T4 helps me sleep. Anyone else?

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Most nights I wake after a good nap. Last night about 2:30 woke right up. Maybe most people wake but return to sleep quickly perhaps. I was up until 4ish. Theanine wasn't enough to go back down. I decided to take T4(50ug) at that time. Takes about an hour I guess but woke sleeping like a baby. Very relaxed, comfortable rested. Tried taking at night before bed, and it worked for a few nights, but began feeling manic/anxious when laying down. I also wonder if it might relate to delayed/anorgasmia I've had for many years. Need to run labs again but these are an example. My doc said Rt3 was unnecessary that ft3 was the bottom line. I'm trying to think outside the box.


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Thyroid problems can start out as high TSH and normal thyroid hormones and later down the road thyroid hormones decline.

As far a your pituitary gland is concerned, there is a thyroid problem in the making.
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T4 before bed helps me sleep too. T3 also can as well, though causes other problems for me. Thyroid hormones do different things depending on the context. Seems like they generally amplify whatever would normally be going on.


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I have, I just feel zonked all day after that. Even at small doses. Tryptophan is good for a few hours, theanine is probably the most gentle. Can actually function.
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