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Male 22 years old. I have been treated with TRT for a little over a year now after being diagnosed with secondary hypogonadism and pituitary failure. I regularly get blood work done through my general practitioner but the clinic that provides the treatment has not asked nor seen those results in many months. I have already reduced the original dosage they put me on (250mg 1x/week) to 160mg/week (split into two semi-weekly doses) following a blood test that had testosterone at an abnormally high level.
I'm wondering if there's any resources or outlets I can use for consultation or guidance for the continuation of this treatment. I feel as if I've been navigating this by myself and without any professional expertise (I read and consume hours of studies and medical advice online many days a week to mitigate this).
I'm still experiencing fatigue, low libido, and muscle discomfort and have been throughout this process and would like to know if there is an error I have been making in my conduct. Additionally, I want to do this in the healthiest way possible and continuing on without professional medical supervision cannot be the way to do that.
Any and all help or advice or tips is enourmously appreciated.
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Defy Medical offers consults and treatment while also offering consults only to overseas patients.

100 mg per week is enough to get the majority of men to mid normal or high normal ranges for Total T and Free T.

Abnormally high testosterone can be as bad as not enough, especially if you have other medical problems.
If 100/week put me in a "normal to high normal" range (we'll call it 5-800), is there a reason possibly that the higher doses are not wielding results that lower doses would?
is there a reason possibly that the higher doses are not wielding results that lower doses would?
This depends on your genetics, some men feel best closer to midrange while others feel better higher.

100 mg per week isn’t a low dosage, it’s about average.

The muscle discomfort comment suggests you may have something else going on, in addition to secondary hypogonadism.
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