TRT doesn't cause deficiency of Preg/DHEA/Prog and HCG doesn't fix it

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Well, he may be right and he may be wrong. Either way, his “here’s why” explanation is terrible. Saying there are people all over the board when it comes to the issue does not explain why the claim is true. It should be easy to prove or disprove though. Simply go through lots of lab ranges for guys and take their Pre-TRT labs, look at DHEA values, and then compare them to the values found in their 3, 6, and 12 month follow up. If significant drops are seen then it is reasonable to conclude the TRT probably played a role in it. If not then it’s safe to conclude that TRT doesn’t significantly impact DHEA(just using that as the example since it’s the one most commonly measured). And to follow up, if DHEA decreases then just follow lab values for men who take HCG without supplementing DHEA directly.

In theory it makes sense that he could be right. After all, just because test is high it doesn’t seem logical that our bodies would shut down or substantially drop production of other hormones that are so important. Our bodies are much smarter and more resilient than that imho. But it’s still quite possible that supplementing test does impact those in a meaningful way. And again his reasoning for why that isn’t true isn’t a why at all so he didn’t really prove anything.


That is the bold claim made by this user on Reddit:
What do you guys think? Is this why most men on TRT are doing well without supplementing the upstream hormones?

First post above references a nice thread on EM.




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Nelson Vergel



Nelson Vergel

A few men on TRT have bought this panel. I coached two that proved the "theory" right.



The body is smarter and more resilient than we give it credit for a lot of the times. I wouldn’t doubt one bit that it has multiple work arounds for processes when one pathway is shut down

I don’t think I had preg or prog checked before going on HRT, but I can go back and check when I have time. One thing I know for certain, at least with me, is that testosterone absolutely didn’t lower my DHEA-S level even a little bit. It stayed exactly the same as it was prior to TRT. I can also confirm that HCG has the ability to increase prog and DHEA-S levels. My prog levels were pretty low on TRT by itself. They raised significantly when using Pregnyl HCG. Pregnyl, and a few other HCG’s brands raised my DHEA-S level from where it always stayed around prior to TRT, and also where it would stay around while on TRT. Not sure if TRT lowered my preg levels, and not sure if HCG raised them at all. Don’t think I got preg checked enough over the years to know what effect TRT had on my preg level, and what effect HCG had on my preg level
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