What else to use for PCT?

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I took both clomid and enclomid and I could not tolerate them due to their visual side effects. What else can I take for PCT?
No relevant details in your case. What are you recovering from? History?

How long would it take you to search "PCT" and "HPTA" on here given the embarassment of riches on this site?

Alternative PCT? Short term use of AI and most importantly Time. Or just Time.


You should understand how the HPTA works before you ever play with androgens IMO.

I see this was already shared with you...

Post in thread 'HCG monotherapy at 1000 IU 3x a week. Do I need PCT' HCG monotherapy at 1000 IU 3x a week. Do I need PCT
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A 2 month long protocol of hCG 1000IU 3x weekly. His doctor told him he doesn’t need a PCT. You and I both told him he doesn’t need a PCT, yet here we are.

@Johnny08910 is making this so much harder than it needs to be.
I am not asking about hcg pct, rather TRT. The hcg mono is not working so I might try out trt with my doctor. My only problem is that both tamoxifen and clomid are known to have visual side effects so I'm not sure what to take for pct, when and if I stop trt. You mention time, but it will not be an easy time with no pct correct?
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