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  1. B

    HELP - Doubts about TRT

    Hi guys, 33 year old male here, for the last 4 years I have tested my testosterone and it always comes back in the lower range (oscillating between 200s and 300s). At the end of last year, it tested even I the low 200s. I have depression and anxiety since a young age and a few years ago my...
  2. B

    Tramadol & HCG

    Hello all. I’ve read about tramadol decreasing testosterone and LH by up to 40% in chronic users. No mention of dose in the studies however. Does anyone know if this would affect an HCG user? I’m on doctor prescribed HCG but also need tramadol every other day to manage severe back pain (100mg...
  3. F

    Low T and other hormones.

    Good afternoon, Im from the Netherlands, in my country TRT is allmost treated as taboo. In the past year my testosterone has been tested multiple times. Multiple doctors have concluded that there is noting wrong with me. Their advise has been to work out more and lose weight. I sure have...
  4. B

    Doctors in San Diego

    I had a great setup, a ND that was working under an MD that did billing to my insurance co. The company dissolved and everyone went cash pay. I have Blue Shield PPO and have been getting extensive labs and TRT covered for over 3 years. Just need to find a doc that bills insurance. I hear that...
  5. R

    For those on Testosterone who cannot tolerate Clomid or HCG........

    I have been on testosterone cream for a few years now, and I do wonder if I could ever stop this and I do want to maintain some natural production of testosterone. I am not at all concerned about fertility. I cannot tolerate Clomid/Enclomiphene or HCG due to mood issues. My body rejects both for...
  6. R

    Topi-click - push out the extra T after the click?

    So, according to this doctor, you should push down on the cap of the Topi-click bottle and apply the extra T cream that comes out along with the regular dose. However, it seems like that is almost an extra ~30mg of testosterone. If you use only 1 click (50mg), that's a significant increase. I...
  7. J

    Libido Issues

    Hey Guys, Hoping for some insight. 35yrs Started TRT 6 months ago, feeling good except suffered low libido and erection quality is not great. Protocol: 75mg test cyp every 3.5 days 500iu HCG every 3.5 days 12.5g emexestane twice weekly Recent Blood day after pinning: Test 43.4 nmol Free...
  8. R

    Progesterone 280% higher, SHBG high, DHEA low, T normal -- should I start TRT?

    Hi. I would appreciate any analysis of my blood tests. Background: - 34yo male (5ft9 & 132lbs /180cm & 60kg) - never been a vegetarian. I eat mostly animal food, no sugar, no gluten. Severe chronic illness since 2013: - extreme tissue fatigue/weakness - super-easily injured - unable to heal...
  9. B

    How much testosterone is in each injectable ester?

    From Defy Medical: Testosterone Propionate 100 mg of Testosterone Propionate typically yields around 93 mg of Testosterone. Testosterone Enanthate NO INFO Testosterone Cypionate 100 mg of Testosterone Cypionate typically yields around 68 mg of Testosterone. Does anyone know what the relevant...
  10. B

    Lab Results - Advice and interpretation

    Hi guys, Can you help me interpret the following results and if I should hop on TRT? For my ALT levels, I know they are a bit high. My previous lab tests never showed an issue and I think I know why they were a bit high and I have already started to try to lower them. I am thinking about...
  11. S

    Testosterone and prosocial behavior

  12. D

    Testosterone Use During Illness

    Recently, hit with bad virus, severe sore throat, no fever. Reading that T has something of immunosuppressive effects, so what is the consensus, continue regimen or stop until symptoms subside?
  13. S

    starting trans scrotal. have questions

    I am starting trans scrotal cream as soon as my prescription is filled. I have tried under the tongue troches before which did nothing for me and years ago I tried cream (on the arms) and also my testosterone did not go up. I never heard of this trans scrotal until I came here. I am 64 and not...
  14. E

    Would it be a mistake to try TRT? Attached bloodwork. 30 YO disappointing libido

    30 YO. 5’11” 150 lbs. workout 4x/week. Married with 2 kids. Experiencing a disappointingly low libido. I’ve been using Gene’s NO stack (Citrulline, Tadalafil) daily for the last few years to combat this successfully for the most part, but recently libido has been declining to a disappointing...
  15. Y

    dosing questions and experiences

    Hey, I finally have my hcg and will be starting that today. My plan is for 500iu/3x weekly. i have seen many dosing schedules and amounts but that is what I have decided is best for me and can adjust if needed. my question: would doing larger amounts (1000-1500iu) for the first week or so be a...
  16. W

    Testosterone levels off of trt

    I've been off trt for 7 weeks and decided to check my levels being off. How come my free t is 37 which is great despite my total being 255? Should I go back even though I feel great? My e2 sensitive and standard was 24, 27 which is ideal.
  17. A

    Excessive sweating on thyroid medications

    Hi guys. I've been doing well so far with the introduction of thyroid medications to my regimen. It seems TRT alone was slowly killing my already lazy thyroid and I was feeling always tired and in a low mood state, despite proper androgens numbers on paper. I then started adding T4 first, but...
  18. H

    New Member: Worse Off than ever after years of TRT, HCG now not working, debilitating insomnia - Please Help !

    Hello everyone, I'm a 33 year old man from north west NJ. I was diagnosed with low T in 2014 by my primary care physician via blood work and put on 125mg testosterone cypionate a week divided into 2 shots. Fast forward to the summer of 2023 and I had to stop taking it sadly because one side...
  19. Y

    Storing vials of T long term

    Hey, I know general storage is "cool dark place, good for up to a year" but I have seen people say they have stored their for years and ai would like to stock up a reserve just in case of anything. Is fridge/freezer a good idea or no? what has been your success with long term storage? thanks!
  20. A

    The Fatty Liver Index, the Strongest Risk Factor for Low Testosterone Level

    https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/37797596/ Luna Liu, Man Li, Pengcheng Chen, Yuchen Li, Qianmei Song, Junming Han, Li Fang, Qingbo Guan, Chunxiao Yu PMID: 37797596 DOI: 10.1159/000533962 Abstract Introduction: The study aimed to determine if hepatic steatosis assessed by Fatty Liver Index...
  21. G

    troughs of natural T?

    just curious folks who were borderline low T how much of a difference getting bloods an hour or 2 later in the day? ie are u 400 when woke up and bloods later in the day how much lower did they get? anyway, ive only seen charts of folks with normal T start at 700 and go down to 300 or so...
  22. Tharayman

    Is sublingual testosterone administration a worthwhile route?

    I have seen vendors claiming 99% absorption rate. But if one chooses to go that route one would have to administer several times a day, and would still experience a bit of fluctuations in T levels? Test or other hormones administered this way should be suspension, as the oil wont have any place...
  23. M

    Low cortisol

    I have been on trt for many years, last few years just not feeling well, thought it was my trt dose or estrogen, ran many blood tests and found out recently my cortisol has been consistently low, went to the Hospital and they ran the Cortrosyn stimulation test on me and my adrenals did not...
  24. M

    Empower Testosterone Troches

    I was just prescribed 100mg testosterone troches from Empower. The doctor said to just chew on them and hold the medicine under my tongue. Does anyone have any experience with these? Should I really chew on it? Does putting between your lip and gums work better? The prescription is part of a...
  25. N

    3am erections and awake... Battling to sleep vs training at this hour to make muscle gains?

    I wake up with an erection at 3am every morning, rock hard.. Usually have to masturbate to get some sleep.. Would i be better off training at this testosterone peak at 3am or battling to get back to sleep and ignore it and continue to train around mid morning or evenings... 49 year old male on...
  26. S

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Low Free Testosterone

    This is interesting and there are a few other articles out there relating to this. I know it was a mouse model study but that's how things start. What lead me to look into it is that I have had IDS and Digestive issues over the years. I have always had low free T with normal Total T. But when I...
  27. L

    Erectile Disfunction on TRT / Please Read

    There are some topics here and in other forums (please Google "TRT and ED" on Reddit or other forums) of men complaining about having ED on TRT after being good and dialed for months or even years and suddently developing impotence out of nowhere. Suspects are: estrogen imbalances, low SHBG...
  28. D

    Side Effect Should Prompt New Research

    https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/supermarket-evacuated-over-fears-highly-30673037.amp Spider venom may be the new Trimix.
  29. Charliebizz

    Curious your opinions

    Saw this video today and very curious on your opinions especially @madman
  30. S

    Injection timing in the day....help

    I'm on trt 180 mg a week on daily protocol, I notice if I inject late day like 5 pm or 7 pm I don't have morning wood...but if I inject like 2 pm or 1 pm I get morning wood...what happen to me is myth? Or its common? Thank u guys
  31. K.pietera

    Deca in shoulder inject

    Hi there , I have a short question , is it safe / possible to inject deca in the deltoid muscle ?
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