40 yo, previous aas use, looking to start TRT. How does my numbers look to the experienced guys?

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Ok so its official today had my first proper set of labs since starting TRT October 16th last year. My protocol has been 100mg per week split E3.5D of Sustanon250 every Sunday and Wednesday. Test has been done today (Wednesday) fasted at 9am in the morning.

DHEA-SO4 5.04μmol/L (2,41 - 11,60)
FAI 78,284% (35-92.6)
SHGB 37.3nmol/L (18,3 - 54,1)
Testosterone 29.2nmol/L (8,64 - 29,0)
E2 124pmol/l (40 - 162)
PSA 0.815μg/l (<2)
TSH 2.32 mIU/L (0,27 - 4,2)
fT3 4.03pmol/l (2,63 - 5,7)
fT4 13.83pmol/l (9 - 19,05)

CRP 2.16mg/l (0-5)
Total Cholesterol 3.78mmol/l (2,6-5,18)
NonHDL 2.9mmol/l (no range)
HDL 0.88mmol/l (no range)
LDL 2.66mmol/l (no range)
Triglicerides 1.05mmol/l

Iron 8.6μmol/l (11,6 - 31,3)
Ferritin 93.74μg/l (25 - 400)

Alpha Amylase 40U/l (25 - 125)
ALT 6U/l (0 - 55)
AST 14U/l (5 - 34)
GGT 15U/l (12-64)
ALKP 64U/l (40 - 150)

Forgot to add Prolactin and they didn't have Cystatin-C so might do them in a couple more days in a different lab. As my eGFRcreat was 79 mL/min (90 - 120) and Serum Creatinine 102umol/L (59 - 104) I'm very interested to see my Cystatin-C and do the proper calculation using the formula at kidney.org

No FT-ED method was used as they didn't have it so will use the calucatator to get a ballpark where my cFT sits, even though thats probably +-20% FWIW. Using tru-t I'm rocking a 0.95 nMol/L or 27.38 ng/dL cFT. Now using the issam.ch calculator I'm getting a result of 0.61 nmol/L. By looking at NHS FT range that they have used before to calculate my cFT it's (0,198 - 0,619) so more or less looks like I'm rocking a top of the range cFT even on the injection day at the through so ain't hard to figure out that I'm flying sky high after the injection FWIW. Now I'm interested in what the Pros think about my results and if anything stands out please let me know.

Also about my HDL also I'm very interested as I couldn raise it for years with trying everything I could. It was 1+mmol/l before and now I see that its crept even lower to 0.88mmol/l even after me having 4 table spoons of EVOO a day for months, avocados and all other bs. No bueno. So I'm really interested what the next step would be or/and if I need to do a genetic Cholesterol test or something in that manner.
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An update on my GERD type chest pain after eating or even drinking water. Thought I'll be having something there but when a serious doc finished Endoscopy he said well damn there is nothing that stands out and pretty much everything looks perfect. I though it will be a lot worse, even my old little wounds have healed since last test odd 20 years ago. Doc was also surprised. He did a little test from the inside where the best sensitivity is and he found a still active Hpylori. The NHS have been doing blood tests for it and thats why they found nothing, because the bacteria is sitting inside the stomach and blood doesn't show. He asked for Liver blood tests and will be seeing him again tomorrow for proper medicine and protocol needed to finally and hopefully cure this bastard at least for now. So looks like another round of Antibiotics incoming. IIWII but it has to be done as been struggling a long ass time. Will update once I have prescription at hand and what the further procedures will be.


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Back after short holiday and time for an update. Have missed 2 regular 0.2ml (50mg) shots on purpose and only today had a shot but 0.15ml next one Sunday, as usuall. Since my levels are still very high (top of the range) just before injection as per previous "blood results" post I decided to lower my dose to 70-80mg per weel split same E3.5D Haven't felt anything bad by missing my 2 shots and even felt less fatigued and def better flaccid hang. Slept like a baby with zero supplemens just proper, clean, home prepped food. Haven't trained close to 2 weeks as well. Will give this new lower dose 3 months time and see if I feel any improvements. Will be starting Hpylori treatment again. Antibiotics, other antibacteria meds, probiotics, digestive enzymes, etc, all ready as per protocol. Post therrapy will be using some other supplements but about them later. Also will be drinking Wormwood Herb herbal tea for my bladder and digestive benefits. Will be eating a 100% clean diet for the next 3 months and pretty much no training for a month just light cardio work, etc. Doctors orders. Time to kill that fucking Hpylori and that requires proper, strategic work and lots of patience. Will update as time goes. So fingers crossed and time to roll. Hope you guys are feeling good and getting better at least 1% each and every day ;) Peace!
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