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  1. madman

    Blood pressure responses to TRT are amplified by HCT levels in opioid-induced androgen deficiency

    Our study aimed to examine the effect of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) on blood pressure in opioid-treated men with relative hypogonadism, and whether the effect of TRT on blood pressure was modified by body composition, red blood cell levels, or carotid intima-media thickness. Men...
  2. G

    Salt, Blood Pressure, and Libido: Highlights from the book The Salt Fix

    I just finished reading the book The Salt Fix, and it addresses many topics which have come up in various threads here so I am posting some highlights, along with a few other items not covered in the book. The book has been out about ten years and I have heard many podcasts with the author, but...
  3. Belekas

    Sustanon250 overstimulation, racing heart, anxiety, BP elevation, feeling wired

    Hello crew. Anyone of you guys had this experience? I've been on TRT 100mg/week of Testosterone Enanthate for around 10 months without any problems and was feeling great. Just now remembered that I've changed to Sustanon250 recently and in some time I started getting all these issues...
  4. M

    Higher blood pressure since being on TRT.

    Have been on TRT for 5 years. One thing I noticed after starting is that my blood pressure increased. Prior to TRT it had always typically been around 120/75. Since starting it has always more around 140-150/90 whenever my doc would check. He didn't seem overly concerned. But I recently...
  5. DragonBits

    Muscle pain / free calcium / mental anxiety, blood pressure/ freaking weird.

    No idea what is / was going on. Maybe in a mild form this has happened before, but this was getting very serious. I was bent over like an old man; the pain would wake me up. Even more serious, it seemed to have affected my mental state. As in, I would get a lot of anxiety. There were...
  6. J

    Resistant Hypertension....Any Ideas?

    Seeking input from this great site of knowledge and experience- I am 52 yrs old, 6'1" and 220 lbs. Lift seriously in gym 3x week and in overall good health/ shape. I have been on TRT for 10 yrs with no complaints and manage well ("dialed in" I guess one could say) for me. I have suffered with...
  7. O

    High Blood Pressure on TRT

    I started TRT several months back. Started 100mg once a week but after first follow up went to 120mg split into twice weekly doses. Everything has been great, with all my hypogonadal symptoms eliminated. But now I have elevated BP. For the first 10 weeks it was hovering at 140/100. (I’ve...
  8. T

    Elevated systolic blood pressure, even on BP meds. Any ideas?

    Curious to see if anyone has experienced what i am now and successfully resolved it. About me: 33m 6ft 1 190lbs Very active, (train BJJ and lift 3-4 times a week) Healthy diet, social drinker Test cyp 120mg a week (split into 3 doses t/thur/sat) HCG 1000iu a week, (also split into 3 doses)...
  9. C


    anyone use either carditone supplements on Amazon? did some small research on Reddit and here, seems to improve blood pressure fairly well but not many people mentioning extended use. It looks like the main herb majority of people talk about, Rauwolfia was used as a prior blood pressure...
  10. C

    Tips for lowering Norepinephrine levels?

    Hey guys, I wanted to ask if anyone has any tips on lowering norepinephrine levels. I read a thread in regards to doxazosin here on EM, I don’t have a PCP to ask in regards to an Rx to attempt, and I also fear that being only 28 and attempting to ask for this script I would get rejected. So I...
  11. B

    BP has u-shape curve to ED

    Abstract Background Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most common male sexual disorder that affects all age groups and has a close association with essential hypertension. Aim To characterize the relation of blood pressure and ED in detail. Methods A cross-sectional population-based study of 45-...
  12. N

    Can testosterone cause high blood pressure?

    I have jumped on and off TRT twice, over a 3 year period. My blood pressure goes normal when off Within weeks. I have tried lowering down to 5mg daily, no luck. I have to be on 20 mg Of lisinopril and it Fluctuates. So I have jumped off TRT again My blood pressure is normal without lisinopril...
  13. M

    High Erythropoietin

    I'm 58 and have been on TRT for 8 years. Currently using hydrogel from Empower. I've been struggling to manage high hematocrit caused by the TRT. I've been undergoing periodic phlebotomies. My lab results keep showing a high lever of Erythropoietin (33); I'm wondering if that's from the TRT or...
  14. DragonBits

    Royal honey?

    I don't see any mention of this supplement on excelmale. From what I read, this supp seems promising. Though maybe it can interfere with sleep, so I am taking it "carefully". Not sure what that really means, but I won't take any other supps for a a time to see if this has any kind of...
  15. F

    Check Your Blood Pressure (looking for volunteers)

    I just posted some thoughts on blood pressure in this thread, and thought the topic was important enough to start its own thread. Please feel free to merge this thread with another if it already exists. I am looking for volunteers willing to watch their blood pressure. I have started to observe...
  16. S

    Should I Be Worried About My Blood Pressure On TRT?

    I'm hypertensive with blood pressure usually measuring about 130/90, but my PCP hasn't put me on any medication. I started TRT a week ago with low dosing. Wondering how cautiously I should proceed here.
  17. G

    Telmisartan experiences/ info

    Been looking into Telmisartan recently. Anyone ever use it and have any anecdotes/ info on it? TIA
  18. L

    Magnesium Supplements? Biotest ZMA?

    I'm off TRT right now, and am looking to increase my magnesium intake to hopefully help with slightly high blood pressure, workout recovery, and maybe get a little free T boost. Has anyone tried a product like below or should I take zinc and magnesium separately? If separate, what type and...
  19. L

    Best Supplement(s) for Slightly Elevated Blood Pressure?

    Over the past 1-2 months, I've taken over 100 BP readings and the average I'm getting is like 129-131/73. So, I get some decent readings like 123/73 which aren't bad, but then other times I get a 135/78 reading and it offsets it. My bottom number is always below 80, but I would like to get the...
  20. R

    TRT with insomnia

    I have been on TRT for two years now. !00mg/week. Low SHBG 18-22. I am on low dose of Anastrozole .25mg/week say day I take Test cypionate. But I suffer from insomnia, never measured my growth hormone other than IGF-1 which was in normal range. I am not diabetic. I have great energy but I get...
  21. J

    High BP on new protocol. Any suggestions?

    I just restarted TRT after stopping for fertility reasons. My new protocol is: weekly, two 60ml subq shots of test enanthate. 2 shots of HCG at 250. DHEA 25 mg daily. I was feeling great on this protocol! However, my blood pressure seemed to be pretty high each time I checked it (150/100.)...
  22. S

    Blood pressure issues

    I’ve been on trt over 11 years and within the last couple years drastically lowered my dose to 60mg per week. I feel much better in all areas at this dose. Having said that my BP has steadily risen and now sits at 138/95 sometimes higher. I’m very active, not overweight, and only take one...
  23. J

    Sudden increase in BP

    I just came back from donating blood and had two BP readings – the first was 140/90, the second was 180/60. This is higher than I have ever had in my entire life My protocol is 100 mg per week testosterone divided into every other day doses (but just switched to 2x wk) and added a total of 80...
  24. D

    How long does it take BP to lower after reducing HCT?

    My hgb was at 17 and it raised my BP high. I dropped the hgb down to 13.5, and been like that for 2 weeks, BP still the same. Why is BP not lowering?
  25. L

    Hematocrit Increasing Blood Pressure

    Pre TRT my blood pressure was 130/80 with HCT of like 47 (top range 51.0) and hemoglobin of 16.8 (top range 17.7). My last labs have my HCT now at 51.8 (top range 51.0) and hemoglobin at 17.6 (top range 17.7) and I've been having some BP issues with spike readings of 160/90. I have anxiety as...
  26. M

    Tadalafil for Blood Pressure Management

    Has anyone been able to use in conjunction with or as a replacement for BP meds? I don't have ED, so would only use it for reducing BP and other purported health benefits>
  27. B

    Isolated Systolic Hypertension

    Can isolated systolic hypertension be caused by high e2, water retention etc? I’m on Valsartan 320mg and amlodipine 5mg. AM BP 144/64, PM BP 153/60. It’s pretty frustrating that much medication isn’t bringing it down. I’m getting labs soon but wondering if anyone else has had low diastolic and...
  28. Vince

    Carbohydrates & Cardiovascular disease

    The researchers answered this argument by analysing the 60 foods/food groups and health markers for all 158 countries together adjusted for health expenditure per capita. (They also adjusted for smoking). This is an ideal way to adjust for any ‘affluence = health’ confounder. The researchers...
  29. R

    High blood pressure question.

    So 7 days ago I returned from spring break. That was week 4 of trt for me. I drank about 12 beers a day for six days. Put on 5-6 pounds returned to normal diet this last week. Lost 1# water weight. Well now my blood pressure is 160-170/80-90. Which is high for me. Upon return...
  30. J

    Age/blood pressure/blood flow

    I'm in my early 60's, and have worked hard to keep my BP under control. But it just kept creeping up and once I hit the 150/90 mark I asked for BP meds. So I started on 5mg daily of ampolidine. That was one month ago. I could see the pattern as my BP dropped gradually from 150/90 to...
  31. G

    Best at home blood pressure monitor

    Good morning I am looking for recommendations for an at home blood pressure monitor. Large upper arm so a model with extra large wrap around sleeve would be ideal. Thanks.
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