high dht

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  1. J

    Does applying T cream on hairless skin reduce DHT production?

    I've been on T cream, and DHT is very high (4.5x highest normal range). Was applying on insides of thighs near crotch(hairy), backs of knees (less hairy), insides of elbows (no hair). Would applying it exclusively on hairless areas reduce DHT production? (thinking inside of arms, forehead lol)...
  2. J

    Topical Finasteride bad if DHT is still high?

    Hello all, I have very high DHT on TRT cream. (>290!, @ Quest, range 12-65) I've titrated to 20% T, 1 click (50 mg cream) every morning, and 1 click in the evening 3x/wk. (I know I should probably switch to 15% cream and apply 2 clicks a day) I've been getting some acne on my face, shoulders...
  3. RP McMurphy

    Latest labs. Would appreciate any input on next steps...thank you!

    I'm a 46 yo male, 150lb, 5' 6", been on TRT on/off for almost 3 years. After trying 6 months off of TRT (not fun), I restarted at a lower dose of 16mg every other day subq of cypionate/propionate blend (160/40/mg/ml). Previously I was dosing 20mg every other day, but had elevated hematocrit of...
  4. M

    I'm new to this forum and have questions about my situation

    I'm a 53 year old man in good health. I've been using a compounded testosterone cream 20-25 mg per day for a couple of years due to low bioavailable T. In 2019, I was experiencing anxiety, insomnia, low energy and some chronic GI issues. Here was my blood work in 2019: total T 528 ng/dl...
  5. B

    Blood test- Low SHBG, High E2 (over range), High DHT (top end of range).... any thoughts?

    I'm on Test Prop @ 15mg ED SQ and Armour Thryoid 3 grains. For the past 2 1/2 months, I have noticed my hair is rapidly thinning and dry, my beard/stache seems to be growing slower looking mildly sparcer and not as dark.... Energy, mood, libido and sleep sucks... I suspected high E possibly...
  6. M

    High DHT converter... becoming a problem for me

    I’ve been on TRT for 3 years now and it has been a constant roller coaster. I believe I have finally narrowed down my issue. I’ve always been a low aromatizer and constantly struggled with headaches, achy joints and fatigue and anxiety Only taken one dose of an AI right in the beginning before...
  7. G

    When do you become concerned about high DHT?

    Things have been pretty steady and positive for me on my current TRT regimen: 40mg every 2.5 days, IM (120 per week). No AI, no HCG. Just got my latest 6 month labs from my Body Logic doctor, who is very up to date on all matters HRT. The numbers were great, but for second time in a row, my...
  8. T

    58 Yr Old - High DHT - Low Free T- Need Help & Suggestions

    Okay guys, here's a little background...I'll be 58 next month. About 13 months ago I started lifting weights after being away from the gym for 25 years. I'm 5' 11" and at that time was weighing 168 lbs. I started putting on muscle right away and I was happy with my progress until I began to...
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