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  1. Nelson Vergel

    Testosterone Replacement Products in the U.S.: Video Review by Nelson Vergel

    Nelson reviews dosing and other key information about each testosterone product approved by the FDA in the United States. There are numerous hypogonadism (low testosterone) treatment options, each with its own mode of administration, pharmacokinetic profile, dose sequence, and adverse effect...
  2. B

    Going to give nebido another shot! Split protocol this time...

    I´m decided to try Nebido again after playing around with compounded T cream for 4 month and not enjoying it so much for a number of reasons... However this time I want to try and see if I can feel more stable emotionally and energy wise if I split the dosage weekly ( daily protocols are not...
  3. J

    Transition from Testopel to Androgel- Any feedback?

    Greetings Gents: Anyone here who moved away from Testopel to Androgel? Or if you are taking Androgel, what is your general impression? I used androgel before and found that I never got my levels to go up sufficiently high enough but I didn't try other strengths. Please share your thoughts...
  4. B

    After 2 years on TRT (Nebido & Testosterone cream) maybe thinking on going back to Clomid

    Around 3 years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 hypogonadism probably because of my experimentation with AAS for muscle building purposes... However, I want to say that even prior to doing any AAS my Total testosterone numbers were already on the low end of normal 270 / 300 but my doctor at the...
  5. R

    Help needed regarding TRT (Nebido) and feeling worse

    Hi experts, I have been diagnosed with low T last year around this time and a specialist gave a prescription for Nebido. My T was about 8 nmol/L. I've requested the nurse to send med all the blood work values so still waiting for them. Symptoms where insomnia, low energy, low mood and...
  6. P

    What’s wrong with Nebido

    Few folks there reacted quite negatively about my protocol - Nebido 1000mg once per ~10weeks. I’m new here I want to know, understand and chose the best option for me. Some mentioned about large fluctuations, which my doctor mentioned as possible side effect comparing to differnt esters and...
  7. B

    To try T-gel after Nebido or not…

    Hi everyone, I’m on my third nebido injection (dosing interval 12 Weeks) I have a history of some mild bodybuilding cycles that ended up in secondary hypoganadism. My endocronologist insisted in nebido the standard protocol every 12 weeks after the loading phase. I feel better that before but...
  8. V

    Nebido - not sleeping well

    These are my test results. On 8 June I had my first Nebido shot. Since then I have been sleeping quite bad. We are now in week 4 and I continue to sleep bad. My eyes have sunken a bit, showing my tiredness. Not sure how long I can keep this up, especially with work. But since it's Nebido, a...
  9. T

    Anybody live in a country that mostly prescribes gel / nebido? Were you able to get enanthate/cyp?

    Question in the title. I've been on the gel for 3 months and I really want to try either enanthate or cypionate.
  10. bochinit

    Testosterone Undecanoate

    Someone has experience with Testosterone Undecanoate ester? Wikipedia says that this ester have 21 days half life, it is true? If so, would be a better choice for TRT, right? Injecting two times per month.
  11. bochinit

    Half life of Nebido

    Hello everyone, do someone know the exact half life of Testosterone Undecanoate (nebido)? I'm asking this to know how frequently do I need to inject this ester to have stable levels.
  12. Nelson Vergel

    Nebido Use in Men in the UK: Paid Survey

    Hi Nelson, Thanks so much for helping me with this study about Nebido. The information about the study is all in the link. We are bound by law to display all the information regarding the methodology and also regarding data protection which we take seriously. So you understand, I am searching...
  13. E

    Nebido users In the UK- Read this please

    Hi to all, Is there anyone using Nebido in the UK? We are doing a research about this drug and need to talk to guys with experience on it. Please, read all the details in the link provided. There is an incentive of 540£ for 2 hours face to face interview plus 30 min pre-task. Help me to...
  14. C

    When to take blood sample

    Hi. I am used to taking blood sample in the morning (before starting trt 16 weeks ago). Now I want to know how my hormone levels develop from week to week (Nebido) in order to manage the correct interval of injection. Due to my work, I am no longer able to test during the morning, but more so...
  15. M

    Self administrating nebido

    tl.dr: If nebido is injected in a blood vessel can you get a reaction days afterwards? So im on my third round using nebido, first time the doc injected, and after that i did it myself. So first time i did it myself i almost passed out, so i had to lie down on the floor while having the needle...
  16. M

    Sustanon VS Nebido

    Local market only have these two, Cypionate is only available in the black market. Reading through the forum I understood Nebido is a no no. So would like to know more about sustanon. Do I really need to do cypionate ? I may manage to get it legally, maybe ! But in this case is sustanon really...
  17. I

    Nebido Protocol? Good TRT Doc for International Patients?

    Hi there. I’ve written once before on this forum and received wonderful advice. Hoping for some feedback on this. I live in South America. I am on a weekly TRT dose of 105 per week. I sub-q 15 per day. Trusted testosterone sources out here are sketchy. I have been using Cooper pharm cypionate...
  18. N

    FSH and LH almost zero but midrange T

    I have the following lab results and I'm very confused: FSH - 0.1 in a 1.5 to 12.4 range LH 0.1 in a 1.7 to 8.6 range I'm already on TRT with Nebido, last shot that was supposed to last for 3 months was 22 days ago and my Total T is 446 and Free T is 15.26. I understand FSH and LH reduce with...
  19. S

    New on TRT - Second lab results - doc switching me to nebido - double dosing?

    Hey all, I'm 36 yo and wasn't experiencing a lot of other typical low T symptoms, but my libido had totally disappeared, so I got checked out at an anti aging clinic (I live in Belgium so that seems to be the only place around here anyone will take low T seriously) and tested at 296ng/dl. I...
  20. M

    Worried about Nebido and gyno

    Hello, new member and new to trt here. I've had basically no T production of my own after a brain surgery a few months ago, so my doc started me on my first shot 10 days ago, and while some things are slightly better already such as sleeping at night and some signs of a libido, im...
  21. M

    T results - Nebido 1000mg every 6 weeks

    Hi Guys, I haven't posted in quite awhile, got some results today so thought I'd post and see what you guys think of results Am on Nebido 1000mg every 6 weeks What do you think of E2 & Cholesterol ?? And Vit D level Testosterone 631 ngdl E2 111pmol range 41 to 159 PCV 0.508 range...
  22. H

    results after change androgel to nebido

    Hi guys: Well i´m a 38 years guy, hiv +, with hypothyroidism, phyisically active, last year i began with trt ´cause long time with sexual issues(ed, delayed orgasms, low libido). I under an andrologist supervision who, last year i was on androgel, cialis dialy 5 mg, and a complex...
  23. D

    Sustanon 250 availability Ireland ?

    Hey all, I`ve been on TRT for a little over 6 months now,first 6 weeks was testogel and last 5 months nebido(including 6 week booster).The testogel hardly budged my testosterone so my Doctor was happy to move me to Nebido.After my 6 week booster,i had moved to 15.3 which filled me with optimism...
  24. H

    Resistant to thyroid hormones?Thyroid hormones and trt

    Hi guys: I´m here since last year all your posts helped me a lot to begin with TRT, i´ve had some improvement, not like i would but definitively improvements after much years with sexual issues, i´m a 37 years,hiv positive since 2010 undectetable since 2011, with hypothyroidism. Beginning this...
  25. L

    Blood test results...Moving From Nebido to Sutanon

    Hi Guys I am 37 years old and from the UK and was diagnosed a few years ago with low testosterone. I'm currently 83kg 5ft 8 and train crossfit 5 days a week and eat a pretty good diet 85% of the time. I originally started with gels but didn't get on with them so for the past 18 months have...
  26. K

    The ups and downs of my TRT protocol with Nebido

    Hi there! I started TRT with NEBIDO in July 2016. I live in Norway, and Nebido seems to be the preferred method here. There has been many challenges for me the last 6-7 months with fine-tuning my protocol, I hope things will be better for me in the coming months. Let me give you some a brief...
  27. L

    Undecanoate split (NEBIDO/AVEED)

    Has anyone tried splitting NEBIDO shots into 3 and doing once a month? I seem to get HUGE spikes in Test, E2 and SHBG every time I get shot. Would this calm everything down a bit?
  28. Nelson Vergel

    Video: Testosterone Replacement Options

    In theory testosterone replacement should approximate the body's own natural production of the hormone. The average male produces 4 to 7 mg of testosterone a day with plasma levels in early morning and lower levels in the evening. Women produce around a 12th of those rates. Testosterone...
  29. G

    Can I split the dose of nebido?

    Hello. ive been on nebido and hcg for the past 3 years now, it seems after week 8 i start to get a decline in mood. is it possible to take nebido in smaller dosages? not just 4ml every 12 weeks, thought about the frequency as it would be better to Control the ups and Downs from TRT.As i live in...
  30. J

    Downwards T values... to bottom.

    I had posted description of the problem on FB first. I move it here... I had been on Testim treatment for slightly over two months. I had received request of blood reanalysis and consultancy with dr. Something went apparently not really right. Initial value for total testosterone was 7,5...
  31. Nelson Vergel

    Update on Aveed (Nebido- testosterone undecanoate- long acting testosterone)

    Update on Aveed (Nebido- testosterone undecanoate- long acting testosterone): After a few problems with the FDA review process that have slowed down its approval by 3 years, this was the last announcement: "Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc., a subsidiary of Endo Health Solutions Inc. (Nasdaq: ENDP)...
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