DHEA Supplementation Effect SHBG?


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Hey guys,

I recently began supplementing with a low dosage of micronized DHEA(10mg daily) to see if I can boost my lower levels. I ran 25mg a day at one point in the past with a cheap version and it caused some estrogen related side effects which I was trying to avoid with a better quality DHEA and a lower dose. Even at a lower dose it seemed to effect me the same way albeit it took longer than before. I recently had my 6 month labs run with Defy while supplementing DHEA(about a week and half in) which are below. DHEA is only thing that changed in my regimen, would it have that big of an effect on my SHBG?

June Labs:

TT -1100
FT - 29
E2 - 40
DHEA - 137
SHBG 20.5

July Labs(TT,FT,E2 not included):

DHEA - 150
SHBG - 16.5


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I'm surprised supplementing dhea (even @10mg) didn't raise your dhea levels out of the 100s.


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I only believe DHEA will convert more Testosterone into Estradiol for men. And not affect shbg.


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If DHEA suppresses Cortisol it would probably increase SHBG. I have used DHEA from different sources and found DHEA Troche from Empower to be the only one that increased my DHEA. I have used micronized and creams. I never seen any change in Estradiol using DHEA with levels double normal range.


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Appreciate the replies Vince, Fifty and Captain. I am going to halt the DHEA for a week and get new bloods to see if that is cause and report back. Not sure what else it could be at this point.


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Your Diet from one set of labs to the next would cause SHBG to change that much.
Protein possibly? Gyms opened up back in my state and I have been getting around 150 more grams of protein a day. Other macros cals, fat, carb were not drastically changed.


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I don't know about Protein doing it. Maybe the quality of sleep you got who knows. You can't tell much from one set of labs. I would guess 4 points don't amount to much. Your hydration and lab accuracy +/- could change it from one set of labs to the next.


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I believe DHEA is suppressed by IL-6. Mine is also low and have wanted to test IL-6.

There was another guy on here that had a huge increase with sublingual or trouche DHEA