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    Week 9 Enclomiphene Restart

    Into week 9 of restarting. Enclomiphene 12.5 mg twice a week. Better libido for sure but low mood all the time. Red Maca has helped mood and energy a little along with my normal supplements. Total T was 239 at the start so I'll wait for Blood work until 120 days in. In the past it was at this...
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    Hello all. I just wanted to ask about enclomiphene and its side effects. What are they exactly? Are they similar to clomiphene? Also, are they similar at all to TRT? For example, I know hair loss is a side effect of TRT. Is that something that can happen with enclomiphene? Or is it more likely...
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    Can’t get Tailor Made enclomiphene in La...

    I was told by my doc that Tailor Made isn’t certified to do business in Louisiana. What are my options for getting enclomiphene here, if any? I’m trying a restart for fertility purposes.
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    Testosterone AND Enclomiphene?

    Hi guys, new here, and new to the world of trt. My doctor is currently putting me on a protocol of 200mg of Testosterone with Enclomiphene. I have done research on enclomiphene but have not found anything regarding taking both medications together? Anyone have an input? Thanks!
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    Pituitary restart while on TRT: promising initial results with GnRH plus enclomiphene

    TL;DR: Over a period of seven weeks, treatment with GnRH and enclomiphene raised LH and FSH from around 0.1 mIU/mL to about 1.0 mIU/mL, even though TRT and hCG dosing were continued. Subjective results have been encouraging. I had written previously on the subject of GnRH suppression on TRT...
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    Getting Off TRT: Replace Clomid with Enclomiphene in HPTA Reset Protocol?

    What are peoples thoughts about replacing Clomid with Enclomiphene in this reset protocol? Protocol has just been copied from one of Nelsons posts in 2016. Defy Medical HPTA Reset Protocol by Jasen Bruce During the previous years large surge in testosterone prescriptions and TRT clinics there...
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    Enclomiphene Results 3/18

    I tested out Enclomiphene at 12.5 mg every other day for about 2 months and here are my results. Total Testosterone: 1,077 (264-916) High Free Testosterone: 28.4 (9.3-26.5) LH: 12.5 (1.7-8.6) High Estradiol Sensitive: 40.5 (8.0-35.0) High SHBG: 47.7 (16.5-55.9) Overall I pretty much felt the...
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    Enclomiphene Tailor Made Pharmacy results posted

    Hey guys, just wanted to bring to your attention that I have posted my results using Enclomiphene from Tailor Made Pharmacy here for awareness: Enclomiphene - Tailor Made Pharmacy results
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    Using Enclomiphene to keep GnRH levels

    Just thought I'd get some feedback. Currently I am on T only HRT. Of course, my GnRH, LH, FSH, etc. are about zero. I'd like to try getting my GnRH levels back up to normal (since I am secondary hypogonadic) and see where my T levels end up. then if T levels are still low work on keeping GnRH...
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    Enclomiphene or Cold Turkey—advice needed

    Thank you in advance for your help. I started TRT in July and did 100mg per week until end of October, so four total months. Was injecting 2x per week, no AI or HCG. I have never been able to get the anxiety under control, so in mid November I started taking 300 IU of HCG EOD. For the first few...
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    Enclomiphene vs Natesto and SHBG

    I have high shbg, around 55-60. When I take Cialis or Sildenafil, I'm usually back to zero libido the morning after, so estradiol is low. Today I successfully received a script for Natesto, and the doctor noted I should have a thyroid ultrasound done, as he felt something by feeling my neck...
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    Full Fertility recovery after long term high dose AAS

    I wanted to give my story for anyone who is or has been in this situation. I know there have been a lot of success stories given on here but one more couldn't hurt. From 2008-2018 I was on high dose AAS/testosterone with almost no ancillaries or HCG. I am now 41, so basically my entire 30s and...
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    Pharma-Grade Enclomiphene now available

    For those interested, the struggle to find a U.S-based pharma grade supplier is now over. Tailor Made Compounding Pharmacy now offers it and licensed physicians can prescribe it: Box If anyone is already using it, please give us details, specifically, if it is nothing more than clomiphene...
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    Yet another fertility, ancillary case following long term TRT

    Hey everyone. I know a lot of this topic has been covered a few times, but since every case is different I figured I would start an original post and invite input from the entire community. Ill put as much detail as possible. A brief bio: 40yo retired military, Registered dietitian and...
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    Need answers while I have the energy to do something about it...

    I posted this in “ask the doc” but I’m posting it here too because I desperately need answers from anyone who has them. I need to figure out a plan while I actually have the energy to do something about it... I’m going to try to be a minimalist so this post doesn’t run away from me but as an...
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    Switching from Clomid to Enclomiphene

    Clomid 25mg ED Arimidex 0.25mg E3.5D Total Test 1256 (264 to 916) Free 20.5 (8.7 to 25.1) Estradiol Sensitive 40.1 (8 to 35) CBC Tests all within range I'm switching to Enclomiphene to rid myself of the estrogenic side effects of clomid. I am getting it from Nootropics Source. Since...