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  1. R

    Thyroid blood test results (T4 free, TSH, T3)

    TL/DR: Endo says these results are fine. She's not concerned about the T4 Free, even though it is barely normal. Is she right? Should she order more tests? T4 Free, Direct: .84 ng/dL (.82 - 1.77) TSH: 1.290 uIU/mL (.45 - 4.5) T3: 86 ng/dL (71 - 180) Recently visited an endo. I like her a...
  2. D

    Daily Cyp injections and Labs

    I've recently switched from a "T clinic" to a urologist. With this I've changed from weekly Cyp. injections to daily. He's pretty by the book and will be wanting my levels in the "normal" range. I like mine prob a little higher. Long story shorter, I'm curious how levels roll down after stopping...
  3. M

    TestoGel absorption rates - my observations: Are we overdosing with scrotum application?

    Hello everyone, I would like to discuss the following findings with you. A fit teenager produces approx. 7-10mg of testosterone per day. This would also be the dose that should be calculated as a "natural" substitute. But now the question keeps coming up of how much gel/cream is needed...
  4. Vince

    Vince's Labs for October 2023

    I haven't changed my protocol, 16 mg of testosterone cypionate daily, 500 iu of hcg twice weekly and no AI. Pregnenolone 10 mg and 25 mg of DHEA. My last injection before labs, about 28 1/2 hrs. Labs are from LabCorp. Testosterone, Serum 1417 ng/dL range 264-916 Free Testosterone 47.8 ng/dL...
  5. W

    DHT: How High is Too High

    I seem to convert T to DHT. At mild-moderate doses of 100-150mg T cream/day, my DHT levels run around 200. T levels range from 650-800, E2 30, SHBG 30. I have no clinical signs or symptoms to the negative whatsoever. What is the short and long term impact of running such “high” DHT levels? HCt...
  6. C

    My recent labs… high Free T and E

    48 year old, 5’8, 207ish, TRT since 42. Pretty muscular no clue on body fat. Pretty vascular and slight visible abs. I eat like 50/50 good vs crap. Currently on 120 test and 60 nandrolone per week split m,w,f. No AI. My last 2 lab results from March and August. Free T is super high and E is...
  7. D


    Anyone know of a good maybe excel template for tracking dose vs labs?
  8. aneuman

    My 6 weeks TRT Labs: advise welcome

    Hello guys, Many of you are aware of my journey, but for those who don't know, I started with HCG 2000 IU a week, felt like a greek God for two weeks, then back to basics, Enclomiphene, Great labs but no symptom relief, then Enclomiphene + HCG, some improvements, then TRT. I was prescribed 100...
  9. J

    My journey so far -- a year of Labs and attempts to relieve symptoms. Pls Help

    Here is a breakdown of many labs over the past year. The actions taken after each one and the effects of those actions. Currently a bit confused as to what to do next and would love some insight. I have taken much interest and allocated a lot of time to learning this stuff and accordingly my...
  10. W

    Why didn't my levels change much despite a dose imcrease?

    I was on cypionate 100mg weekly and after the increase to 200mg they didn't change much in 2 months. As follows: 100mg Total T 644 Free T 32 Rbc 6.14 Htc 52.4 Hemoglobin 17.6 E2 52 200MG Total T 1195 Free T 32 Rbc 6.07 Htc 52.6 Hemoglobin 17.6 E2 70
  11. T

    Question about switching to Insurance for TRT

    Ok guys I've been on TRT for a few years now with Defy. When I had my first labs my T was 168. I still have the old lab report. Of course every lab report since is normal or high. I am wondering if I went to a regular doctor and wanted to switch over to insurance instead of all out of pocket...
  12. B

    Daily protocol from 150mg total /3x week

    I have been on 50mg Test Cyp x3 weekly (150mg total M,W,F) with x3 .125 anastrozole (M,W,F) for several years now through Defy. I've always felt "ok" on it, not great but better than pre-TRT. I've had issues with high HCT and low ferritin from frequent blood donations so wanted to try and...
  13. W

    T Levels Tanked on TRT?

    Who is the endocrine expert here? What is the clinical rationale as to why and how my T levels would drop within 1 month on 200mg transcrotal cream, YET DHT nearly tripled, LH went to 0 (as I’d expect), and HCt went up from 46 to 50? Clearly the T cream was “working”, but T went from 502 to...
  14. W

    Peak for daily injections?

    I might be having some trouble getting things dialed in on daily injections, and I very much want to find out what my peak is. Does anyone have any idea about how long after injection to get labs done for peak? I think I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that five hours would be peak...
  15. A

    Doctor lab vs Trt clinic 218 vs 760

    Hello, I recently went to one of the highest rates Test therapy centers in Temecula, CA in hopes to check my levels and if low start treatment. The place was awesome and the results from the blood work came back at 218 total testosterone! With how I feel and my lifestyle I didnt think I could...
  16. RP McMurphy

    Latest labs. Would appreciate any input on next steps...thank you!

    I'm a 46 yo male, 150lb, 5' 6", been on TRT on/off for almost 3 years. After trying 6 months off of TRT (not fun), I restarted at a lower dose of 16mg every other day subq of cypionate/propionate blend (160/40/mg/ml). Previously I was dosing 20mg every other day, but had elevated hematocrit of...
  17. J

    First Labs After TRT

    Hello Guys... So this is where I stand with 150mg subq ethanate divided into two doses weekly. This is pre and post trt in orange. Free test seems a little low to me, libido is OK and I feel great, but wonder if I could be better! Only had sensitive nipples that started "protuding" like...
  18. N

    Any Canadians used Discounted Labs with Quest or Labcorb in the US recently?

    Im Canadian and before Covid I would purchase a panel from Discounted Labs or PrivateMD Labs and then run down across the border to Labcorp to have blood drawn. I'm wondering if this is still doable or if there's any red tape issues? I tried to call Lapcorp and Quest but there's no option to...
  19. Pacman

    3rd party testing of peptides and incurred costs?

    Where would one send their vial of peptides to get tested analyzed? I do like the fact that certain sites do publish COAs, but I feel it would be safe to assume that unless we do random 3rd party tests ourselves, there's no real way to verify 100% that what they sell is legit and pure, and that...
  20. D

    I must come clean

    I feel like I have not been totally honest with folks on this forum. I don't know how, but my testosterone jumped up very fast (less than 2 months) to OVER THE MAX LEVEL. Now I have BPH that doesn't respond to Flomax or Uroxatral. My blood pressure jumps up to 164/xx on some bad days, and...
  21. M

    Test Cream Labs Timing

    How soon after non-scrotal test cream application should I have labs drawn to measure testosterone levels? My understanding was 3-4 hours after application for blood draw. Thanks in advance for any feedback
  22. J

    What causes low prolactin and IGF-1 when all else looks great?

    I received my new labs after 8 weeks on my new protocol. I don't take T. I take HCG 250IU x4wk and 50mg enclomiphene x 4wk. TT is 956 ng/dL r264-916, FT 17.3 pg/dL r6.6-18.1, E 38.4 pg/dL r7.6-42.6, but prolactin is 3.6 ng/dL r4.0-15.2, and IGF-1 65 ng/mL r64-240. I'm concerned about the...
  23. R

    Enclomiphene - Dose / Frequency / Follow Up Labs?

    I am starting a trial of enclomiphene. 12.5mg twice a week. Sunday morning and Wednesday evening to evenly split up the dose. The reason I am trialing enclomiphene is to see if it will raise my Free T and whether this will result in an improvement of my symptoms. I am 43, fit, healthy, never...
  24. R

    Do Labs Taken During Honeymoon Periods Tell You Your Sweet Spot For Levels or Anything Useful?

    I don't have labs from when I was 25 or 30 or even 39 when things were awesome. Wish I did since perhaps it would help me know what to target now. Has anyone done labs during honeymoon periods when everything is great? Do honeymoon lab numbers tell you anything special or give you a glimse of...
  25. J

    Post-PCT 2 months, and I still have NO libido at all. {Labs posts}

    LH cut off. It’s 3.1 (1.5-9.3 scale) I’m about 2 months post-PCT, and taking nothing at all anymore. My libido is still SO low…almost nonexistent. Not even close to how it was before I started TRT. And when I orgasm, it is still just a dribble. Not much volume to it at all. But these labs all...
  26. RP McMurphy

    First Lab Post! “Should I stay or should I go?”...would appreciate some guidance. Thank you!

    I’m a 45 yo male, 150 lbs. Prior to starting any testosterone therapy my labs in January 2018 were in range (Total T 601 280-1100ng/dl, Free T 10.43 1.9-27ng/dl), but I wanted to see if increasing testosterone levels would help to improve fatigue. I always had a high sex drive, with decent...
  27. Vince

    Vince Shares his Daily Testosterone plus DHEA and Pregnenolone Results

    My protocol, same as last labs. 16 mg of testosterone cypionate daily, 500 iu of hcg twice weekly and no AI. Pregnenolone 10 mg and 25 mg of DHEA. My last injection before labs, about 28 hr.s. Testosterone, Total, LC/MS, 1035.9 High ng/dL 264.0-916.0 Testosterone, Free 33.77...
  28. R

    Choose Quest or Labcorp?

    This last year I have had my labs done by Interpath, Quest, and Labcorp, basically I used whatever lab the doctor's office used. Going foward I am going to select and stick with the same lab so that comparing my historical results is more consistent. Discounted Labs doesn't cover my state...
  29. A

    10 years of low T, Recent Blood Results

    Hello everyone, I’ve had low T since college but no doctor ever wanted me to do anything about it. I had all the symptoms from lack of energy, depression, fatigue, low libido, brain fog. I was skinny, ate well, exercised a lot and my numbers have been between 200-400 tested every couple years...
  30. R

    Hunger like never before

    I started trt early this year. I finally had a decent protocol but dashed it because I wanted to get off AI's. My current protocol is 200mg test cyp E7D. I have only been on it for two weeks, but I took an extra dose to front load, so I'm about three weeks in. I have read enough of these threads...
  31. J

    New lab results...Does anything jump out?

    Based on symptoms and these labs, my nurse is willing to put me on TRT. My symptoms are irritability/temper, low libido, brain fog, less enjoyment from daily life.. I'm 63, 6'2", 185. Resistance train 4 days a week. Not obese. Any comments on my labs would be appreciated. Thanks. Total T...
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