Am I paying a fair price for penile injections?

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I received bimix from my doctor who has his own lab to make it. I was told it's a 12.8mL vial of:
30 mg/cc Papaverine
3.3 mg/cc Phentolamine (I googled around a bit and haven't see anyone mix in this much phentolamine, so it's a high concentration)

I paid $325 for it. I usually need about 0.45cc a dose, which means it'll last me for about 28.4 doses. The math comes out to $11.44 a dose, when I get 20mg of tadalafil for about $1. Granted, the bimix works better and no noticed side effects that tadalafil can bring... but since it's 11x more expensive than a max tadalafil dose, it's hard to justify.

Is that a good price or am I getting ripped off? If not, where can I get better deals for penile injections that serves the NY/CT/NJ area.

Although unsure, I believe trimix is the most popular penile injection medication since I hear about it most. He didn't go with trimix because I got some aches from the PGE-1 that's added in. However, I'm willing to see if I can graduate to trimix with low amount of PGE-1 mixed in.
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I use them for 1 prescription at the moment. No complaints, but I was looking for advice on if I’m paying a decent price or not compared to others (and if not, where i can get a good price if known). Not necessarily where to find a pharmacy.

Regular pharmacies or goodrx, I usually get a price. When I called a compounding pharmacy once before (hallandale), they couldnt give me prices so i assume other compounding pharmacies are the same. Doctor has to set up an account with them and then I’d get a price. Hence, why I’m having trouble to find out if I’m paying a good price for a compounded product that varies. Hard to ask a doctor to help me shop around with compounding pharmacies, especially when he has one in house.


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Thank you. Glad that Defy's transparent about prices (many places aren't). I suppose it's still hard to compare if I'm getting a good price since the compounded formulas offered by Defy are all different than what I received... but going based on some inexperienced guessing with the data provided, I think I'm just slightly overpaying.


My current dr treating ED and T has a lab for blood draws. Although unsure, I also believe a limited compounding lab as well as I received the bimix directly from them, but not T or HCG. Dr. Michael Werner of Michael A. Werner, MD - Board Certified Urologist | Maze Men's Health | (NY/NJ/CT)

They wanted me to get the penile injections thru them but I suppose I can ask for a script if it made sense. They had me get my T from goodrx (walgreens $39 for a 200mg/ml 10ml) which I know is a great deal, and HCG from any place I wish so I chose. Since I didn't know how to shop around for HCG, I told them to pick one but mentioned the only place I knew about at the time, Empower (they negotiated 6000IU for about $63 after shipping). Don't care too much about shopping around for HCG since I barely use it.

Still testing MazeMensHealth out to see how good they are but I believe they are on the expensive side (insurance not accepted). If I feel they don't have experience (most important) or prices significantly higher, I may go with Defy or someone in NY that comes well recommended and accepts insurance. I'll look carefully later only if I find I'm unsatisfied with current doctor, but so far the only other decent doctor I heard about near NY/CT/NJ that has ED/TRT experience and accepts insurance is Dr Michael Rotman.
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