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  1. D

    Cost for HCG from Compounding Pharmacy

    I am paying $360 for what they say is a 20 week supply of HCG (given twice weekly). Is this a decent price or can it be had for less money via a different provider than I am using?
  2. J

    Does HCG suppress to the same extent as exogenous testosterone? I want to take HCG for fertility reasons, but when I come off, will have low T levels?

    I want to run HCG in order to improve my fertility numbers. I’ve got 3 10,000iu bottles of HCG that my doctor prescribed for me, but I’m concerned that taking this will suppress my own testosterone production…leaving me low T or a need for a “PCT” once I stop the HCG injections. Am I off base...
  3. A

    Can sterile water be used to reconstitute HCG?

    Bacteriostatic water is not available here, nobody knows what bacteriostatic water is. And there are few available online but not reputed source and it can contain anything and I don't want to risk the HCG. So, my question is can I use sterile water to reconstitute HCG, is there a way to keep...
  4. E

    TRT and Pregnenolone

    Hello, What is the general opinion here on the forum about supplementing Pregnenolone while on trt. Especially if one is not using HCG. I cannot currently afford HCG, it is very expensive in my area. I will add that I feel pretty good on my current protocol of just Test cyp. But wondering if...
  5. phalloguy100

    Getting sleepy after T-cyp injections?

    I was on Androgel until last year, when it seemingly stopped absorbing so i was switched to compounded cream. Well, it worked great for two weeks, but then it wouldn't absorb consistently either. So the doctor switched me to T-Cyp in grapeseed oil, which I started last week. I'm now doing T-cyp...
  6. Gianluca

    Pregnyl vs ReliableRX HCG?

    HI guys, since the latest Pregnyl price increase, I see allot of us have moved to ReliableRX HCG. I'm wondering if anyone has seen any noticeable difference in potency. Optum Pharmacy still carry the Pregnyl for $118
  7. Y

    Hcg and headaches

    Hey guys, Ive went on hcg with my trt. The hcg is from reliablerx and is the brand ‘zyhcg’. I started developing a regular/consistent headache and my doctor is stumped. My bloods are good but I still donated blood just in case red blood cell increase was the cause. I stopped taking all...
  8. R

    Enlarged Prostate with Symptoms

    I'll try to make this brief. 46 y/o I was on HCG + minor anastrozole therapy for 10 years. Never an issue. It started to grow ineffective. I started T Cyp slowly alongside HCG + anastrozole. Did this for about 4 months. Never felt quite right. I was having other issues related to a kidney...
  9. C

    A treatment candidate to reduce HPTA suppression under TRT. Possible hCG alternative?

    TL;DR: Some research suggests that echinacoside may complement a SERM in reducing TRT-induced negative HPT-axis feedback at the hypothalamus. Background: In testosterone replacement therapy, elevated levels of testosterone and estradiol apply negative feedback to the hypothalamus. This...
  10. W

    From 200mg test to 150mg but....

    Hey guys, I was doing 4x per week 50 mg test cyp and 500 iu hcg split over those days. I decided I wanted to try lowering dose due to bloating and what Ive read about 200mg being a little cookie cutter and overprescribed. I feel better at 3x per week 50 mg keeping 500 iu hcg split over 4x, but...
  11. L

    TRT vs Clomid

    Had my urologist just recommend clomid for low T. A couple months ago when I saw my labs and PCP, we both agreed that some sort of TRT would be appropriate. I made appt with urologist but he couldn't see me for over 6 weeks. I did not want to wait. So I started looking into clinics. I was so...
  12. S

    Is HCG still available?

    I go through Defy Medical for my TRT and used HCG with it for a long time. Is it just no longer available? They switched me to Pregnyl which is $260 for a little bottle. This is becoming unaffordable. Are there alternatives and is there any way to get HCG? Thanks, Paul
  13. R

    HCG and sleep?

    So I can’t find much research or answers online (bit surprised ) but I’m on trt I’m dialed in everything is going well and Im also using 400iu of HCG 3 times a week for well over 3 years now . I haven’t been able to order my hcg for about 3 weeks now and I’ve had this insomnia that has come out...
  14. K

    How long does it take for HCG to kick in, or am I being impatient?

    Hello. Newbie here, based in the UK. Excuse long post. I’ve been on TRT for a decade now, for secondary hypogonadism, with many ups and downs. That darn pituitary gland! I’ll cover my full story another day, in case it helps others, but only in the past two years have I had treatment that has...
  15. P

    Using HCG alone for Low Testosterone

    I have had good testosterone results from using HCG alone (and not using testosterone). However, things are still not perfect, and I am not sure about the best next steps. First, let me tell you my story, which might be helpful for others: A year and a half ago, I had COVID and lost my...
  16. J

    Semen Analysis Results

    I was on 70mg test cyp and 750 IU hCG twice a week when I took these. I'm planning on upping hCG to 1000 IU, probably decreasing testosterone, and adding 125 IU FSH twice a week. I will redo my semen analysis in 4 months. Anyone have any suggestions? Should I alter any of those doses or...
  17. D

    How to figure out T injection dose?

    These are my latest blood tests after 6 weeks of HCG 3x550IU per week. https://www.excelmale.com/forum/threads/blood-work-6-weeks-into-hcg-monotherapy-going-to-start-t.28964/ My testosterone pumped 50%. But free testosterone increased in significantly. Here the testosterone is all in 1ml...
  18. N

    Timing bloodwork with ED injections?

    Hey all. I have been taking 15mg Test E per day, and ~150iU of HCG Monday and Thursday (this is as frequent as I can inject without experience a ton of high E2 sides like acne, water retention, etc.). The HCG has helped with penile sensitivity, but my libido and erections are still not where I...
  19. B

    PCT regiment coming off 2 years TRT

    I am 44 years old and have been on TRT for approx 2 years (from initial 150MG down to current 70MG weekly for 2 years). I find that I have too much stress, anger, agitation and anxeity while on TRT. I have tried everything lowering the dose, taking AI, switch from pinning once per week to 2x per...
  20. JayD

    Add HCG or Testosterone

    If you add HCG to a protocol will it further lower ferritin and raise haemoglobin and RBC ? I have ordered some HCG from Radiance internationals in India, as not available in my country. Hopefully by adding this to my protocol I can raise my testosterone, but not all the other annoying stuff...
  21. Y

    Testing HCG

    Has anyone tested the hcg from reliablerx? I’ve seen quite a few people on here say great things but wanted to know about testing.
  22. D

    Problem reconstituting Puretrig HCG...

    I been reconstituting HCG for years & I have never experienced this problem before. I ordered the Puretrig brand from reliablerx. Last month I went to fill my BAC water into vial & it was so pressurized I could barely get the water in. So this month I took the tip off my large 5ml filling...
  23. Y

    dosing questions and experiences

    Hey, I finally have my hcg and will be starting that today. My plan is for 500iu/3x weekly. i have seen many dosing schedules and amounts but that is what I have decided is best for me and can adjust if needed. my question: would doing larger amounts (1000-1500iu) for the first week or so be a...
  24. K

    Can You Test Recombinant HCG with a Pregnancy Test to Check if Legit or Not?

    So I hear confusing things, some say you can do it others say it only works for conventional HCG. Anyone know for sure? Thx
  25. K

    HCG quality question.

    Hi, My HCG in powder form in a vial seems to stick to the bottom of the vial, even when shaking it hardly moves. Is this normal? Just like itt: Has my HcG Gone Bad? Thanks
  26. H

    New Member: Worse Off than ever after years of TRT, HCG now not working, debilitating insomnia - Please Help !

    Hello everyone, I'm a 33 year old man from north west NJ. I was diagnosed with low T in 2014 by my primary care physician via blood work and put on 125mg testosterone cypionate a week divided into 2 shots. Fast forward to the summer of 2023 and I had to stop taking it sadly because one side...
  27. J

    Question about hcg monotherapy!

    Hi, thinking if going back on hcg even though now my levels are normal! 24nmol in last blood test! Mainly looking to boost libido and energy etc. Libido was good on hcg before! Doctor was willing to prescribe again! I know that hcg is supressive of lh and fsh so my question is will it act in a...
  28. R

    Attention HCG users: do you cycle?

    I recently started using HCG in addition to my TRT. In the first week, I feel significantly better, and my libido seems to be better as well. My doctor has suggested that I use this 6 weeks on, and then 6 weeks off. I am sort of unsure about this, given that I feel so much better with the HCG -...
  29. L

    HCG recommendations? Pregnyl vs Fresenius Kabi USA LLC generic

    Hi all, Looking for any recommendations/experiences of Pregnyl vs. the generic form from Fresenius Kabi USA LLC. My cost would be $115 for Pregnyl 10,000 IU vs about $35 for the generic. Thanks!
  30. Y

    Hcg as a restart?

    Hey guys, I’m 33 and have T in the 300-350 range with most low t symptoms. Been on a regimen of 100mg weekly for 2 months and it has helped. I don’t completely mind the thought of doing this for life but also think maybe I should try a restart to see if maybe I can produce normally after...
  31. Y

    Options for retaining testicular function while on trt

    Hello, I am a 33 year old male and have low t. I have been on trt for the past 2 months but after meeting with a urologist today he put me on Clomiphene, given my concerns about fertility. The issue I am running into is that my insurance (Medicaid) won’t cover fertility drugs and the pharmacy...
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