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  1. R

    Progesterone 280% higher, SHBG high, DHEA low, T normal -- should I start TRT?

    Hi. I would appreciate any analysis of my blood tests. Background: - 34yo male (5ft9 & 132lbs /180cm & 60kg) - never been a vegetarian. I eat mostly animal food, no sugar, no gluten. Severe chronic illness since 2013: - extreme tissue fatigue/weakness - super-easily injured - unable to heal...
  2. Gianluca

    Is there a better absorbed subQ injection site?

    Im wondering if all subQ injection site yield to same absorption/levels of injectable medication. I would guess yes, but especially curios to hear anecdotes Im about to start Progesterone subQ but didn’t have good luck with testosterone SubQ, I was injecting on the upper outer part of the...
  3. H

    Pregnenolone levels staying low despite supplementation -blood work incuded; Please Help

    Hello everyone- according to recent blood work I have low pregnenolone levels despite taking the expensive brand of PURE Encapsulations off of amazon ($0.30+/per dose). After taking 60mg for about a month I went from undetectable to still low levels of pregnenolone . I also had my DHEA levels...
  4. Gianluca

    has anyone tried Progest-E for progesterone?

    Hi Guys, Progest-E was formulated by Ray Peat, it is combined with Vitamin E, and should by pass the first pass in the liver. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this before. To my knowledge this is the only oral Progesterone product that skip that first pass in the liver Dr. Peat's Progest E...
  5. JayD

    Guidance with Progesterone(Dutchtest results)

    What are most guys using to raise progesterone these days. Or is it not really worth worrying about. Below is my recent Dutch test results. I tried a Nootropics Depot 5mg sublingual tab for the last week but can barely tolerate even 2.5mg per day. Makes me feel on edge and seems to make me talk...
  6. W

    High progesterone levels from blood work

    Hi guys, Looking for some advice following some recent blood work I’ve had. I’ve been suffering with erecitle dysfunction for a very long time now. Pretty much since I was sexually active in my early 20s which makes me believe I have some fairly major hypogonadism. I never could really...
  7. B

    Need some help with dosing Progesterone. Did I over shoot the mark?

    Hi Gents, Have been a long time reader of the forum but this is my first post and just hoping to get some insight and advice around Progesterone supplementation. It has only been fairly recently I decided to investigate and look into the possible other missing parts of my TRT protocol. I was...
  8. FunkOdyssey

    TRT doesn't cause deficiency of Preg/DHEA/Prog and HCG doesn't fix it

    That is the bold claim made by this user on Reddit: What do you guys think? Is this why most men on TRT are doing well without supplementing the upstream hormones?
  9. Gianluca

    Pregnenolone IR vs SR

    Curios to know if anyone has noticed some differences between the two. My Progesterone increases more with IR compared with SR, .4/.5 compared to .7/.8.
  10. G

    Does Progestelle bio identical progesterone oil show up on serum blood tests?!

    I ask because I got labs back today showing my progesterone actually went down from.5 to .3 from my last test a year ago. I’m reading conflicting information on this and on the material that Progestelle provided it states that “Progesterone will not show up on serum testing, only saliva testing”...
  11. R

    On TRT and low lobido

    Hi Guys, I’ve been on TRT for a while now and take the following meds regularly. Current meds I’m on: Test Cyp - 0.3ml x 2 times a week 200 mg/ml (so thats 60mg twice a week) Anastrozole - 0.5mg x 2 times a week I’ve noticed that I have been lacking in sexual desire most of the time. I can...
  12. M

    Could progesterone use crash estrogen or cause joint pain?

    Hello, for the past 2 weeks I’ve been using progesterone cream, one pump scrotal application per day. Over this weekend I started to notice my joints were achy, felt sort of dry, popping a bit. I’ve actually been feeling pretty good (libido and mentally) but thinking I may have overdone it with...
  13. M

    What has been your experience with progesterone?

    Sorry, I know there are a ton of other threads on progesterone, but seems like a lot of them get derailed and you have to filter through like 12 pages of comments and studies people posted. I just want to know straight up, what has been your experience with progesterone? For me, I’m on day 5...
  14. A

    Progesterone as Anti-Estrogen

    Hi All, this is my second post here and it is going to be a long one so please bear with me. I am amazed at the quality and depth of information available here, and grateful for the advice and help that experienced men on TRT provide here. Bloodwork : (After 3 months on TRT) Total...
  15. G

    Progesterone and fertility in males

    Does anyone know whether exogenous progesterone increases or decreases fertility in males?
  16. E

    Any men here take progesterone orally?

    What's your dose?
  17. G

    Progesterone and fertility

    Does taking exogenous bio-identical progesterone hurt or help fertility? As far as I know, exogenous progesterone improves fertility in women. Can anyone confirm or deny this? If this is true in women, I would assume it would improve fertility in men as well. On the other hand, progestins...
  18. J

    Progesterone immunoassay

    I’m curious what this test can pick up on to skew the result? For example the e2 standard assay picks up on crp and inflates the reading.
  19. madman

    Physiological Role and Clinical Implications of Progesterone

    Abstract The most recent studies of progesterone research provide remarkable insights into the physiological role and clinical importance of this hormone. Although the name progesterone itself means “promoting gestation”, this steroid hormone is far more than a gestational agent. Progesterone...
  20. Gianluca

    Progesterone Cream starting dose?

    What would be a starting dose for Progesterone Cream to resolve a deficiency?
  21. Melissa

    Breakthrough bleeding since April

    I need advice. My case is not straightforward. I am not expecting black and white answers but I would greatly appreciate any educated thoughts and suggestions. I have been trying to figure this out since April 2021. Background: 8 plus years postmenopausal intact female. Started HRT in December...
  22. G

    Does nandrolone activate progesterone receptors?

    I’ve heard and read that nandrolone acts on the progesterone receptor. I’m wondering if this activation replaces taking exogenous progesterone at all, even if nandrolone won’t increase progesterone in the serum.
  23. G

    Progesterone’s effect on prolactin

    Does exogenous progesterone lower prolactin levels?
  24. D

    Serious Low E2 Symptoms. Could Progesterone be the cause? How to lower it?

    Hello, has anyone ever used Pregnenolone with a too high dose and had side effects which could stem from high progesterone? If yes, and you stopped using it, how long till you felt better? Is there a way to lower Progesterone,. as I believe it either lowers my e2 or blocks it from binding to...
  25. G

    Recent Labs 5/17

    Hey everyone, here are some recent lab results using 24mg eod test cyp sub-q/shallow IM for about 6-8 weeks. I feel much more relaxed and anxiety is lower, blood pressure is lower than 50mg twice per week. The problem now is my memory and brain function are quite low. I'm sleeping great...
  26. I

    Elevated progesterone

    I'm struggling to dial in my protocol completely over a year now. I was wondering whether the all-time elevated progesteron I have may be causing me some issues? This was my progesterone before starting TRT, at that point I have never injected any hormones or steroids: Progesteron S 0.2 ng/ml...
  27. DixieWrecked

    Progesterone Dose for Men Was just doing some research on progesterone. Has anyone had it tested and corrected a deficiency? Anyone noticed an improvement in symptoms...
  28. DragonBits

    New thoughts on sleep

    I don't think this has ever been discussed, but it might be important for those of us that often wake up from sleep. Oral contraceptive contain estrogen and progestin, (progestin is an analog of progesterone) which have been shown to increase the elimination half life of caffeine from 5-6 hours...
  29. Gianluca

    Pregnenolone Cream Vs Capsule on downstream metabolites?

    is there any difference for Pregnenolone bypassing the liver on downstream metabolites? is there less conversion to Progesterone? I heard once Dr John Crisler, mentioning how oral pregnenolone may be better for people with anxiety, because it gets converted more into allopregnenolone with the...
  30. 3

    Nandrolone + Micronized Progesterone

    Hello, Does anyone have any experience with Nandrolone only + Micronized Progesterone? I've been told its really good but want to see others opinions before trying it thanks
  31. Gianluca

    Optimal Progesterone level in men?

    Do we know if there is an optimal Progesterone level in men? just a curiosity, I couldn't find anything on line
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