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Thanks to the group as I've learned a lot.

I have a unique situation where I had a neck and shoulder injury that left me disabled for a period of time. My quality of life was greatly diminished and not showing any significant improvement. I was even seeing doctors at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and they called me a medical mystery.

In my pain and desperation I stared a protocol of 140 mg Test - Nan 140mg - and 300 iu eod HCG. I was only on for 3 weeks and 2 days. I know that sounds crazy but the healing on my neck and should (completely atrophied as you could se the ball and socket through the skin ) is got regeneration to the point that I can move it and start rehab. My neck pain is also greatly improvemed with the addition of some pt devices I bought.

I had very negative mental side affects from the protocol and feel I've made enough progress jump starting the healing that I'd like to stop, yes only after a bit more than 3 weeks. It's already been 3 weeks since my last injection. I have some slight to moderate testicle atrophy but I don't think it's anything too bad.

Would I need to run a full pct? My primary doc says no but my clinic says possibly. What would you say to an hcg only pct to regain full function after only a few weeks? Can I regain 100% testicle size and hormone production at this point or is it a lot more complicated bc of the deca.

My prê t levels tested at 380 and 5.15 free and again at 464 and 6.6 T. Gondoatropins were very high and could point to the starting of primary hypogonadism but my body was in fight or flight mode for many months so I believe that was a contributing factor.

The bad mental sides are probably from the deca but if I can keep the healing I got in such a short time and could come off and regain full hpta function and testes size I would really defy the odds to get my quality of life back.

Any thoughts are highly appreciate how to restart since it was such a short duration of treatment.

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HCG 500 IU twice weekly for 15 days, followed by 25 days on clomid at 25 mg daily.
Would tamoxifen work? My clinic is sending me that as it may (and I stress may) have fewer emotional side effects. For transparency, I am a life long anxiety and mental illness sufferer who got my mental health under control after being on meds for years using meditation etc. The exogenous hormones really caused a mental health relapse.

Feet T ranges were 5 to 17 and 6.8 to 20 (ish) ng/dl on the labs respectively. So almost below the reference and then below the ref range.
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For all you know, the additioral drugs added to the exogenous hormones therapy was the cause of your mental health relapse.
Fair statement. After suffering from mental health issues I "know" my anxiety, if you will. This was much different. No sleeping, lack of focus to hold a conversation, almost a full manic episode. I'm a more of an anxiety and depression withdrawn type of person. This had me unable to sit still. Very atypical for my usual symptoms.
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