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  1. N

    Controlling Estrogen with Arimidex while pinning once a week?

    Hi guys, A lot happened since my previous thread so I decided to start a new one. It turned out that I have some issues with the SHBG and the more frequent injections I take, the higher it becomes and it's affecting my FreeT a lot. Daily Enanthate injections were the worst, E2D slightly better...
  2. T

    Pieces of rubber in testosterone vial

    Today I have noticed that pieces of rubber from the stopper on my vial have got into the vial itself. I am using Sustanon and storing ampoules in a multi use vial. Does this matter? Should the vial be discarded? Could I withdraw using a filter needle and put the oil into another vial?
  3. K

    Permanent ED from tamoxifen?

    Hello. So my doctor gave me tamoxifen for low t and I only took 5 pills (20mg) eod. Didn’t help with the symptoms only gave me severe loss of libido, ed and anhedonia. Then we changed to sustanon 250mg every 10 days. My doctor said symptoms of tamoxifen will go away in “couple of weeks” And I...
  4. Belekas

    Sustanon250 overstimulation, racing heart, anxiety, BP elevation, feeling wired

    Hello crew. Anyone of you guys had this experience? I've been on TRT 100mg/week of Testosterone Enanthate for around 10 months without any problems and was feeling great. Just now remembered that I've changed to Sustanon250 recently and in some time I started getting all these issues...
  5. N

    Sustanon/HCG/Exemestane dosage/frequency for TRT?

    Hi guys, I've changed my TRT protocol a few times and I'm still in a dead end. I was on 125mg Sustanon + 500iu HCG, no AI, for about a year, but my testicles are shrinked a lot so I decided to up the dose to 1000iu HCG. I was injecting every 3.5 days. When I changed the dose to 1000iu HCG I...
  6. Belekas

    "TRT/HRT/Nutrition/Cognition/Wellness/LT student of the game"

    Looking to start treatment as feeling ruff. Got sustanon from pharmacy. What do you think about my numbers? In good shape, eat good, workouts sucks though as with such numbers i get no recovery, wake up tired, brain fog, bone health, sex drive, libido and some ed. Nore symptoms but that be...
  7. R

    Sustanon EoD injections - experiences?

    Hey everyone, I've just made the switch from 125mg Sustanon E5D to 50mg EoD in an effort to decrease E2 and eliminate my need for an AI (I tend to aromatize heavily regardless of my bf%). For those on this protocol or having been on it in the past, how have you felt on it and what have your...
  8. J

    Daily injections of Sustanon IM

    Any opinion/has anyone tried doing daily injections of Sustanon IM? Some say ED or EOD injections of Sustanon leads to more stable levels (instead of every 5 days for example) as it contains Propionate which is a short ester.
  9. J

    Better Libido/Sexual Function with different esters?

    Has anyone found they have better Libido/Sexual Function with certain esters like Propionate, Sustanon and even transscrotal Cream compared to Cypionate and Enanthate? Could this be due to the quicker absorption and spike in Free T, DHT?
  10. D

    Anyone on Sustanon?

    Wondering if anyone is on sustanon and want to share their experiences- what is your protocol and how are you feeling?
  11. C

    Cypionate to Sustanon Recommendations

    I tried Sustanon in the past on the promise that it would last a month and I found that it didn't last more than the one week I was getting with cypionate. I just recently found out that I can purchase Sustanon 300 for the same price that I am paying for Cypionate 250. Currently I am injecting...
  12. M

    What is the closes to Sustanon I can get in the USA?

    So long story short, I’ve had limited success after a year on test cyp and another year and a half on test cream. I’ve felt decent at times, but it usually fades. I’m wondering if I might feel better on a combination of esters like sustanon. Except, sustanon is not available in the US, I...
  13. I

    Short vs long esters

    Hello. I very much hope the great people and expertise in this forum to be able to help me. And my case is quite complicated. As described in my other thread I transferred from sustanon to enanthate 9 weeks ago. I felt good in week 5, but now I feel bad and I feel bad in a very specific way...
  14. I

    Switching from sustanon to enanthate

    Hello forum. Im switching from sustanon(122.5mg split in EOD) to enanthate(130mg split in two). I currently feel very bad. On sustanon I felt good but needed to inject in EOD cause the prop causes me spikes and Im sick of so much IM injectinons(sub q doesnt work for me). Also Im 20 percent BF...
  15. V

    Would I benefit from a different type of T?

    Natural labs are attached. I’m high SHBG and lower e2. E2 in these labs is 16, but also have 19. I have been on HCG along with either Empowers T Cyp or T cream and results are disappointing. Looking for something that maybe will boost my e2 up. Maybe Propionate, Sustanon, or Pfizer’s Depo-T?
  16. M

    EOD vs twice weekly Sustanon fluctuation could be the key

    i have shifted from sustanon EOD to twice a week. Used to do 25mg and now doing 50 twice along with hcg and arimidix (arimidix vodka mix) I believe arimidix is a must with out it I can’t reach orgasm easily. it’s two early to judge as I am finishing my second week but I can say with 100%...
  17. S

    Daily Sustanon - The Best Results Yet

    I have tested every protocol and every ester during the last 5 years. I get the best results with daily Sustanon hands down (10mg/day). Libido, energy, drive.... How often have we read of people here on the forum feeling great when switching from long to short ester and vice versa. Just for...
  18. M

    Sustanon VS Nebido

    Local market only have these two, Cypionate is only available in the black market. Reading through the forum I understood Nebido is a no no. So would like to know more about sustanon. Do I really need to do cypionate ? I may manage to get it legally, maybe ! But in this case is sustanon really...
  19. A

    probably being prescribed sustanon-250 every 3 weeks; options?

    Hi all, ----- I'm cross-posting this (with some alteration) from the All Thing Male forums, where I used to be somewhat more active in the past. I hope that's all right. In the extremely unlikely chance someone has the time or interest to read my history, it's all there on ATM forums. Please...
  20. B

    One injection of Sustanon250 over three weeks graph (With bloodwork)

    So here it is guys, One injection of Sustanon250 (1ml - 250mg) every three weeks completely mapped out with regular blood work. I showed this to my urologist yesterday and she agreed it isn't working the way she expected so we've switched to weekly injections of 0.5ml Sustanon 250. I've brought...
  21. B

    How quickly my body burns through SUS250 over 2 weeks (Graph using bloodwork)

    Hey team, I've been getting bloodwork every few days to show my urologist how silly it is to do a 1ml injection of Sus250 every three weeks. Thought you might be interested to see just how fast it burns up! This is over a 13 day period. Results: 2 Days after injection: Total Testosterone...
  22. D

    Sustanon 250 availability Ireland ?

    Hey all, I`ve been on TRT for a little over 6 months now,first 6 weeks was testogel and last 5 months nebido(including 6 week booster).The testogel hardly budged my testosterone so my Doctor was happy to move me to Nebido.After my 6 week booster,i had moved to 15.3 which filled me with optimism...
  23. M

    Nodule/Lump from Sub Q Testosterone shot in abdomen.

    Just tried sub q test for the first time a couple of days ago and unfortunately a small lump/nodule has formed. The skin is also red around the area. It's not overly sore but is tender to the touch. I read that nodules can occur from time to time so hopefully its nothing more than that ie...
  24. M

    Thoughts on blood work please...

    Hi guys, Following symptoms including low libido, fatigue, anxiety, inability to build muscle etc. I recently got some bloods drawn. I have attached the results. One from about 4 weeks ago and 1 from this week. Any thoughts/comments are greatly appreciated.
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