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  1. phalloguy100

    TRT questions - Low SHBG and Anastrazole use

    Hi guys, I have couple of questions about my TRT protocol. 1) In my last labs, SHBG came back low (1 unit below normal range). What effect does that have on things like libido, EQ, etc.? Is it necessary to raise it? 2) Unrelated to #1... from time to time my estradiol has been high. Doctor...
  2. H

    Low T, Low SHBG, finally found culprit but not solution

    Hi guys, I have been a very long lurker on this and other related forums. I am 31 years old male , been battling with low T all my life (more aware of it since 20 years old). Unfortunately I have never been able to experience any difference in my symptoms with all types of therapies , so i am...
  3. L

    Erectile Disfunction on TRT / Please Read

    There are some topics here and in other forums (please Google "TRT and ED" on Reddit or other forums) of men complaining about having ED on TRT after being good and dialed for months or even years and suddently developing impotence out of nowhere. Suspects are: estrogen imbalances, low SHBG...
  4. B

    New hypothesis: Free E2 rant, E2:SHBG ratios, why does no one bother

    So this relates to all forums, Reddit, various YouTube videos from doctors, pretty much every internet information source. As of the past few years all the rage and focus is on FT. So much so that certain tests are referred to with derogatory names. “Piss poor”. That’s how important FT is to...
  5. P

    SHBG Changes after Keto

    Started the Keto Diet October LY. A1c 6.0, fasted Glucose 128, BP 140/85. 20 lbs over weight. Doc was alarmed with my steady increase in certain blood markers and possible insulin resistance and encouraged me to act. Fast forward I guess the results are what you would typically expect to...
  6. G

    Has anyone with low shbg tested sustanon in microdoses? Or testosterone microdoses + Deca microdoses like HRT?

    Hypothetically the elevation of T in the blood could be smoother with sustanon, so I would like to know if anyone has tested frequent microdoses with it. The idea of using small doses of test with small doses of deca would be to maintain good levels of e2, which are crushed by deca and have...
  7. G

    Questionnaire for men with low shbg on TRT.

    I want to thank everybody on the forum who wrote about low shbg and TRT. I read several posts and now I would like to suggest a sequence with data from each user who is willing to share it, so that it is compiled and we can use it as a base. So I would like to hear from everyone who has low...
  8. W

    TRT lowers SHBG

    My TRT SHBG is 16 which is kinda low. I've read TRT lowers SHBG, but by how much? Is is possible my natural SHBG is around 16? I don't have bloodwork that measured SHBG pre TRT
  9. G

    Alternating Dosage Every other day on Daily Dosing

    Hi everyone, Just a theory I've been having. I started doing daily dosing recently and it's probably the best I've felt since staring TRT. I'm a low SHBG by the way (around 20). But my main issue is insomnia and I'm curious if this is caused by having a steady state of high test levels. So...
  10. B

    Blood test- Low SHBG, High E2 (over range), High DHT (top end of range).... any thoughts?

    I'm on Test Prop @ 15mg ED SQ and Armour Thryoid 3 grains. For the past 2 1/2 months, I have noticed my hair is rapidly thinning and dry, my beard/stache seems to be growing slower looking mildly sparcer and not as dark.... Energy, mood, libido and sleep sucks... I suspected high E possibly...
  11. G

    High Free Test — Change Protocol??

    Hi everyone - relatively new to TRT. About 3 months. This is my first labs since starting. Paid for on my own so not comprehensive, but has Estradiol, Testosterone, Free T, and SHBG. I feel ok, not great. Definitely better than pre TRT I would say, but not optimal. I’d say major issues are some...
  12. V

    My Dr is challenging testosterone micro dosing

    Long story short I decided to switch from weekly IM injection's to micro dosing. If you're interested why info is here. https://www.excelmale.com/forum/threads/struggling-with-getting-dialed-in.23549/ My doctor is challenging my new protocol and he wants me to send him references / studies...
  13. D

    Low SHBG, scrotal T cream increased DHT, drove E2 to <2

    My SHBG has run in the 12-15 range with pretty much any TRT changes I have made. My protocol last month was T Cyp (SQ) 24mg x3/wk, HCG 200 iu 3x wk, DHEA 25 mg 3 x wk, Pregnenolone 50mg 3 x wk, and T Cream to scrotum each night, a very small dose. Seemed to work, and a set of labs found DHT was...
  14. D

    What is the reason low shbg needs ED injections?

    i always see people recommending low shbg people for ED injections, but don't know why. anyone can explain the logic and details behind this? the test leaves their body too fast?
  15. Robotics

    High E2 Prolactin Low SHBG

    Been on 10mg cypionate IM a day for 5 weeks. prolactin and E2 are on the high end. I got a prescription for 0.0625 AI pills, I am considering starting with 3x a week. 1. Is my prolactin High due to my e2 and should it follow e2 down if i take ai? should i add in p5p? 2. I have my honeymoon in...
  16. A

    Doc started me on HCG Mono - low SHBG

    ]My Family Doc is ready to offer me TRT but I was hesitant given my age (32). He said we could try a round of HCG Mono to "jump start" my system. I just finished my second week of HCG - 1,000 its every 72 hours. I've been experiencing low T symptoms since my early 20s - biggest symptom being...
  17. A

    Long term use of AI

    Hi, Has anyone used Aromatase Inhibitor for long time? I would like to know whats your thought on this? What are the side effects. It would be helpful if there is no serious side effects for low shbg guys. FYI: I am on low TRT dosage and I am trying to avoid AI but just wondering if anybody...
  18. Robotics

    AI 0.125 vs 0.0625 to go from E2 39 to 22 ?

    I am low shbg, daily injector, trying to get my E2 from 39 to the low 20's. Libido is my biggest issue. Feel free to see my other thread regarding my protocol. https://www.excelmale.com/forum/threads/low-libido-low-shbg-protocol-help-labs-x3.21084/ I have used 0.25 ai once or twice a week on...
  19. Robotics

    Low Libido, Low SHBG Protocol HELP - LABS x3

    Has anyone dealt with something similar? Libido seems to be illusive and hard to find. I am a low SHBG and struggle with libido/erections. daily injector IM (9mg x 7 = 63 mg week) The only time I have felt normal in that sense (libido) is usually when I am coming off TRT (for a week or two). Or...
  20. mairomaster

    Paradox TRT results, very low SHBG

    I started TRT 4 weeks ago. I spent a few months doing a solid research to educate myself before starting. I went so several doctors and quickly realised that there is not a single doctor in my country who is even remotely familiar with TRT. So my only option was to self-medicate. My symptoms...
  21. E

    This is Weird! Testosterone Scrotal Cream vs Injections

    This is what happened Injection alone - Doesn't do shit for me no matter what protocol Cream 2x a day - Felt Amazing, but due to horrible hair loss I stopped it but it was a miracle Cream 1x a day - Felt great, not as great as 2x. Say about 75% of what I felt on 2x now I'm doing injection +...
  22. B

    Trt not working, low SHBG

    Hello, this is my first post in the forum. I hope i can get some help. I was diagnosed with hypogonadism because I had the symptoms (erectile disfunction, low libido, low energy, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety) and also my Free T was 10pg/ml which is very low, especially for my age. Total T around...
  23. K

    Scrotal cream effect on SHBG vs injectble

    For the guys who have labs on both . Does your SHBG tend to differ with injectable and Scrotal cream ? My SHBG goes from mid 20s to low teens on ANY dose or frequency of Test cyp . I was wondering if Cream is different ? Please let me know I am desperate.
  24. D

    Blood Work results Thyroid questions and slightly elevated estrogen and prolactin also low shbg

    So I'm a long time lurker on the forum first off I wanna say that thanks to this forum. I have been able to recover from the damage. I have done to my body with steroid abuse during my competition days. My situation is a typical low SHBG case but I have managed to find a protocol that works 90%...
  25. falconberg

    Low SHGB, Better Results on Cream than Injections

    I'd love to hear from any of you that have low SHBG (say < 18 nmol/L) and had bad results injecting testosterone, then switched to scrotal cream (either alone or in conjunction with injections). What was your experience? I am primarily asking about libido/ED/sexual function, but any other areas...
  26. E

    Someone with low shbg had little/no success with once/twice week injection, but ED/EOD?

    17-21 SHBG here, so fucking random mood, energy, libido usually gone, sometimes there, erections sometimes hard, many times weak. Done weekly and 2 times a week injections, all kinds of arimidex protocol and it just doesnt fucking work. Thinking of trying ED or EOD injections, anyone had...
  27. S

    Arimidex discontinuation update

    So for about the past month I had weaned off of arimidex in hopes of feeling better. I was using the 1mg adex/100mg test strategy prior to weaning off. E2 was around 21 and tt was at 1000ish. Felt awful, no sex drive, fatigue, aches and pains, hair shedding, mentally slow, brain fog, dark...
  28. S

    Feel WAY better with elevated e2

    So for the first 4 months or so of trt at 200mg test cyp per week with minimal ai usage. .25 anastrozole maybe once every 5 days or so, I felt good. Great workouts, insane pumps, crazy libido. Then I started reading on here about trying to stay within the low 20s on e2. So I began using the...
  29. Nelson Vergel

    The Utility of Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin in Hypogonadism and Infertile Males.

    J Urol. 2017 May;197(5):1326-1331. doi: 10.1016/j.juro.2017.01.018. Epub 2017 Jan 10. The Utility of Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin in Hypogonadism and Infertile Males. Ring J1, Welliver C2, Parenteau M3, Markwell S1, Brannigan RE4, Köhler TS5. Abstract PURPOSE: We sought to determine the role...
  30. E

    Question: With low shbg, can higher dosages and with only 1-2 times a week create sexual problems?

    Anyone with experience? With SHBG around maybe 18-20, and if u inject doses over 50mg, could that mess things up which gives you low libido and/or ED? If so, is this due to high free T and free E spikes or what is exactly going on?
  31. E

    Any new studies on low SHBG?

    I've been gone for a while but anything new with low SHBG? Any drugs in production that boost SHBG? Any new reasons why SHBG could be low? Any new low sHBG TRT protocols? Did ERO here finally get fixed up lol?
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