Coming off TRT cold turkey after only three weeks

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Hello all, I was on a protocol of 150 mg cyp (50mg 3x / week ) and 500 iu hcg for approx 3 weeks. After the third week, i decided to stop due to my age (22m) and the anxiety it was causing. I’m currently 18 days out since last pin. Feeling alright except for being a bit more tired, but my most concerning symptom is my nipples are still quite sensitive. The thought of Gyno has me extremely anxious and i’m currently non stop checking while dealing with panic attacks. I have enclomiphene, hcg, and arimidex on hand. Should I take anything or just ride it out? Labs scheduled in two weeks. Thank you.
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Balls were pretty atrophied, have since grown a little bit but not back to full size. I am still producing a generous amount of semen, wondering if that’s a good sign.
You don’t need a PCT only three week in, ride it out.

what were your baseline Total T and Free T levels?
started replacement journey extremely underweight and malnourished. They were 5 ng/dl and 7ng/ dl then. Went on HCG mono for awhile and while it def gave me sides, i ended up getting to 600 ng/dl. That said, i gained 40 lb of muscle in that time, and honestly contribute the boost more to lifestyle than hcg. But it doesn’t matter, cause i was an idiot and didn’t test baseline after stopping hcg, just hopped right onto TRT. I truly think i can naturally get a baseline of 600 on my own without anything, now that i’m no longer starving myself and have a healthy relationship with food and exercise. Any expectations for when I’ll start feeling normal again?
Real soon. The first time around I was on TRT for almost 3 years and stopped cold turkey and 4.5 weeks later, returned to baseline.
really cannot emphasize how much i appreciate you. Hoping this is the worst of it. TBH tho not that bad except for insane anxiety about gyno and loss of appetite.
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