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    Low e2 - Lethargy, Lack of motivation and heartburn (acid reflux)

    My main symptom that I felt after starting TRT (second day) is crazy heartburn. Some people mentioned my e2 is low some say the jump in T caused the release of stomach peptides that increase stomach acid production. Which it kind of makes sense since I experienced (still do) extreme hunger all...
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    I need knowledgeable opinions on crazy side effects on 100Mg a week TRT.

    Hi guys, I'll cut to the chase, I know everyone's time is valuable but I need help figuring out something and it's driving me crazy. Im 41m , workout 3 times a week heavy lifting. Jiujitsu 4 times a week sometimes 2x a day. Experienced slow recovery and other related symptoms of low T. Lab...
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    Heartburn Medication use

    I’m currently on Pantoprazole for heartburn/acid reflux. I read that Tagamet can cause low Testosterone. I was wondering if any one else is taking Pantoprazole and if it can cause low testosterone levels?
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