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  1. J

    Addyi Experience

    I have post-finasteride sexual issues. I put them in 3 categories: ED, loss of libido, and loss of sensitivity/increased refractory period/anorgasmia. The ED resolved on its own with time but the other 2 issues persisted. I started Addyi and it's working very well for libido. I'd highly...
  2. D

    HCG one week per month?

    I've had problems with ED and anorgasmia since I began TRT 5 years ago. It took me almost four years to figure it out, but HCG gives me anorgasmia in doses above 250iu/2x week. Once I decreased from 2x 500iu to 2x 250iu, and then to 2x 200iu, the situation resolved. I just spent the past two...
  3. D

    T4 helps me sleep. Anyone else?

    Most nights I wake after a good nap. Last night about 2:30 woke right up. Maybe most people wake but return to sleep quickly perhaps. I was up until 4ish. Theanine wasn't enough to go back down. I decided to take T4(50ug) at that time. Takes about an hour I guess but woke sleeping like a baby...
  4. E

    Lyrica-Induced Anorgasmia

    I hope I'm posting this in the correct sub-forum, and I apologize for the wall of text. I'll preface this by saying that I've been a TRT patient with Defy for several years now. I've had great success and TRT has helped immensely. Historically, I've never really had any sexual performance...
  5. M

    Long term anorgasmia

    Has anybody here suffered from anorgasmia(lack of or reduced pleasure when ejaculating) long term and found a cure? If so, what helped? I’ve been dealing with this for over 10 years and its destroyed my life.
  6. T

    B6 to get back strong orgasms?

    Hi guys, as alopt of you experience my O has suffered on TRT..used to get the eye watering climaxes pre TRT now I go forever and not much as the end ( I was never quick mind you but now its hard work ! ) I read that Vit B6 is 25mgs to 100 a day is meant to be very effective and a natural...
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