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  1. H

    New Member: Worse Off than ever after years of TRT, HCG now not working, debilitating insomnia - Please Help !

    Hello everyone, I'm a 33 year old man from north west NJ. I was diagnosed with low T in 2014 by my primary care physician via blood work and put on 125mg testosterone cypionate a week divided into 2 shots. Fast forward to the summer of 2023 and I had to stop taking it sadly because one side...
  2. D

    Poll: Losartan and Insomnia?

    Just curious for those on you have insomnia or sleep disturbance after going on this BP med? Some google searches say there is a connection but that needs to be taken with a grain of salt...prefer anecdotal data from this great forum pubmed post
  3. Pnw0031

    2 years of insomnia on Test C- various dosages

    Hello everyone, I have been dealing with severe insomnia while on testosterone cypionate for the past two years. Used androgel (sorry I do not remember the dose) for years prior. Testicular cancer survivor, can’t get off trt. I’ve tried various regimes and protocols and tricks and I’m going...
  4. M

    HCG Insomnia

    I get extreme insomnia from HCG. I've tried adding it 3 different times over the past 16 months while on TRT, 750iux2/wk , 250iux2/wk , and most recently a single 50iu injection. All sub q. Each time, whether it was a 375iu injection or 50iu injection, I get extreme insomnia. To the point where...
  5. R

    Insomnia after PCT, doc recommends Gonadorelin

    Hey was wondering if anyone had experience with this. Was on TRT for 18 months, started to mess with trt and ai doses and got horrible insomnia and anxiety. Used PCT and adaptogens and it went away but after I stopped insomnia and hot flashes came back and Id wake up 2-3 times a night, or...
  6. L

    Symptoms of Low T Except Libido and Erections Still Good

    Hello All, About 6 months ago I started weight training with body trainer. He said I was one of his hardest working clients but noticed I was not making muscle. He said it would be a good idea to get T tested. I read up more on low T issues and sure enough I have some symptoms: Insomnia...
  7. A

    Help! Insomnia, Irritability, and Libido Issues on TRT

    Here's my most recent bloodwork with an SHBG of 38 I was on 250 mg test C split into daily injections as well as 150 IU HCG ED. I was also taking 100 mg pregnenolone before bed because my pre-TRT progesterone was 0.1 I have been waking up too early (after 6 hours in bed) and unable to go back...
  8. Vince

    Insomnia: How to Rewire Your Brain for Sleep

    Repeated behaviors, such as worrying at night, turn into habits. Your brain is wired for insomnia if you’ve spent numerous nights wide awake, fretting about problems. Just as it takes time to generate neural pathways in the brain via repetition, it takes a while to override old tracks and create...
  9. F

    An Unusual Source of Anxiety

    I recently discovered a surprising source of anxiety for me and wanted to share my experience so it may help others. It took me a month or so to figure out that over the counter CoQ10 was causing me recurring bouts of anxiety and tachycardia as well as episodic insomnia. I was really surprised...
  10. D

    T4 helps me sleep. Anyone else?

    Most nights I wake after a good nap. Last night about 2:30 woke right up. Maybe most people wake but return to sleep quickly perhaps. I was up until 4ish. Theanine wasn't enough to go back down. I decided to take T4(50ug) at that time. Takes about an hour I guess but woke sleeping like a baby...
  11. G

    Fish Oil and SHBG

    I can't find the pubmed study at the moment, but it's all over Google if searched. Apparently, fish oil lowers SHBG. I'm wondering how drastic this effect could be and if cutting my EPA/DHA dose from 2.4g to 1.2g may let it rise. I've read on here that guys with low SHBG have harder times...
  12. R

    TRT with insomnia

    I have been on TRT for two years now. !00mg/week. Low SHBG 18-22. I am on low dose of Anastrozole .25mg/week say day I take Test cypionate. But I suffer from insomnia, never measured my growth hormone other than IGF-1 which was in normal range. I am not diabetic. I have great energy but I get...
  13. D

    T4 helps me sleep

    Anybody know really why an hour after I take my 50ug dose of T4 I sleep like a baby? I often wake at 2-5 and if I take it then, an hour later I sleep blissfully.
  14. C

    I Haven’t Slept in 4 years. What to Do?

    I mean, I haven’t slept in 4 years without taking drugs. I’ve been on TRT for 4 years and I think that is why I cannot sleep well. When I started taking TRT I can only get about 4 hours of sleep. Then I wake up and I am wide-awake, but also tired. I cannot fall back asleep unless I eat a high...
  15. D

    Melatonin gives me insomnia?

    Used to work but now at best go to sleep for a few hours then wake. Even at lower doses. Seem to get this from any form of magnesium recently too. Used to love zma. Take theanine at that point. Takes awhile to take effect but at least I can get up for work. Anyone have any thoughts on this. TIA
  16. R

    Ambien Zolpidem

    Is Ambien categorized or considered as benzodiazepine? Some say it is and some say it is similar to. Can someone clarify this. Does Ambien interact with TRT, interfere with testosterone/anastrozole while I am on TRT? I feel really groggy, sluggish next day when I am on Ambien.
  17. S

    Insomnia help. I have been on TRT for 15 days and can barely sleep.

    Hi guys. I'm in my late 30s in general good health and in shape. Used anabolics off and on for years in my late 20s. After coming off, TT was 300ng/dl for years and my last free test was mid single digits pg/ml. I decided to try TRT to see if I could live better. My sleep has always been...
  18. A

    HCG and sleep issues/insomnia

    I decided to experiment with HCG again recently because I do notice a slight boost of well-being and libido with it, but even the smallest dose gives me insomnia. I did a single injection of 80iu Monday morning and I find myself waking up at 4am the last couple of nights wide awake with heart...
  19. C

    Nighttime hunger

    I have been on test for almost 4 years now with a small break in between to try a HPTA restart. Since the beginning, I am often always hungry when I wake up in the middle of the night. No matter how much I eat during the day I almost always wake up in the middle of the night feeling the need to...
  20. R

    Questions for men on anastrozole who have crashed their E2 Levels

    I have a few questions for those who have crashed their e2 levels. How low did your E2 levels go? How long did it take to recover? Did anything help you raise your levels? I have searched on this and other forums and all I can see is that people have either upped their test dose, which for me...
  21. C

    Looking to make slight change to TRT/HCG protocol; need advice

    I am hoping this will be the last post I make about my current set of side effects. My last dr. appt basically gave me the option of increasing T, increasing HCG or just keeping things to the same. I would prefer to keep my general dosage the same and maybe just change when I take it so that I...
  22. C

    Side effects: Acne and restless sleep

    I'm seeking out advice for back and shoulder acne and some mild sleep issues (have lessened with nightly pregnenolone and occasional melatonin). I'm currently 28 years old, I've had the acne the entire time I've been on TRT which is about 4 years with a brief period in between with no treatment...
  23. T

    crashed E2 or high E2...

    hi all, i'm kinda new to all this and i've seen plenty of threads on this topic but i just cannot figure out what happened here. i messed up my protocol and ran out of cream, i restarted about 20 days later already feeling pretty crappy. but over the week or so applying the cream things stared...
  24. T

    cannot get stable on TRT: insomnia, anxiety

    hello all. i really hope to get some hints on what could be going on with me or my protocol. i've been on the TRT cream for about 4 months total. when i first started on the protocol my T numbers were extremely low and e2 was high. i felt like everything in my life became an unsurmountable...
  25. A

    Can Vitamin D injections cause insomnia?

    So I was deficient in Vitamin D (25.8 in 30-100 and that in the summer). I told my doctor that taking high doses of D causes me fatigue (I'm not alone if you search the internet). So he suggested injectable vitamin D. I did my first injection on Tuesday with a dose of 12500 IU, IM and from...
  26. Reason

    Recent labs: HIGH Estradiol. Causing sleep issues?

    These are labs from mid Week 7: Total T: 957 ng/dL (264-916 range) Free T: 25.6 pg/mL (8.7-25.1) E2 Sensitive: 60.6 pg/mL (8.0-35.0) SHBG: 27.1 nmol/L (16.5-55.9) This is really high, right? I've also ordered a complete follow-up panel but because of Defy's scheduling quirks, I had to wait...
  27. G

    Metformin and insomnia

    I’m taking metformin 500 morning and night. For anti aging purposes only. Im not diabetic. My a1c is 5. The problem I’m having taking before bed keeps me awake for hours. Has anyone else had this? I may just take it once a day only
  28. S

    Sudden Insomnia - Waking Early

    tl;dr - bad insomnia, waking up after 4-5 hours of sleep every night and cant get back to sleep for about 2 weeks. feel exhausted. tried melatonin, benadryl, going to sleep later, working out hard. nothing seems to help. see below for more details. 34yo 250lbs Male I have been experiencing...
  29. Nelson Vergel

    Insomnia: Getting to the cause, facilitating relief

    Chronic insomnia is associated with great individual misery and negative consequences for long-term health. Specifically, it is associated with reduced quality of life and daytime functioning,10 depression,11,12 hypertension,13,14 increased workplace accidents and absenteeism,15-17 and...
  30. B

    1 month TRT at 250mg enanthate & now i have bad insomnia & Anxiety

    As the title says, i suddenly for the first time in my life got bad insomnia and well it sucks real bad!! i suspect something happened with cortisol as my insomnia is characterised by many constant wakings in the night with a sort of adrenalin response! Again this only happened after my 1...
  31. J

    1 week into treatment. Night sweats and extreme thirst. Cant sleep.

    In typing this at 3am, I got maybe 1 or 2 hours of sleep the last couple of night total and as a result feel extremely fatigued and depressed. My 2 main symptoms are hot flashes and extreme thirst. I had 3 injections so far, 120mg Test Cyp a week devided into 2 shots per week and .5mg...
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