IGF-1 LR3 vs. Ipamorelin CJC1295

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New member here.

Thank you Nelson for this great site. I have learned a lot of very helpful information in a short period of time, contacted members directly, and now have located a provider to analyze my labs.

I have been researching this site and the web. Does anyone have experience with IGF-1 LR3 vs. Ipamorelin CJC1295. I understand IGF-1 LR3 is more potent but would like to get more information. My goal is to have a product similar to HGH. I understand the benefits and risks of HGH.

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I have not tried LR3 yet ( I will next year) but I have used Ipa/cjc and low dose intermittent MK677, specifically for injury recovery. It's important to realize that the things that cause your body to secrete GH are not just "similar to GH " but they are GH. What are you trying to accomplish? Part of the problem with Ipa/CJC is that insulin levels apparently have to be very low for it to work well, which limits when you can take it an calls into question how much GH you are really releasing. I prefer MK677 so far for this reason. While LR3 (if it's real) apparently has value, I have yet to find anyone claiming that it is as good as GH unless you are trying to lower blood sugar or do some small subset of what GH does. BTW, Mike Mahler's latest podcast has Dr. Gordon discussing GH. I haven't listened yet but I am expecting great stuff.

Another Great Day

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Thank you for your reply. My goal is to increase muscle mass and maintain age. Intermittent fasting reduces insulin levels, that may help the benefits of IPA+CJC. I will look into MK677 and the podcast. Thanks!
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