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  1. S

    Want to come off arimidex after 7 years of use

    Hi everyone This is a follow up to my previous post of e2 being too high I’d like to figure this out and my doctor isn’t much help. We don’t have any good TRT docs in my area and my original TRT doc is no longer taking patients I’d like to come off arimidex after taking it consistently for 7...
  2. D

    Post Injection Anxiety and off Feeling.

    Hi Everyone: Hoping for some feedback here. I am on 150mg per week of testosterone cypionate, broken up into 2x per week injections. Has anyone has an issue with feeling like shit, with anxiety and just a general 'off' feeling, for 24 hours or so after each injection? I can't put my finger on...
  3. T

    low SHBG. Zero libido - help please

    Hi all, I am hoping for some guidance around libido and addressing low SHBG. I have struggled for years on TRT in terms of Libido - I have zero. I wake up with morning wood most days but when it comes to sex I get ED a lot because I’m never actually horny. I have really poor sensitivity as...
  4. J

    ED On TRT. Bloods good on paper

    Hey guys, I was hoping someone may be able to help me with my current ED situation. To provide additional context to my ongoing health journey, particularly concerning my struggles with erectile dysfunction (ED) while on TRT. Enclosed, Below is my most recent bloodwork, taken during my current...
  5. R

    11 years of EXTREME tissue weakness - I need advice please

    Hey, folks. In summary, I am 34yo (5ft9 & 132lbs /180cm & 60kg) and have been suffering for 11 years with extreme tissue weakness, super prone to injuries and no ability to heal. I am mostly house-bound. Years ago I tested low for DHEA, Progesterone, Estradiol, and high for SHBG. My total T was...
  6. W

    TRT used as birth control?

    Hi everyone, I was thinking...If TRT stops the production of sperm, is it possible to use TRT as birth control? I take 20mg, subq, six days a week, 120mg total a week) and I'm 51 years old. It's a crazy question, but something I was thinking about. Thank you all!!
  7. S

    Bi-Weekly Injection question

    Hello, I have been doing bi-weekly injections for years. The provider I go to says that it is not ideal to do every two weeks but as long as I am feeling ok they wont have an issue with it. He explained that basically at the 2 week level the TRT is no longer in my system. I do every two weeks...
  8. T

    15 nmol - not suitable for TRT

    Hi, I'm a 40 year old man, 178cm, 75kg. I do 4-5 sports a week. For the last 4-5 years my libido and interest in women has decreased, I have a problem to maintain muscle mass and I can't build new one. If I compare the libido 10 years ago, it's a drastic reduction. My energy intake is...
  9. Y

    Hcg and headaches

    Hey guys, Ive went on hcg with my trt. The hcg is from reliablerx and is the brand ‘zyhcg’. I started developing a regular/consistent headache and my doctor is stumped. My bloods are good but I still donated blood just in case red blood cell increase was the cause. I stopped taking all...
  10. M

    TRT monotherapy. 5 week lab check due to nipple symptoms. Thoughts/Guidance please.

    Hey guys, I've been on TRT monotherapy, no other drugs, for 5 weeks now. I went ahead and pulled some labwork at week 5 instead of waiting till week 12. Why did i pull labs early? Answer: I started to have bilateral axillary soreness about 2 weeks in. That subsided and was immediately...
  11. R

    Enlarged Prostate with Symptoms

    I'll try to make this brief. 46 y/o I was on HCG + minor anastrozole therapy for 10 years. Never an issue. It started to grow ineffective. I started T Cyp slowly alongside HCG + anastrozole. Did this for about 4 months. Never felt quite right. I was having other issues related to a kidney...
  12. L

    TRT w/ BCP157 and TB500

    Working through recovering from ruptured tendon and rotator cuff surgery. Should be getting nandrolone from Dr. next check in, but curious about these peptides. Can I: * Inject IM near sight instead of subQ? * Combine with TRT (test cyp) in one syringe and IM inj in shoulder? * Combine...
  13. Z

    Going from Sustanon to Enanthate

    Hi All, I'm in the UK and I've been using Sustanon 250 for many years, I split each 1ml/250mg Amp into 2 injections and take them once per week, (0.5ml/125mg) sub-q in the glute using an insulin needle (1ml/29g). To split the amp I pull the stopper out of the back of the insulin needle inject...
  14. W

    From 200mg test to 150mg but....

    Hey guys, I was doing 4x per week 50 mg test cyp and 500 iu hcg split over those days. I decided I wanted to try lowering dose due to bloating and what Ive read about 200mg being a little cookie cutter and overprescribed. I feel better at 3x per week 50 mg keeping 500 iu hcg split over 4x, but...
  15. S

    Need a little help

    So I’ve been running 17.5mg to test e and 1000 hcg a week 5 mg of Cialis a day and my zinc before bed Balls started to ache as not run hcg in years and years So dropped the hcg to 500 a week Been feeling really good on this But pharmacy can not get test e so put me back on sust I’ve...
  16. L

    TRT vs Clomid

    Had my urologist just recommend clomid for low T. A couple months ago when I saw my labs and PCP, we both agreed that some sort of TRT would be appropriate. I made appt with urologist but he couldn't see me for over 6 weeks. I did not want to wait. So I started looking into clinics. I was so...
  17. R

    HCG and sleep?

    So I can’t find much research or answers online (bit surprised ) but I’m on trt I’m dialed in everything is going well and Im also using 400iu of HCG 3 times a week for well over 3 years now . I haven’t been able to order my hcg for about 3 weeks now and I’ve had this insomnia that has come out...
  18. D

    Nandrolone (Deca) Base TRT Trial

    Deca Base Trial Hello. I am 35 been on TRT for 5 years and for the most it’s all been positive. I recently switched over to Defy and mentioned the sides I have been having and learned to live with as they aren’t detrimental but annoying. The sides are oily face, acne, slight loss of penile...
  19. K

    Any new discoveries on Low SHBG curse ?

    I m just checking with the community to see if there is a new discovery with Low SHBG individuals ? Any new treatment ? Any new strategies to raise it ? It is a bad curse .
  20. J

    Really Need Help - Low Estrodial

    Hey everyone. I’ve been on TRT for years. I’m dialed in at 902 ng/dl. Two shots per week (60mg on Monday and 60mg on Thursday for a total of 120mg). Done Sub-Q I’ve had three different Estrodial blood tests and they have come back 1 pg/ml, 0.6 pg/ml and 0.8 pg/ml. How is this possible? I’m not...
  21. C

    5 Weeks TRT - symptoms and questions

    Hi Team - 5 weeks in 200mg Test 1x weekly due to total T being at 319 most of my life (I’m now 49). I’m 6’1, 221 lbs and after 5 weeks, weight same, but gained 4 lbs of muscle, lost 4 lbs of fat. My clinic uses Inbody scan and it shows my percent body fat going from 26 to 22.6. I have felt...
  22. B

    PCT regiment coming off 2 years TRT

    I am 44 years old and have been on TRT for approx 2 years (from initial 150MG down to current 70MG weekly for 2 years). I find that I have too much stress, anger, agitation and anxeity while on TRT. I have tried everything lowering the dose, taking AI, switch from pinning once per week to 2x per...
  23. M

    Hair loss, TRT, Oral Minoxidl, Testing?

    So I have been doing TRT for 15 years. For the past 6 months I have reduced my levels down to .3ml per week of 200 mg/ml Test Cypionate from Hikma (thru Kroger). The shots are always Subq. (Test results are below) I kept stepping down because of hair loss. I'm just about at 3 months using...
  24. C

    Traveling Internationally with TRT

    Hi all, I am traveling to South Africa for business in ten days, and I will be there for a month. After that, I will be in another US state that's different from my home state. The trip is already going to mess up my protocol, as I will need to drop the 3,000iu weekly HCG I currently take for...
  25. Fernando Almaguer

    New study Hematocrit relationship to MACE (major adverse cardiovasular events)

    I found this on the good doctor Rasamad's IG page and I was wondering if after 24 months of starting TTH if we are good with cardio risks.
  26. W

    Testosterone, B12 and HCG all in 1 shot?

    Just switched from cream to shots for testosterone. I’ve been doing HCG and B12 subq. I’m not a fan of needles so I’m asking if it makes sense to buy a 2 or 3ml syringe and put all 3 in the syringe and inject IM at the same time? Testosterone, B12 and hcg all at once? I’d probably have to...
  27. M

    Wondering if my TRT prescription schedule makes sense at all

    So I had low test for quite a few years that was first tested when I was about 29. I have been on methadone since age 19. Though I have been on opiates for a long time, I was always a “functional addict” as I was a an athlete and was drafted into the QMJHL back in 2005. I always stayed in shape...
  28. C

    Need to discontinue nandrolone and just continue test cypionate

    I have some bloodwork. I will have to do in the next two months or so. I ran across the General three week time frame to discontinue show decreased testosterone levels on bloodwork. Is this correct or do I need longer than three weeks off of nandralone?
  29. C

    Healthy man...low tests and low shbg :(

    Hi, How come I have low shbg and low tests..I do long distance cycling, not overweight...healthy 40y man Free tests is 258 pmol/l [220-800] Shbg 18 nmol/l [18-54] S-testostrone 13.5 nmol/l [8-32] Is trt is the only way to go? Or do I have other options also?
  30. RotnGun

    American Journal of Medicine bashing TRT

    I thought that I would post the link below "strictly for entertainment purposes". If you read down further on the page, you will see a whole bunch of articles on how awful anabolic steroids are. Talk about hypocrites :(
  31. E

    Would it be a mistake to try TRT? Attached bloodwork. 30 YO disappointing libido

    30 YO. 5’11” 150 lbs. workout 4x/week. Married with 2 kids. Experiencing a disappointingly low libido. I’ve been using Gene’s NO stack (Citrulline, Tadalafil) daily for the last few years to combat this successfully for the most part, but recently libido has been declining to a disappointing...
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