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  1. K

    Toremifene Citrate

    I m in the process of restarting after TRT , but Clomid is a non-starter for me and Nolvadex also gave me libido issues . I want to choose Toremifene Citrate as the SERM post HCG but my doctor says it may not be available in pharmacies . Does anybody know if that is true ? Is there a pharmacy...
  2. A

    Injury Recovery and PCT

    Hello, Thanks to the group as I've learned a lot. I have a unique situation where I had a neck and shoulder injury that left me disabled for a period of time. My quality of life was greatly diminished and not showing any significant improvement. I was even seeing doctors at the Cleveland Clinic...
  3. FunkOdyssey

    Done with TRT and recovered within two weeks

    I pulled the plug on my TRT journey after a little more than 3 months. I was enjoying some benefits in the area of energy, mood, and recovery/gains. However: The hair loss was out of control. I went from a full, thick head of hair before I started to visibly thinned hair that shows my scalp...
  4. J

    Which "part" of the HPTA is the hardest to "turn on" during PCT?

    I am getting off testosterone after two years (if you want back story, you can read my previous posts, and I'm unable to perform any conventional PCT as I cannot tolerate SERMs. I have, however, been entertaining the idea of using GnRH or hCG as a way to "prime" the body before coming off TRT...
  5. G

    Restoring testicular size with FSH and HCG

    Hi guys, I have a question that I haven’t ever seen properly answered. I decided a month ago to contact Defy and attempt to improve my fertility. I made some unfortunate choices when I was younger, using testosterone and pro hormones like superdrol for excessively long periods of time. I...
  6. R

    Stopping TRT - HPTA Restart Update After 1 Month

    Hello, I've been on TRT for the last two years and wanted to try to get off it for fertility reasons and a few more. While on TRT I've been taking 100mg / week T enanthatate and 900 IU / week HCG. Since I've been taking HCG during the whole time while on TRT for the PCT I decided to skip the...
  7. J

    SERM "PCT" Alternatives

    I'm strongly considering getting off TRT after being on 1.5 years and worsening my health tremendously. Since I'm suffering from an abundance of low E2 symptoms which I would probably exacerbate majorly if I were to use SERMs. Are there any other good alternatives? Anything that antagonizes...
  8. W

    What to expect after PCT?

    After 6 years of self diagnosed TRT, I'm in the final stages of coming off. I just finished 10 weeks of clomiphene citrate and am wondering what to expect now that PCT is over. Here is PCT bloods (Quest diagnostics) around 6 weeks into PCT: Will testosterone sharply decline below baseline now...
  9. W

    What to expect post PCT?

    After 6 years of self diagnosed TRT, I'm in the final stages of coming off. I just finished 10 weeks of clomiphene citrate and am wondering what to expect now that PCT is over. Here is PCT bloods (Quest diagnostics) around 6 weeks into PCT: Will testosterone sharply decline below baseline now...
  10. J

    Post-PCT 2 months, and I still have NO libido at all. {Labs posts}

    LH cut off. It’s 3.1 (1.5-9.3 scale) I’m about 2 months post-PCT, and taking nothing at all anymore. My libido is still SO low…almost nonexistent. Not even close to how it was before I started TRT. And when I orgasm, it is still just a dribble. Not much volume to it at all. But these labs all...
  11. D

    Failed PCT?

    started TrT 2 years ago with TT of 345 and normal LH. Was on HCG for a month prior to last pin and a week after. Been on a month of 25mg enclo and these are my results. Do I have any chance at recovery, or is this the best I am going to get? Thanks.
  12. J

    Triptorelin to Restore HPTA

    Triptorelin is used clinically to produce castration by suppressing LH and FSH, being agonistic but constant stimulation produces the opposite effect. It has been claimed that a single dose of 100 mcg would be fine to restore HPTA. I would like to have some input on this...
  13. W

    12.5mg Clomid enough

    31 years old started self administering trt in June 2016 (Almost 6 years ago). Shouldn't have started TRT looking back at lab value I got from just doing one blood test (that was after a bad nights sleep). ~450ng/dL with above average Free T cause my SHBG is lowish (wasn't measured on this lab...
  14. W

    HCG Dosage for pre PCT kickstart

    I'm on day 4 of using 300IU everyday of ovidac HCG. The plan is to do this for 2 weeks then start clomid. is 300IU enough for kickstart before the PCT begins? What dosage should I use?
  15. W

    Restarting natural production

    I just came back from a week long vacation where I skipped a weeks worth (2) of injections for the first time since starting self TRT of 5 years. Here is what the PCT plan: 1) 5 days after last Test E injection start protocol. 2) HCG 500IU per day for 2 weeks. 3) Then, 25mg Clomid for 1...
  16. W

    PCT plan

    There are a lot of different protocols I am finding about coming off TRT. I wish there was a straight forward plan. If you know of a good one please share with me. Here is what I plan so far: 1) 5 days after last Test E injection start protocol. 2) HCG 500IU per day for 2 weeks. 3) Then, 25mg...
  17. C

    PCT Advice

    So here I am again...let's just say I'm a living breathing definition of insanity. I have been jumping on and off the TRT train for the last three years or so hoping for a different outcome each time... I jump on... experience sides, adjust my dosage and injection protocol...but in the end I...
  18. B

    25M - Going back on TRT?

    Hey, I'm only 25 but about a year ago I started complaining of fatigue, low motivation, mood, lower sex drive, etc and bloodwork showed low testosterone (~220). I repeated this bloodwork twice (once more showing ~220 and one normal test around 540), and basis my symptoms elected to try trt. In...
  19. B

    Getting ready to stop TRT.... What do I need to know?

    Ok, guys I am coming to the end of the journey of TRT... I have been on since 2010 and I never ever felt optimal, always feeling "meh", libido "meh", sleep horrible, up and down E2/DHT and now thinning hair (yay!)... I'm a low SHBG guy and I have been on Test Cyp and Prop variation of dosing...
  20. R

    HCG-only PCT? Don’t I need Clomid?

    Decided I’m done with TRT. Don’t think I should’ve been on it in the first place. Before I hopped on, my lowest total T was only 370 and my Free Test was 25.1, the literal highest end of the range. It’s created just as many issues for me as it’s solved, so I’m done. Defy is helping me PCT, and...
  21. A

    How long should I expect fertility to return after PCT?

    been on TRT for about a year, got off for TRT purposes and now on Enclomiphene 25 mg a day, 5 weeks so far, wondering ig anyone has personal experiences on getting off TRT for fertility, how long did it take for you to succeed and get your partner pregnant?
  22. N


    When doing a PCT. Does tamoxofin have to be used. ? .. can I just run chlomid and HCG
  23. S

    When would this protocol be started for someone coming off twice weekly TRT doses?

    I am getting results of a semen analysis and if they are poor, I'm contemplating doing the following after talking to my doctor as one of my options. When would one start this protocol? How long after the last test cyp injections? The protocol for HPTA normalization contains (edited on Dec...
  24. M

    I think I failed my PCT

    Hi Guys This is going to be a long winded post, and I do understand I have been an idiot, I just wanted to pick someone's brains I'm 37 years old from UK, I had been on self prescribed TRT since November 2019. I decided to come off as I never really found any real benefits from when I was natty...
  25. A

    Do People Get Gyno on Cycle or During PCT/Post PCT?

    Its not common that those on TRT get gyno; something typically reserved for those who Blast/cycle. But I’ve been learning more about gyro and what causes it. seems its an imbalance in T/E ratio rather than just having above-range E2. Wouldnt this typically be more common during a drop in...
  26. S

    Advantage to tapering down my test before starting my pct?

    Hello. I need to get off trt in the next few weeks and looking for the best course of action. Please don't try to talk me out of it, I didn't come to my decision lightly but my mind is made up. I started trt in January of this year. I'm currently taking a total of 120mg per week via injection...
  27. R

    Restart protocol

    Hello, Long story short - i’ve decided to come off TRT after 4 years. I have a question regarding PCT protocol. From what i’ve learned - the PCT is pointless until exogenous testosterone leaves the body. Would it be okay to switch to HCG monotherapy (500iu 3x a week) for 6 weeks in order to...
  28. J

    Proposed PCT protocol for going off TRT

    Hey guys. I am considering going off of TRT. I never had low testosterone to begin with. I just wanted higher levels for building muscle and libido, etc. But after two years of being on TRT, I want to go off and see how things go. Here is my current protocol and how I plan on stopping TRT (I...
  29. A

    Perfect PCT, no hurry (from Germany)

    Hello together, About me: I am 30y old and used AAS for 6 years (cold on/off, PCT, blast and cruise). I already thought I knew what I am doing, but the more I read the more I unterstand you can never know enough. My first cycle was dumb because of a friend, 8 weeks Epistane, no PCT. I think at...
  30. C

    PCT supplement advice and suggestions

    So I have been self dosing testosterone-e since June of this year. Average 80-100mg weekly subQ injections. I’m ready to stop as I feel the negative effects are beginning to outweigh the positives. I’m 53, fit, muscular, active. Try to eat healthy. I initiated trt after experiencing the usual...
  31. K

    Little advice for cessation of trt

    I'm gonna be honest, I'm looking for a protocol to stop TRT without a doctors supervision in case it fails. I don't want to end up in a situation where I can't get back on etc. I have an entire year until my next labs so nows the time. It's been a net loss for me. I may have gained a few...
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