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Trimix is a mixture of two prostaglandins (phentolamine and alprostadil) plus papaverine (a vasodilator medication) that increase blood flow to the penis and cause strong and lasting erections, with or without sexual stimulation. These compounds appear to act together to increase arterial inflow, dilate smooth muscles,and restrict venous outflow promoting erectile rigidity with greater success and in smaller doses than if these compounds were used as single therapies.

This clinical video for educational purposes only to help men who have their first prescription of TRIMIX and have never injected this ED drug before. Please read the disclaimer before watching.

Scroll down on this page to get to the video:
Important Directions for Trimix Injections

For more information about TRIMIX: Penis Injections for Hard Erections: TRIMIX
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Nelson Vergel

  1. Needle gauge and length for Trimix
    Been reading alot on trimix. ED drugs give me side effects and not very helpful. Why trimix...I'm on an ssri for 12 years now, I'm 67. And the ED is horrible. I think trimix would be an answer as is works directly. My question is what size insulin syringe are we talking about? I have 27 gauge...
  2. Online trimix script
    Hey guys, What are the best options for getting an online script for Trimix? Defy wants you to get a physical. I'd like the simplest route possible. Apparently you can get a script written through Olympia pharmacy via telehealth physician. Has anyone done this? Any other options? Thanks.
  3. Trimix : Why no more than 3 injections a week ?
    Why not 7 injections a week ? Or even twice a day. Chemicals are cleared within 8 hours maximum (half life papaverine 2 hours, phentolamine 20 minutes , aprostadil 10 minutes.) I have tested second injection 5 hours after first one. Same result as first injection
  4. Trimix : have you experienced you have to lower the dosage after few first weeks ?
    I have started Trimix few weeks ago trying 0.05ml with NO effet. Following that I increased until 0.10ml with good effect. But after few injections, it was too much . Therefore I decreased it to 0.08 and 0.06. And now I have good effect at 0.06ml, and acceptable at 0.05ml Have you experienced...
  5. Trimix - Does it decrease your natural ability to get an erection?
    Been on TRT for about 6 years now and I'm 60 years old. Labs are good except for my battle with hematocrit. Take a 5 mg Cialis daily and Viagra on occasion for a boost. This always worked for me until lately where i lose my erection as things should get going if you know what i mean. I was...
  6. Am I paying a fair price for penile injections?
    Excelmale, I received bimix from my doctor who has his own lab to make it. I was told it's a 12.8mL vial of: 30 mg/cc Papaverine 3.3 mg/cc Phentolamine (I googled around a bit and haven't see anyone mix in this much phentolamine, so it's a high concentration) I paid $325 for it. I usually need...
  7. TriMix desensitization.
    I've read several posts from people claiming that this shouldn't be possible, but it sure does seem like it is. First time I ever injected TriMix I used 5 units with a U100 syringe. I got an erection that was ridiculous... in a good way. I could probably hammer nails into concrete with it.
  8. Sudafed question re Trimix
    I would like to have Sudafed on hand just in case of emergency. Problem is you can only find it now in 120mg extended release capsules, and not the 30mg pills all the posts talk about. Since the "extended release" mechanism is usually a function of the pill's coating, would it be just as...
  9. TriMix lifespan question
    Let's say I have a syringe with a TriMix injection ready to go in the refrigerator. If I take that syringe out of the refrigerator how long will it last before it's "dead." I'm assuming if it's only 3 or 4 hours it should still be perfectly fine, no?
  10. Bruising problems with Trimix
    Can someone please advise how to reduce/minimize bruising fom Trimix injections? I try to avoid any visible blood vessels; always follow the "between 9 and 11 o'clock and the 1 and 3 o'clock" injection site locations; then apply pressure 2-5 minutes @site directly afterwards; but end up with...
  11. TriMix Question
    I've used TriMix maybe 6 times now. 2 out of those 6 times it had zero effect. I'm guessing I just missed the mark. Everything I've read suggests using a 30g 1/2" needle but 1/2" just seems very long to me so I have only used a 5/16" needle. Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions on this?
  12. My Journey to Severe ED and Trimix
    I am currently 56. This thread is about my journey with ED, which started at 40. And got progressively worse. I have good lipids, no risk factors for CVD, excellent insulin resistance, am fit and very low body fat and muscly physique. Yes : my ED has confounded doctors but then, none of them...
  13. Using Expired Trimix and Mixture Strength Question
    I'm a first time Trimix user and I ordered some trimix from Defy medical that's been sitting on the floor of my apartment for a few months. Frankly, I've been working up the courage to inject my dick. The package says "discard after 10/31/2018" but I don't know if that still applies if you...
  14. More Disappointments With Trimix
    But I’m not giving up yet. 1. I’m up to a .270 ml injection and I’m only about 50% erect. 2. It doesn’t seem to be working as well as it did the first few times 3. I’ve gotten a bruise 3 times. 4. A lump 1 time 5. Didn’t work 3 times 6. Resistance when injecting 1 time
  15. TRIMIX, Day after soreness & Location
    Three weeks into using Trimix. I’m still dialing in amount. Even on low volume injections my shaft is slightly sore the next day. Is this common? I’ve had 1 injection that didn’t work and I’m attributing that to I missed. Does an injection closer to base work better then mid shaft or...
  16. Trimix question (new user)
    Just received my first shipment of Trimix. Directions on the package say .05 to .2 ML (5 to 20 units). When I spoke to my doctor he was kinda wishy washy about dosage. He said "eh... you might want to try 3 or 4 units, maybe 5..." So I'm looking to hear from someone with experience who might...
  17. Updated Trimix discussion - need advice on injecting
    I would like to start a new trimix thread for those of us who are new to the product. After considerable study (basically reading every thread on excel male going back years) I decided to take the plunge but I am doing so in a conservative and thoughtful way. I was torn between differing...
  18. Some yet to be asked questions about Trimix
    I think I can safely be described as a TRT success story. I am 49 next month and went on TRT after being diagnosed with two massive varicoceles that required surgery. The effect TRT has had on my body composition and overall health have been amazing: body fat percentage dropped from 20% to...
  19. Erectile Dysfunction 101 – Facts, Causes, and Management Options
    Erectile dysfunction (also known more commonly as impotence or sexual dysfunction) is the inability to maintain a sufficiently rigid erection for a satisfying sexual experience. According to the Global Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors, erectile dysfunction affects approximately 5-28% of...
  20. CAVERJECT Effective Dosage
    Dear all....I am affected by a very tricky form of psychogenic ED...this means that "pills" sometimes work sometimes do not. As a result, the quality of my sex life is sub-optimal to say the least. I would like to try Trimix. In this regard I have already had an initial contact with Defy, and...
  21. Trimix - Sharing what my Dr said about Sudafed (Phenylephrine)
    In doing my research on trimix I've come across several comments on Sudafed...thought I would share what my doctor advised me when he did my trial run with Trimix. Have some 30mg Sudafed (Phenylephrine) on hand. They keep it behind the counter, ask. if your erection is still standing...
  22. Trimix newbie...thought I'd share initial impression
    Hello All, I'm new to the forum and as of today a new trimix user. The experience at the doctors office was not as horrible as I expected it to be, lol. He drew 30 units (0.30 ml) and injected 15 to start...didn't hurt at all. He checked on me after 15 minutes and I was about 50% erect so he...
  23. How to prevent prolonged erections (Priapism) caused by trimix
    HOW TO PREVENT PRIAPISM CAUSED BY TRIMIX What is priapism: Priapism is an erection which lasts more than 4 hours and is unrelieved by ejaculation. This condition is a true urological emergency and early treatment allows the best chance for functional recovery. Failure to manage this issue can...
  24. TRT and cialis not quite cutting it
    Hey everyone, I started on TRT (T. Cyp and HCG and DHEA with Defy) in November 2016 and I feel so much better physically and emotionally. I’m 41, and my T has gone up from 200-300 before TRT to 655 (2-2017)! Although I am very thankful for the improvement, things in the sex department aren’t...
  25. Major Trimix Dosage Issues - Low Dosage
    So I've tried Trimix 5 times with varied results. This is the standard 30-10-1 mix from Empower. Attempt 1: 5 units (.05ml) decent erection lasting around a half hour. Attempt 2: 8 units (.08ml) resulting in an ER trip and an erection around 8 hours. 120mg Sudafed did nothing. Urologist in ER...
  26. Article: ExcelMale Testosterone FactSheets for Download
    ExcelMale FactSheets for Download Here are a few PDF files members can download to show to doctors or for own reference. I will be adding others.
  27. Trimix Antidote-Treatment for Priaprism: PHENYLEPHRINE HCL INJECTION
    Priapism is a medical condition in which the erect penis does not return to its flaccid state, despite the absence of both physical and psychological stimulation, within four hours. Improper dosing of Trimix can cause priapism. Phenylephrine injections can be an antidote to an erection that...

Nelson Vergel

I am attaching a Trimix booklet that I created for doctors. You need to register on and be logged in to download it.

I am also attaching a lecture slide handout.


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