Muscle weakness and joint pain.

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Hello, I used To be a avid bodybuilder now on trt (20mg daily test enanthate no ai). A symptom I’ve been dealing with for awhile is muscle weakness and joint pain. My muscles are fatigued easily (they burn right away from exertion) and my muscle contractions are poor (there soft even when flexing). No pump and cramp right away from flexing. Joints ache from movement but hurt most when waking in the morning. these symptoms came on rapidly after crashing my E2 years ago As well as all the other bad sides with crashed E2. E2 became my main focus of recovery but my E2 has recovered on paper at least. I’m looking for any suggestions on what I can test that may be causing these symptoms.

to add I was using aromasin and a peptide igf-1 lr3 when symptoms began.
Shgb wasn’t tested but has been in the 20-40 range.
I have done the sensitive e2 assay twice both results where 15pg/ml and 16pg\ml at lower test levels then I currently have.


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I'm going thru what you are as well. Still haven't recovered, after almost 2 months, from crashing my E2. It is sad, because it's the same dosage as I was using when the anastrozole with mixed in the vial, but this time it's with pills. I stopped taking Anastrazole for about 3 weeks until I started having sides. So I decided to 1/4 my dose. The pills are tiny; it is difficult to do.
Still struggling. I do 200mg per week, but when I run out I think I'll just coast on HCG & then stop everything... It is just a terrible feeling to live with every day, and Ubiquinol isn't helping either.
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