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I'm a 46 yo male, 150lb, 5' 6", been on TRT on/off for almost 3 years. After trying 6 months off of TRT (not fun), I restarted at a lower dose of 16mg every other day subq of cypionate/propionate blend (160/40/mg/ml).

Previously I was dosing 20mg every other day, but had elevated hematocrit of 50.3, hemoglobin 17, estradiol ultra sensitive 52, DHT 56, and an increase in BP and resting heart rate, so I thought I’d experiment with lowering the dose. Note that free T was at the top high end of range on earlier dose of 20mg eod.

Current labs after 2 months on TRT dose of 16mg EOD.
Note that I am also taking 30mg armour, 150mg pregnenolone)

Total T (MS) 643 ng/dL
Free T 35-155 pg/ml dialysis 83.1
Estradiol ultrasensitive <=29 43 H
Hemoglobin 13.2-17.1 g/dL 17.1 H
Hematocrit 38.5-50% 50.8 H
DHT 12-65 ng/dL LC/MS 66 H
SHBG 10-50 nmol/L. 52 H
Prolactin 2-18 ng/ml 7.1
Pregnenolone 22-236 ng/dL 200 (likely on higher end becasue I dosed the night before lab draw)
Progesterone <1.4 ng/ml 2.7 H

I’m surprised at some of these high lab values on such a low dose of TRT. I’d prefer to see my Free T higher in the range as when it was higher I noticed a better response in the gym. It's interesting to me to see that some of these high values actually looked better when I was dosing slightly higher....potentially other inputs at play who knows.

Some options I’m considering:
-Try anavar (oxandrolone) troche 10mg 3x/wk to lower SHBG (per Dr. Peter Attia)
-Going back to increased dose of 20mg EOD and introduce AI .1mg 2-3x/wk
-Donate blood regularly to lower hematocrit/hemoglobin

What am I missing? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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