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  1. A

    E2 Spiking

    Hey all. I have been having issues with my E2 spiking. I am using 17 units test cyp everyday. Would me switching to test prop help with aromatizing? I am a low SHBG guy. My last blood work is a bit inaccurate bc I was using HCG. I since cut out HCG to help with E2 and still am having...
  2. D

    Trying daily sub-Q cypionate

    It was like 6 weeks with weekly shots to reach "steady state", how long on daily shots?
  3. R

    Blood test analysis needed

    Hi all, So started TRT 6 weeks ago on 25mg test cyp every other day and 200iu of HCG every other day. Experienced some acne on back and shoulders. Felt great in the first 3 weeks then tailed off slightly. Please could someone have a look at the results and express thoughts? This was taken in...
  4. D

    Once weekly vs twice weekly inject

    Prob discussed numerous times but search didn't reveal. I'm about to go from once weekly test cyp inject to twice weekly. What can i expect?
  5. E

    Does anyone feel better on Cypionate vs. Enanthate?

    FYI, I know that cypionate and enanthate are basically the same but minus 1 carbon and half life is slightly different. I also know, some people do not feel any difference. Who has been on cypionate and tried switching to enanthate but found they felt better on cypionate? I'm only about a...
  6. J

    Bloodwork back

    Recent test results. Why is my free test so high? I’m on 120mg of TC per week. Split 60/60 M & Th. I’m not used to seeing my free T so high. Any reason to be concerned?
  7. E

    About a Year on TRT...lab work next week...questions

    Hey guys. I'm about 1 year in; .25ml x2 a week. I feel wonderful. Puffiness is finally going away...took forever. No more naps, almost daily. No more feeling lost and unable to think. Good sex again, whenever I want it. A couple of months in I had my testosterone tested. Total was HIGH (to...
  8. 2

    Trt and heart disease

    Can men with high blood pressure or heart disease still get testosterone prescriptions? Only looking for factual or personal experience answers no guesses or speculation please and thank you
  9. M

    Low e2 - Lethargy, Lack of motivation and heartburn (acid reflux)

    My main symptom that I felt after starting TRT (second day) is crazy heartburn. Some people mentioned my e2 is low some say the jump in T caused the release of stomach peptides that increase stomach acid production. Which it kind of makes sense since I experienced (still do) extreme hunger all...
  10. G

    Increased Dose / Switched to Daily Injections

    Hi there. Looking for some feedback here on my dosing. I was previously doing about 60/65 mg per week of cyp M/W/F (3 times per week) — no Ai (rarely I’ll take a small sliver) and no HCG. I had some blood work done and numbers were ok. This was through my PCP, he didn’t test for Estradiol...
  11. E

    Switch to IM from SQ? Lower E2? Sleep, digestion, maybe lower Free T...

    Long-term TRT patient, current protocol is 154mg/week in EOD SubQ shots (into thigh, belly, hip, etc). I've struggled on and off with digestion issues (constipation) and lack of deep sleep. A few months ago I started intermittent fasting and it's been good for dropping some weight. That combined...
  12. R

    Help with dosage

    Hey I’m I’m confused on exactly calculating on 1cc syringe mg. I’m prescribed 200mg/10ml test cyp. Doc currently has me doing pins 3 times a week at 160mg. So that would be .3cc on a 1cc syringe? Sorry if it’s stupid. I know a full CC is 200mg and .5 is 100mg and .1 would 50mg correct or am I...
  13. M

    4 weeks into TRT, feeling worse/mood crashes.

    Hey folks, I’ve been on 100mg Test-C 1x/wk for 4 weeks now. For the first 2-3 weeks I was feeling great overall, sense of wellbeing was way up, energetic, more motivated in the gym... just really doing well. The last couple of days have been... not that. I take my Test-C Thursday evening or...
  14. J

    Testosterone Leaking Out

    Good Morning All, I have been on TRT for about 4 weeks now. Everyday I feel better. However, when I inject my test c .25 ml every other day some of the test leaks out. When I inject in my glute it is fine but, if i inject in my shoulder I get quite a bit of leakage. I have tried leaving the...
  15. B

    Running out of TRT early? Switch to SubQ to last longer?

    It appears my vials don't last the full term. My prescription is 200mg/mL test C injected twice a week (0.5mL) and is supposed to last 5 weeks. Therefore the vial should include 5mL total. The vial only appears to last 8.5 out of 10 dosages and I wonder if this is due to some test C being left...
  16. B

    Please comment on my first TRT Protocol:

    After asking if the doc could split my dose into twice a week here is the protocol he recommended: Sunday evening: 75mg Test C taken intramuscularly Monday morning: .25mg HCG taken sub-Q Tuesday: 0.5mg Anastrozole Wednesday morning: 75mg Test C taken intramuscularly Thursday morning: .25mg HCG...
  17. B

    Feeling normal- i have been off T for 2 years

    I have been off T for a little over 2 years. I am not taking any clomid or anything. It took almost 2 years for me to really recover. Yes, thats how long it took. I can now have sex and get an erection anytime with no issues. My mood is much better and consistent. My energy level is good but not...
  18. I

    test c expiration

    My question.... Can I still use my testosterone cyp. after the expiration date? Thanks
  19. I

    testosterone expiration

    Can I still use testosterone cyp., after expiration? ,,
  20. S

    Difference between honeymoon and not enough T?

    While the honeymoon period was “fun” for me, it didn’t feel natural at all. Felt like I was on drugs most of the time, and wasn’t sustainable. But after that I enjoyed a short while that get much more natural but has since passed presumably as my body shit down natural production. Is that...
  21. J

    Testosterone vial and sunlight

    I have a bottle of test cyp sitting on my shelf in my room in case I ever decide to start TRT in the future. The expiration date is 2021. However I heard if the vial is exposed to sunlight it could damage the testosterone in the vial. Is that true if the testoserone vial was sitting on your...
  22. P

    Stop Test Cyp entirely for fertility?

    This question may be jumping the gun as I have not down a sperm analysis. So far the wife and I are still getting neg tests and its starting to bum her out thinking it's her. When I can say with almost 99% certainly I was probably shut down prior. I take 200mg test cyp/week. I dose my shots...
  23. W

    Help - time off TRT and don't want to lose muscle!

    Hello, I have a question for the physical culturists of the group. High and rapidly-increasing PSA has forced me off test cyp for a period of time, (probably > 2 months) until my biopsy and hopeful resolution with no cancer. I am 61, have been on TRT for close to 5 years, and 200 mg of MD...
  24. theodore1983

    Too high of dose side effects?

    Today is my third day after having an injection. I can’t sleep and my anxiety is through the roof. Are these common symptoms of too high of a dose?
  25. S

    Switching from anastrozole to aromasin

    Hey guys I just got recent blood work done and I’ve decided to switch from anastrozole over to aromasin. One reason is I’ve heard there is no rebound and even on a daily dose of arimidex I experienced rebounds in estrogen and very quickly. My protocol for these bloods were - 40mg test cyp eod...
  26. J

    TRT protocol

    How many mg is 200mg/ml of Test Cyp 0.38ml twice weekly? Sorry I never injected before and have no idea about the dosages. Does this protocol seem like it will work for a high shbg guy like me?
  27. F

    Need help dialing in protocol

    History: 1 year on TRT SHBG: 20-23 post TRT, 35 pre TRT Protocol: was initially on 150 mg per week, 500 IU HCG. I could never dial it in with an AI, so in the past 3 months I tried to lower my dose in order to find a protocol that works without an AI. Starting August, I went down to 100 mg...
  28. P

    Lifting and Weight Gain on TRT (26 Years Old/165 lbs)

    Hi All, TLDR and protocol at the bottom! I will be starting TRT tomorrow when my prescription arrives. I am an avid lifter and have been consistently working out and dieting for the past five years or so. Including tracking meals calories and macros down to the T. I am about to start a bulking...
  29. C

    My T dosage is too high. E2 high as well. Fighting symptoms.

    I've been lurking on this forum for about 6 weeks now. I was diagnosed back in Dec with low T. Low E2 as well. I went to see an hrt specialist in my area and he immediately put me on 100mg cyp + 300iu HCG every 3.5 days. No AI. I had bw done last week on my own volition (Thanks DiscountLabs!)...
  30. J

    Can anyone decipher what happened to me and what my labs mean?

    I went to meet with a TRT doc because of the experience my friend had in treating his low T. I was experiencing night sweats and poor sleep (tried melatonin and even ambien), diminished ability to grow muscle (following a strict diet and 6 days per week weight training), and high/low libido...
  31. B

    Mood, libido

    Hey guys. Got a question I'm hoping you can help me out with. I'm scheduled to see my Dr again in April, and that's a ways away so I'm wondering if I need to get in early, or if my experience is normal. I'll post as many details as possible, but if I forget anything just let me know. 38...
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