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  1. C

    Shipping peptides abroad

    Hi. Does any of you know if some of the medical providers will send peptides to Europe? I have a dual citizenship and live abroad. I will check up with the different providers soon, but would like if any of you have experience. I am under doctor supervision (trt), but the country does not...
  2. E

    Ipamorelin--Any insane mental sides? Physical sides?

    I was recommended Ipamorelin by a functional doc for improving motility/gastric emptying for SIBO. Note I already take Motility Activator (which has ginger+artichoke extracts), drink chamomile tea, but its not enough. I also noticed that when I feel hungry I feel better mentally-more hedonic...
  3. W

    What Peptides Increase Appetite the Most?

    I have a severe IGF-1 deficiency and I also have lost 90% of my appetite over the last year. I can barely eat food without feeling full or nauseous. I am trying to figure out which GH Peptides will stimulate an increase in my appetite the most. From reading this forum, I am aware that MK-677...
  4. BadassBlues

    Unbelievable email exchange with Jay Campbell

    Anyone researching either testosterone or peptides will undoubtedly come across references to Jay Campbell. I have read many of his articles and bought a few of his books. I do have a measure of respect for the man. Unfortunately, he is one ego driven, arrogant and obviously clueless individual...
  5. M

    PEPTIDE RESULTS IN: IGF-1, testosterone, etc.

    Big n-1 results update. With all the gym bros telling me for the last 10 years that GH secretatgogue peptides are a scam and a waste of $$$$ - and that good ol' GH is superior and the only way to go - - - Let me preface this post by saying that these peptides do work. I repeat. THESE PEPTIDES...
  6. S

    Has anyone had any really bad sides with PT-141?

    I got a 10mg bottle of PT-141 from Peptide Sciences. Wanted to run an experiment to see if it works... 1mg and then if nothing happens go to 2 and then if nothing happens, trash the bottle. I can't pull the trigger as I have been reading about some really bad cases of nausea. Has anyone had...
  7. Pacman

    For peptides that need refrigeration, what is the solution for for extended power outages?

    Basically the title. I was just thinking about this as hurricane Ian pummeled through Florida, and apparently 2 million are stuck without electricity. Some of these power outages could last a day, some of them could last last over a week in some areas. (In Florida specifically I doubt that...
  8. Pacman

    3rd party testing of peptides and incurred costs?

    Where would one send their vial of peptides to get tested analyzed? I do like the fact that certain sites do publish COAs, but I feel it would be safe to assume that unless we do random 3rd party tests ourselves, there's no real way to verify 100% that what they sell is legit and pure, and that...
  9. nodoctor


    Gratitude for the many helpful posts on here. What's working for me: Low dose cypionate weekly, 31 gauge pins (seriously) 2x/wk and no off-cycle. I did cycle before but done with kids. Tried HGH briefly and felt sides, plus felt I didn't understand it so no more. peptides have been huge for...
  10. J

    How long does Bacteriostatic water last refrigerated?

    So I have heard various conflicting information regarding this from my clinic and also other clinics and forums for TRT here in the UK. I have a 30ml bottle of Bac water that I have had from November last year, i use it to mix my HCG. People say it only lasts 30 - 60 days when first used? But...
  11. P

    Ipamorelin/cjc1295 and fluids in the AM

    I am working out fasted 4 days a week, alternating fairly hard 4 mile runs and full body compound lift sessions. I also do manual labor or some outdoor activity 2 days a week (landscaping, lake swimming, hiking etc) I've enjoyed working out fasted with just the peptides but I am getting some...
  12. R

    Hs anyone heard of AOD-9604?

    It seems to be a peptide blend to use for Fat loss and muscle mass... but I cant find a lot about it.. Anyone here? AOD 9604 Guide – Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage - South Lake Pharmacy
  13. G

    Tailor Made Compounding

    @Dr Justin Saya MD I’m a patient at Defy. You’re actually my primary doctor, and I do my consults with nurse Jill. I’m on Ipamorelin, to boost endogenous growth hormone production. As I’m sure you know, anytime someone is taking a GHRP, like Ipamorelin, they should always be taking a GHRH analog...
  14. G

    How Much Are You Paying for MK-677 - Ibutamoren?

    Anyone using MK-677? If so, how much is it costing you, and what’s your experience with it? Thanks.
  15. G

    GHRP Benefits

    What are some benefits of a GHRP? My IGF is border low, and I've been on trt for about 4 months.
  16. Nelson Vergel

    Zinc Thymulin Peptide to Grow Hair

    Has anyone tried this for hair loss? Topical Zinc Thymulin For The Treatments Of Androgenetic Alopecia
  17. rafapark

    Sermorelin/Ipamorelin combo

    Is anybody in this forum taking this combo? I have been taking the GHRP-2/Sermorelin combo from Defy for about six months with pretty good results. IGF-1 increased from 100 to 200 and has remained as such. I have lowered my body fat to 15% from 25% and increased lean muscle significantly (dexa...
  18. A

    IGF-1 LR3 vs. Ipamorelin CJC1295

    Hello, New member here. Thank you Nelson for this great site. I have learned a lot of very helpful information in a short period of time, contacted members directly, and now have located a provider to analyze my labs. I have been researching this site and the web. Does anyone have...
  19. V

    Peptides with TRT?

    Hello again. I was speaking with my doctor today about certain peptides and other things that can help me along with my TRT journey. Along with potential for thyroid in helping shed the extra weight im holding I had spoken about peptides people have added to assist in weight management and...
  20. Nelson Vergel

    Increase your own growth hormone: Slide Handout

    Webinar on May 31, 2018: Growth hormone secretagogues (GSHs) are a class of drugs which act as secretagogues (i.e., induce the secretion) of growth hormone (GH). They include agonists of the ghrelin/growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHSR), such as ghrelin (lenomorelin), pralmorelin...
  21. D

    Ears wont stop ringing

    Hello, I am currently on TRT with hcg and arimidex, and a peptide blend of semorelin/ghrp2/ghrp6 and GAC. Around when I started this therapy, my ears started ringing nonstop. Its easier to deal with during the day, but in times of quiet is maddening. Has anyone else ever heard of and/or...
  22. Nelson Vergel

    Video: Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones and Peptides: Research History

    Nelson Vergel, the founder of, and, interviews Dr. Richard Walker about the history of research on GHRH and GHRPs. Richard F. Walker, Ph.D., R.Ph is well known for having popularized Sermorelin, a growth hormone-releasing hormone. He...
  23. Nelson Vergel

    Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones and Peptides: Research History

    Nelson Vergel, the founder of, and, interviews Dr. Richard Walker about the history of research on GHRH and GHRPs. Richard F. Walker, Ph.D., R.Ph is well known for having popularized Sermorelin, a growth hormone-releasing hormone. He...
  24. G

    Reliable Online Peptide Supplier needed

    Hello Everyone, Wondering if anyone can recommend a USA based company that sells Ipamorelin. I currently use and want to have another company as a secondary choice. I appreciate any information any one can provide. Thanks and have a great day
  25. J

    Awesome Source For Peptides

    I've ordered products from a few places but found one that Ive had amazing results with. Its call Top Peptides. They are a newer source so I asked the owner if I could help build up his website and get him found on Google. Ive been working with him for a couple weeks now and asked if I could...
  26. Nelson Vergel

    Growth Hormone versus GHRH Peptides- Legalities and other considerations

    In this video, Dr Mark Gordon speaks about secretalogs (hormone releasing hormones or peptides) at the 2013 Age Management Medicine Conference in Las Vegas.
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