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Slow moving train wreck.

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Follow my story. After 7 years going back and forth on TRT, I noticed that my insulin resistance got worse, I went to several doctors and nutritionists and I couldn't reduce my bf.
I started Ozempic in Jan/22, in 3 months I lost approximately 8kg of fat and gained 2kg of muscle, according to bio impedance, on a 1880kcal diet. From my experience, I believe that the effects on weight loss go far beyond the decrease in appetite, apparently semaglutide acts strongly on muscle sensitivity to insulin. I say this because I tested the same diet without semaglutide and the results are disappointing.
Side effects: strong fatigue, bad post-workout recovery and very severe constipation, I went 1 week without a bowel movement and I had a fecaloma, but I managed to solve it at home with a suppository. I spent a whole day in "labor", lol.
I noticed that I aged a lot during use. All my white hairs and wrinkles came out after using it.
After 3 months I stopped using it and felt a strong increase in appetite and I made a lot of mistakes with the amount of carbs, I gained everything and a little more. One of the doctors I consulted has had impressive results combining glp1 analogues with Keto Diet, something that makes it easier to get off the drug, since it tends to increase insulin levels.
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