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Grow Your Clinic with New Oral Testosterone Therapy (Kyzatrex)
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*120 USD (wholesale) Matt Coffy - CEO of PracticeBloom and Mitesh Patel of Marius Pharmaceuticals talk about Kyzatrex the new kid on the block for TRT. Introduction to Oral Testosterone Replacement Therapy In the evolving landscape of...
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  • 3 The aim of this e-book is to provide an authoritative, highly focused, science-based, fluff-free, time & effort-saving resource that concisely answers the most frequently asked protein questions I’ve...

Metformin Decreases Aerobic Capacity, Muscle Mass and Testosterone

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I have been on 2x1000mg a day but I lost my endurance(Kun Khmer/Muay Thai training) and workout capacity/volume. I had no common sides from it, no diarrea etc, but felt physically limited. A strange feeling of being limited by the amount of...
Testosterone Creams and Gels for Men
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00:01 Understanding Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, declines with age. TRT aims to address the decline in testosterone levels, which can affect various aspects of health. Factors contributing...
New Atrevis Hydrogel Based Testosterone Cream from Empower: Surprising Results!
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After a month of using the new hydrogel cream from Empower Pharmacy at 1 ml per day (4 clicks of 0.25 mg each) my testosterone increased dramatically higher than it was even on 200 mg per week of injectable testosterone cypionate. and this...
Oral/Sublingual Testosterone for Men
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00:19 Background and History of Testosterone Historical overview of testosterone use, including ancient practices. Evolution of testosterone research and discovery from ancient times to the 1930s. Introduction of testosterone pellets...
KYZATREX® (oral testosterone undecanoate) now available in all states across the US
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Maximus: Oral TRT+ (native T + enclomiphene + pregnenolone)
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Today we’re excited to announce a breakthrough in men’s hormone optimization: Maximus' Oral TRT+ Protocol. Testosterone, without injections or messy creams, all while maintaining fertility markers. Timestamps: 0:00 - 0:09 - Introduction 0:10...
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