high hematocrit

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  1. M

    Bloodwork After 7yrs Self-Administered TRT

    I will try and keep this short. I was diagnosed with low T back in 2023. After 3 years my clinic shut down and I decided to go UGL until this month. During those 7 years, my protocol was 200mg test C a week broken down to 2x weekly sub Q injections. No HCG and no AI. Since then I have been...
  2. B

    My E2 is sky High pls HELP .

    Hello, I'm on TRT 90mg (3x30mg) a week HCG 125/250iu 3x a week but my estradiol is extremely high ... my total testosterone was higher than the reference value even when I didn't take anything but now it's 2 times .. and even then I don't feel that much well, everyone is happy to help, thank...
  3. 3

    Donating blood question

    When donating blood to the Red Cross, am I required to tell them I am on HCG & T? What happens if I don’t?
  4. RP McMurphy

    Latest labs. Would appreciate any input on next steps...thank you!

    I'm a 46 yo male, 150lb, 5' 6", been on TRT on/off for almost 3 years. After trying 6 months off of TRT (not fun), I restarted at a lower dose of 16mg every other day subq of cypionate/propionate blend (160/40/mg/ml). Previously I was dosing 20mg every other day, but had elevated hematocrit of...
  5. J

    6 Weeks Results: High FT, E2, & Hema. What Next?

    Started TRT and just received my 6-week labs back from DLabs. My protocol has been 40mg, Mon/Wed/Fri, so 120mg weekly of Test Cyp/Prop Blend at 80/20%. I'm 45. 185lbs. Workout 4-5 days a week. About 17% BF. Diet is above average. Always been pretty healthy. Blood pressure is always great...
  6. RP McMurphy

    First Lab Post! “Should I stay or should I go?”...would appreciate some guidance. Thank you!

    I’m a 45 yo male, 150 lbs. Prior to starting any testosterone therapy my labs in January 2018 were in range (Total T 601 280-1100ng/dl, Free T 10.43 1.9-27ng/dl), but I wanted to see if increasing testosterone levels would help to improve fatigue. I always had a high sex drive, with decent...
  7. P

    Rising Hematocrit and RBC

    Need some input and assistance from the forum. Have been on TRT since 2018. Tried most forms (Compounded creams, Androgel, shots) and have most recently been on: Testosterone Protocol – Since 2/25/21 T-cypionate - 200mg/ml - 0.28ml Subcutaneous shots - every 2.5 days Latest Labs (Labs were on...
  8. D

    Link between Polycythemia and delayed orgasm?

    I continue my search for reasons for delayed orgasms since starting TRT about 3 years ago. I also have to use either Levitra or Trimix whenever I have sex. I'm 54 and didn't have these issues before TRT. I'm wondering if any of you high Hematocrit people have noticed a link between that and...
  9. D

    Blood Results Today Show Low Estradiol vs. TT - Advice?

    Here's my current protocol: EOD injections of 14mg Test E for weekly total of 49mg of Test E. 10mg Cialis EOD Blood drawn on morning of injection BEFOREHAND to show trough Results As Follows: TT: 1033 (ref range: 193-740) FT: 58 (ref range: 8-27) E2: 37 (ref range: 41-91.9) Hematocrit: 47.3...
  10. Nelson Vergel

    Therapeutic Phlebotomies for Men on TRT in Houston: A Model for Other Cities

    Our regional blood center has a policy that accepts blood from men on TRT with high hematocrit for donations but they still need an order from their doctor. That order is good for as many therapeutic phlebotomies as needed in two years. The FDA gave them a variance that I assume applies to the...
  11. L

    Don't know where else to turn

    I have been following Nelson and Excelmale for many years and purchased his book about Testosterone a few years back. I really don't know who else to ask about this. I have been on test cyp 200mg/ml doing a once a week 1 ml deep thigh injection for about 8 years. I used to test out around 1100...
  12. D

    When to be concerned with high HCT

    got my 6 week bloods done and my HCT is a hair below 50%. pre TRT I hovered around the mid-40s. I have found myself out of breath on walks with my kids, but can go crush a pretty intense workout session. Should I be concerned? I lots of water helps, but anything else? If it matters...
  13. Nelson Vergel

    Too Many Red Blood Cells or Platelets Stall Blood Flow in Cerebral Capillaries

    The demonstration by Dr. Santisakultarm and colleagues of stalled blood flow in increased percentages of cerebral capillaries in PV and ET provides a mechanism other than thrombosis for focal cerebral hypoxia and subsequent microinfarction. The abrupt, spontaneous resolution of these capillary...
  14. T

    Another hematocrit question. I know....I know

    Have any of you gents found any benefits of curcumin on lowering hematocrit or at least stabilizing it? I know hematocrit has been discussed at neaseum on all TRT forums but the problem I have is that in order to get my free test into a range that makes me feel good, my hematocrit increases...
  15. J

    High Hematocrit Before TRT

    Looking at past bloodwork, my hematocrit has always ran a bit high: (THIS IS PRIOR TO TRT) May 2015 = 48 Feb 2017 = 48 Oct 2017 = 50 July 2018 = 51 Aug 2018 = Started TRT I am now going on week 7 of TRT. I have NOT had a CBC since starting TRT at 100mg/wk Tcyp, but will find out in another...
  16. Nelson Vergel

    Blood Test Targets for Men on TRT

    Click here to learn what blood test variables to watch for when starting testosterone replacement and how to manage them when they get too low or too high: https://www.discountedlabs.com/blog/trt-lab-tests-recommended-baseline-and-follow-up-tests-for-men-on-testosterone...
  17. 53lowt

    New Bloodwork Hematocrit Concern? Old Doc says no New Doc says TOOO HIGH

    Here are my most recent CBC results: White Blood Cells 8.4 X10E9/L 4.8 - 10.8 X10E9/L RBC count 6.11 X10E12/L 4.25 - 5.65 X10E12/L Hemoglobin 18.1 g/dL 13.1 - 17.3 g/dL Hematocrit 54.1 % 39 - 49 % MCV 89 fL 81 - 101 fL MCH 29.6 pg 27 - 35 pg MCHC 33.4 g/dL 32 - 36 g/dL RDW 14.0...
  18. R

    I Have Polycythemia But Doctor Does Not Want to Order Phlebotomy

    Hi, I've been on TRT for about 6 years. Recently, my Doctor told me I have polycythemia. He sent me to a hematologist with my blood test results. I was hoping he was going to prescribe therapeutic phlebotomy, but instead, he said we'll just keep and eye on it. I was a little bit angry and...
  19. Nelson Vergel

    Donating Blood Prevents Heart Disease

    20 Scientific References That Determined that Donating Blood is Good for Your Cardiovascular Health. Men on Testosterone Replacement Therapy with High Hematocrit and High Ferritin Will Benefit Even More. 1) Donation of blood is associated with reduced risk of myocardial infarction. The Kuopio...
  20. B

    Blood work: Low Pregnenolone with HCG

  21. A

    Red Chest and High Hematocrit

    I've been trying to figure out the reason for my red chest after starting TRT. I thought it was due to high Estradiol, but even if I adjust it to good levels or less then normal range, the red chest is still there. I'd like to hear from you guys about the possibility of high hematocrit causing...
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