulin needle (1ml/29g). To split the amp I pull the stopper out of the back of the insulin needle inject...
  3. FlamingDragon

    Testosterone Cypionate vs Enanthate Ester break down

    I successfully switched over to Enanthate from Cypionate and I feel much better. I was wondering if the esters in these two Testosterones broke down the same. I guess what Im trying to say is, I know that the Cypionate has a longer chain ester than the Enanthate but when you body is breaking...
  4. Belekas

    Sustanon250 overstimulation, racing heart, anxiety, BP elevation, feeling wired

    Hello crew. Anyone of you guys had this experience? I've been on TRT 100mg/week of Testosterone Enanthate for around 10 months without any problems and was feeling great. Just now remembered that I've changed to Sustanon250 recently and in some time I started getting all these issues...
  5. S

    SteroidPlotter and mg/day

    Recently discovered SteroidPlotter (SteroidPlotter - Graph your cycle) and thought wow that's so cool. I'm on trt and really keen on getting my dose correctly set. However, I have a quick question, does anyone know if the mg/day plots are mg of the ester or mg of testosterone, from my...
  6. FlamingDragon

    Switching from Cypionate to Enanthate or cream?

    Looking for some advice on switching to Cream or to Enanthate? Been on HRT with Defy for about 8-9 years now. I just can't beat the anxiety that I get after my injection. It's not from the fear of the injection itself, it's the 12-24 hours after the injection. I get major anxiety and panic...
  7. C

    Test Enanthate Pharmacy

    Hey guys, Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone used a mainstream pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, Publix, Walmart…etc for a branded Test Enanthate? I am having difficulty with certain mainstream companies with providing stock/inventory knowledge. Has anyone had any luck with using any of...
  8. S

    Metabolism and cypionate vs enanthate

    Historically, been on cypionate for years. New NP (who I recently decided to dump due to perceived incompetence and carelessness) just switched me to enanthate. The relevant info here is that I metabolize meds super fast. Doctors never believe me unless they see it (in hospital, surgical...
  9. F

    Pharmacokinetics Basics

    @madman, @Cataceous, @readalot or anyone else smarter than me, can you point me in the right direction? I am currently trialing small doses of enanthate mixed with grapeseed oil. I am tracking how I feel over time and trying to correlate it to expected testosterone levels. I am interested in...
  10. MilkMan

    Itching on TRT?

    I've got a call in with my endo, but I figured I'd pick some brains here as well. About a month into TRT (100mg Test Enanthate per week), I started itching. No rash. No specific location. Just general itching. It'll be my earlobe one moment, my butt cheek the next. When it's bad, it's hard to...
  11. bennettjc

    Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate Half-Lives - Data?

    Good Morning, When I started I read various things about the half-lives of TCyp and TEnan. 7 days. 10 days. One has a 1 day longer half life because of the longer ester. I am aware that half-lives of all medications vary depending upon the patient. But a good estimate has clinical value for...
  12. I

    Short vs long esters

    Hello. I very much hope the great people and expertise in this forum to be able to help me. And my case is quite complicated. As described in my other thread I transferred from sustanon to enanthate 9 weeks ago. I felt good in week 5, but now I feel bad and I feel bad in a very specific way...
  13. I

    Switching from sustanon to enanthate

    Hello forum. Im switching from sustanon(122.5mg split in EOD) to enanthate(130mg split in two). I currently feel very bad. On sustanon I felt good but needed to inject in EOD cause the prop causes me spikes and Im sick of so much IM injectinons(sub q doesnt work for me). Also Im 20 percent BF...
  14. bennettjc

    My Personal Account Of My Becoming A Member of The "TRT Community."

    A TRT Community Member’s Typical, but Difficult Journey
  15. T

    TRT clinics in the EU/EEA

    Do you know of any clinics that offer remote treatment when you're living in another EU/EEA country? I know of balancemyhormones in the UK, but I figure Brexit might cause problems. As for why I'm looking into this, I'm on TRT and they only prescribe Testogel/Nebido where I live.
  16. T

    Anybody live in a country that mostly prescribes gel / nebido? Were you able to get enanthate/cyp?

    Question in the title. I've been on the gel for 3 months and I really want to try either enanthate or cypionate.
  17. Maca

    Horrible Gyno with Low Estrogen / SHBG

    I've having extreme problems with Gyno that I just can't seem to control. It only happens on my right breast and I've got a lump under my chest that I've had for a long time but recently it has started to grow and a second lump has formed. I've used this does of testosterone for a long time...
  18. J

    What weekly dosage adjustment is likely from 75mg enanthate after my first lab panel at week 6?

    I know "everyone is different," however, I've read of very few people who are at 75mg per week maintenance enanthate. I'm currently at 4.5 weeks and at week 3 felt a slight increase in heart rate two nights after that injection. I thought it might be because of my body still producing T plus...
  19. C

    Max Prescribed dose for Testosterone Enanthate

    Hey guys, just wanted to know what is the legal dose allowed for Testosterone Enanthate prescribed within the states, preferably NYS. I am prescribed .3 ML twice weekly, but I feel a whole lot better at .5 ML twice weekly (200mg a week). Was just seeing if requesting the dosage change on my...
  20. A

    How often should you inject enanthate

    Like I said in another tread, where I am now I can only get hold of enanthate. I remember when I was a patient at Defy, Dr Saya told me without HCG I should inject cypionate EOD. Now enanthate has a lower half life BUT I can only get hold of 100mg ampules of enanthate. Let me first say that on...
  21. S

    IM Testosterone Given SubQ

    Hello, I have been taking Xyosted for the past 3 months and my doctor just recommended that up the dose to 100mg. The problem is at $425 per month, I cannot afford this. I asked my doctor if the Xyosted medication, Testosterone Enanthate was available in a vial, and could I take it...
  22. A

    Does testosterone enanthate every 3 weeks make sense?

    As you know I've been on TRT for 2.5 years and my current protocol is 28mg cypionate EOD. I'm now in a 3rd world country and I went to an endocrinologist. He told me a lot of interesting things: HCG is for infertility and shouldn't be prescribed together with T. Stopping TRT I won't feel bad...
  23. slicktop

    Cypionate vs Enanthate

    I'm going to start this off by admitting this doesn't make a lot of scientific sense- what I'm going to say is purely anecdotal and nothing more than my own experience, but just in case it can help someone else later on down the line, I'm going to put this out for discussion. This'll be a little...
  24. I

    Peak after injection

    Hi, I am injecting EOD. When does testosterone enanthate peak after injection? Immediately or couple of hours after injection? Thanks
  25. Kristoffer

    Testosterone Enanthate gets "stuck" in syringe

    Hi, im from Norway. Ive been on T enanthate testoviron for about 3 years. When i was to pick up my last prescription at the farmacy they were sold out, and not only that farmacy, but all the farmacys in the whole country. Its just crazy, new deliveries of testoviron expected in December, but...
  26. C

    Testosterone enanthate in the uk

    Hi guys My protocol is 50mg every 3.5 days..with 500iu of hcg. Can anyone reccomend anywhere to buy the enanthate in the uk..only place I have found is Lloyd's pharmacy at around £18 per 250ml ampoule.. Thanks
  27. T

    need help with the correct T enanthate dose

    Hi everyone, I am being treated for primary hypogonadism with Androgel 50mg sachet. I live in the Netherlands where I receive my treatment, I am currently visiting my family in my home country and I had to extend my stay there. the problem is I could not find Androgel there, and the pharmacist...
  28. G

    Testosterone esters

    Does anyone know the percentage of actual testosterone that's in each ester? I'm having a hard time finding any conclusive numbers. I'm switching over to propionate, from cypionate, and would just like to know how to do the conversion. I can figure that part out once I have the percentages of...
  29. Vince Carter

    Confused about Testosterone Enanthate Half Life

    Am I confused about Enanthate being a faster acting ester than Cyp? Like in the middle between Prop and Cyp which I had a bad experience with (My daily Testosterone Propionate diary) Seems like I have it stuck in my head with Test-E being more about ~48hrs but I can't seem to find that info...
  30. M

    Sensitivity to an ester

    I’m wondering if anyone has any anecdotal experiences on different esters. I am currently trying a round of clomid mainly because I was getting really bad headaches on cypionate, with AI without, varying dosages. I was wondering if anyone out there has had similar experiences and tried different...
  31. B

    Injection/application frequency vs AR receptors

    I remember someone posting on a different forum (can’t find the link now) of increased E2 levels on daily dosing vs. breaking up the same dose into 2-3x/week with T Enanthate. Aromatase activity seems to be higher when the peak and trough in T is eliminated from high-frequency dosing. I also see...
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