testosterone cypionate

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  1. aneuman

    T.Cyp 100 mg/week - Night sweats, anxiety

    Hello all, I was previously on 90 mg/week, divided in 3 weekly doses of 30 mg, M-W-F, IM on the deltoids. After 6 weeks on this protocol, the labs indicated: Total T: 1044 ng/dL Free T: 19.52 ng/dl Estradiol sensitive: 34 pg/mL SHBG: 36 nmol/L However, I had the following sides effects: -...
  2. J

    Blood pressure rises after TRT injection

    Hello all, I have been on TRT (150ml of 200mg/ml a week, split into 3 injections) for about two years. Up until now everything was great. About a month ago I noticed every time I injected my blood pressure rose into the 130/140’s and I would be dizzy for a day. Hematocrit came back at 47, I...
  3. T

    Just started TRT My Testosterone levels were extremely low at 100

    I'm new to this experience but I have learned much just over the last month or so since I just started at a TRT Clinic. Originally I met with the Doctor before my labs were done and explained that I want to do this for my Health, mental as well as physical. I'm wanting to become the best version...
  4. S

    Cypionate & Rapid metabolism

    while im getting my doctor/labs/stuff sorted out, id like to hear from people with experiences on ,y same problem: I metabolize darn near anything much faster than normal. For cypionate, injecting 100mg SQ/IM once weekly (sunday night) was a moderate kick in the pants, which was petering out...
  5. E

    Does anyone feel better on Cypionate vs. Enanthate?

    FYI, I know that cypionate and enanthate are basically the same but minus 1 carbon and half life is slightly different. I also know, some people do not feel any difference. Who has been on cypionate and tried switching to enanthate but found they felt better on cypionate? I'm only about a...
  6. J

    amazon generic test cyp

    am doing some budget planning and wondering if the amazon generic test cyp is legit. I've been on grapeseed-based test cyp from a compounding pharmacy for a while now, am open to switch for the savings but don't want to switch if there are any negatives involved. Thanks.
  7. V

    Would I benefit from a different type of T?

    Natural labs are attached. I’m high SHBG and lower e2. E2 in these labs is 16, but also have 19. I have been on HCG along with either Empowers T Cyp or T cream and results are disappointing. Looking for something that maybe will boost my e2 up. Maybe Propionate, Sustanon, or Pfizer’s Depo-T?
  8. S

    Anyone switch from Empower to Perrigo?

    I’m almost out of Empower t cyp and my new urologist fills my script with Perrigo. Mine is manufactured by Hikma specifically. I’m wondering if I should keep my dose the same or plan to adjust. Any experiences?
  9. T

    Timing of injection and labs

    First off, thank you all for making this place such a great place for information. Long time reader here but first time posting. Right to business....43 yr old male here, been taking TRT and thyroid replacement therapy for 10 yrs. Moved to Houston from North Carolina 4 yrs ago and my doctor...
  10. L

    Cypionate could be in very short supply very soon

    Here is a very brief comment from one of the largest providers of Cypionate in the world. Industry in India, the world’s No. 1 producer, is already raising the alarm. Umang Vohra, a top boss at Indian pharma giant Cipla, told the Financial Times that most companies are on track to start...
  11. R

    Hematocrit Hemoglobin High on TRT

    I am on TRT and recently my doc sent me to blood donation center to reduce my hematocrit level. My level was 50.1 My total testosterone level is about 900 something. Hemoglobin(16.7) x3 = 50.1 ( Hematocrit ) So I went to donate 1 pint blood yesterday. My question is how often can I donate...
  12. B

    Injectable Test Cypionate

    Just wondering if there is any benefit to rubbing a small amount of test cypionate inj. on testicles or penis, it seems that it would absorb pretty well since it is in an oily base.
  13. C

    Daily Injections: Prop vs Cyp?

    I will be switching over to daily injections for a while to see how I feel. My shbg is normal at 34, but I still feel too much variation in how I feel when I space shots out by a few days, and I'd like to keep my estrogen slightly lower. I was wondering if there are any benefits to using prop...
  14. I

    Low T and my 10 year journey through treatment

    Ok fellas I have decided to post my detailed journey here for the benefit of anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation. It's long so be warned. Happy to answer questions on whatever I can for you. Into my mid-20s I had still not needed to shave my face (having done so only in the...
  15. C

    Testosterone Cypionate with Grapeseed Oil Expiration/BUD

    I have a compounded vial of test-C + grapeseed oil that was created 4/13/18 according to the vial and it has a beyond use date of 10/10/18. I must be losing some test-c in my needles because I’m about to run out of my prescription early. Would I be able to use the old vial safely if it has...
  16. B

    Switching From Cream to Injectable T (subQ)

    I am making the switch from cream to injectable T cypionate. I started with cream because I thought it would be more convenient; however, I’ve become convinced it is actually less convenient, as you have to wait for it to dry and plan shower/swim/workout/sex times around it (two times a day, at...
  17. T

    Just took my first injections

    I took .05ml (10mg) of T-Cyp and 100 IU of HGC. It took me two tries to get the T-Cyp in the insulin syringe. The volume is so small I couldn't even feel it go in. I think that it might be a good idea to buy some .5ml insulin syringes. Easier to calibrate smaller dosages. I thought I would...
  18. J

    Shortage of Test C in South Africa

    The press is reporting that patients are having a difficult time getting testosterone cypionate in South Africa: There is a nationwide stockout in SA of Depo-testosterone. Depo-testosterone is the brand name for testosterone cypionate injections manufactured by pharmaceutical company, Pfizer...
  19. K

    Study re: bi-weekly injections

    Hi guys I'm considering bi-weekly injections to better manage hct, then I saw this... thoughts? Now i'm confused. Thoughts? Thanks, Kaes American Urological Association
  20. R

    Clomid to Testosterone TRT

    Today my doc gave me 400mg cypionate injection at his office. He told me to come back after one month to see, how I hold it in my blood. i wanted to split into 100mg/week but he said that's how he starts first. He also told me to continue taking Anastrozole.
  21. J

    Testosterone shots and gel usage together

    I read an article about a Dr prescribed gel and shots, with the idea that the gel would provide a quick pick up. Can't find the article. Has anyone tried this? I'm on .30 ml of 200mg test cypinate 3x weekly, 350 iu of hcg 3x weekly and .25mg of ai 3x weekly. 48yo.last lab results(3 months ago)...
  22. S

    Switching from anastrozole to aromasin

    Hey guys I just got recent blood work done and I’ve decided to switch from anastrozole over to aromasin. One reason is I’ve heard there is no rebound and even on a daily dose of arimidex I experienced rebounds in estrogen and very quickly. My protocol for these bloods were - 40mg test cyp eod...
  23. L

    How to inject Testosterone Cypionate

    Hey guys. I've been taking 200mg/ml of Testosterone Cypionate for just about a month now. So far I've given myself 4 total injections, 2 in butt muscle, and the following 2 in thigh. Once in each location, when I removed the needle, a lot of blood came following. Im guessing this is because I...
  24. P

    Shelf life for test cyp, 10ml bottle

    I’ve been on trt 4 years and always got 10ml vial for my T. I went to get refill yesterday and it was a new pharmacist. He gave me 5, 1 ml vials. I’m currently on 1.3 cc split over 3 pins weekly. He said the reasoning for smaller vials was that T cyp , after 28 days of breaking the seal on vial...
  25. C

    Decision Time: T-Cyp or Clomid

    I was given two choices for treatment of low T: Option 1: Testosterone Cyp 200 mg/ml – 0.35 ml IM/SQ TWICE A WEEK (140 mg/week) HCG 400 iu SQ 2x/week Anastrozole 0.125mg 2x/week – h/o elevated E2, titrate on follow-up Vitamin D3 5000 iu daily Fish oil 3-4...
  26. S

    Testosterone Cypionate Carrier Oils - Differences

    So far, I have only injected T Cyp in Grapeseed Oil. Like many of you, I draw and inject SubQ with a 29g insulin syringe. Assuming I could also draw/inject with 29g if I were to switch to a solution in cottonseed or sesame oil? Aside from allergies (I don’t have any) do the different oils...
  27. M

    Blood Work In After Starting Test Cypionate Injections

    This month, on March 5th I began TRT via testosterone cypionate injections. On this day I was injected with 1cc containing 200mg of testosterone cypionate suspended in grape seed oil. The doctor gave me paperwork for a blood analysis and told me to have it done after waiting one full week from...
  28. S

    Most common total weekly dose for cypionate/enanthate

    I wanted to get some feedback from members on what dosage range is the most widely used. 60-80mg 80-100mg 100-120mg 120mg and up Not concerned with the frequency, just the total 7 day amount.
  29. H

    Filling testosterone cypionate prescription at pharmacy

    Does anyone here fill their testosterone cypionate prescription at a regulat pharmacy (not a compounding pharmacy)? I have Cigna which i found out covers testosterone cypionate without requiring pre-approval. My questions is: my dosage is 0.35ml 2x week which comes down to a little over 3.5...
  30. J

    PSA over 5 and now off TRT

    Been on Test Cyp for 2 years and for the most part my dose has been consistently low. At a trough my T was 297. After complaining to my Uro that I was still fatigued and needing more sleep he bumped me to 180mg weekly from 150...every month i would be increased 10mg to gauge how I feel. Finally...
  31. A

    How to Inject Testosterone Intramuscularly, Shallow IM or Subcutaneously ?

    Click here to watch videos on how to inject testosterone intramuscularly or subcutaneously More information on subcutaneous testosterone injections: https://www.discountedlabs.com/blog/intramuscular-vs-subcutaneous-testosterone-injections-are-they-both-effective Subcutaneous Testosterone...
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